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  1. CamelXCVII

    Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?

    You should keep going if you enjoy it. I like to view many things on here, but rarely comment and I'm sure others do too. I know I've enjoyed this career so far.
  2. I recognise the song, first thought was Vagner Love but you've already used him. Falcao? (El Tigre is closest I could think of to Lion)
  3. Season 4 Once again I'm flying through the challenge, and aiming to finish another season by morning, making the most of my day off work. It's time for Italian #2, my choice being Roberto Gagliardini. Transfers My transfer policy has became a youth talent machine, whilst looking for Bosman bargains which I can sell on for profit (see Onana above). Zaha looks like a Yaya Toure regen and most others are just cover, with Gigliardini being my main signing. Just like Pogba last year, no-one wanted Chiesa so I demoted him, before selling them both for cut-price deals in order to get them off the books in the January. Domestic Competitions Serie A Once again I won the league at a canter, with just 10 points dropped, all to teams in the top 6. I also broke my record for wins in a row (18) and games without defeat (60). Super Cup Such a one-sided game, with Gigliardini scoring a brace against his former side, who'd taken the lead after just ten minutes. Italian Cup We fell ahead early on when our defence went walkabouts but came back strong to get a comfortable win. Continental and World Competitions Euro Super Cup A game where the scoreline made the game look tighter than it was, Gagliardini winning the trophy for us in his debut. Champions League After 58 goals in my previous 12 Champions League ties (4.83pg), of course the final would end 1-0. Jadon Sancho proving himself to be the man for the big occasion. Club World Cup Okayama put up a good fight, managing to take us to extra time, our quality and fitness showed in the extra half an hour and we ran out 2-0 winners in our semi-final.A much simpler win, even with Gigliardini missing another penalty. A far cry from my 8-2 victory over NYCFC in my second season, but a win is a win and a trophy is a trophy. International? The strikerless rondo is going on a world tour! This could be useful if I decide to start a 1kc once the 7 years of "Number 10" is over. We qualified for the World Cup with ease. Only other fixtures we played were 2 friendlies. For those I made massive changes to the squad in order to try young players, a mistake which led to a 1-0 win over Malta but an embarrassing draw with Jordan. My Players Awards/Stand-out performances WOW. What a season for Gigliardini, smashing my record for goals and assists in a single season. So close to the 100 mark! You know a player has had a good year when he is able to score 1 less goal than in his last 3 seasons combined, whilst still getting his second highest assist score.Most consistent player I've ever used. Absolutely amazing player who steps up for the big occasion. Fun fact, out of the three key players, top scorer Gigliardini was the only one not to score a hat-trick. Double Trouble Goals: 127+33+39= 199. Assists: 116+21+23= 160. Number 10 (Compared to 1st attempt) S1 - Graham Carey 36 (Judge 44) S2 - Paul Pogba 70 (Tolisso 57) S3 - Federico Chiesa 50 (Cristante 69) S4 - Roberto Gigliardini 92 (Zaniolo 64) Total: 248 (234)
  4. Well done mate, cracking score
  5. Yeah I'm confident. I know Chiesa just didn't perform as well as I'd like and I've had alot more injuries than last time. Part of the parcel 👍
  6. CamelXCVII

    Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?

    Good read. I predict a 5th placed finish for next season...
  7. Season 3 After Paul Pogba absolutely blew away my previous records, it's time to find his replacement, and my first Italian "Number 10". And this man is... Transfers I forgot to take a screenshot, but I didn't make as many transfers this season. I bought Federico Chiesa as my number 10 and agreed a permanent deal for Harry Wilson. I also signed loans for squad depth and made a couple of young signings with lots of future potential. No-one wanted Pogba so I demoted him. Domestic Competitions League My highest points tally to date, but it felt like a very poor season, the four losses were in a spell of poor form, including a 5-2 loss to Inter. However, once De Ligt returned from injury, we went unbeaten for the final four months of the season. Super Cup During the poor spell of form, I dragged my way to a penalty shootout victory in the Super Cup against Inter. Italian Cup The final was a one-sided affair, unfortunately Chiesa missed it through injury. Champions League Once again I flew through the group stage, losing only once in a "Group of Death" containing Real Madrid, Lyon and Celtic. Madrid also went through ahead of Celtic on goal difference, our loss to them helping them in a massive way. The Champions League returns to Turin for the second time in 3 years! David Alaba Pieri is Jadon Sancho, once again the game is showing name issues. My Players First of all, here are a few games where players stood out and some awards: Not as good as I would've liked but a solid season. Seemed to hit form before injury ended his league season early. Contributing to more than 1 goal a game is nothing to be ashamed of though.Another player who did well but still failed to meet their full potential. Just like Chiesa, I can't help but wonder if those injuries disrupted his season, especially when compared to injury-free Jadon Sancho...He is an absolute wizard. He somehow just seems to get better and better. Incredible from the youngster. Double Trouble Goals: 81+46=127 Assists: 75+41=116 Number 10 (compared to first attempt) S1 - Graham Carey 36 (Judge 44) S2 - Paul Pogba 70 (Tolisso 57) S3 - Federico Chiesa 50 (Cristante 69) Total - 156 (170)
  8. First game in the 42nd minute
  9. I wanted Thauvin ahead of Pogba but he rejected the move. Couldn't believe a Newcastle reject turned me down!
  10. If I can stop this injury issues I want to aim for a 100 goal + assists season. Would need luck and to progress in all cups go maximise fixtures, but I think it would be possible.
  11. Season 2 Time to sign my first French number 10. After my disappointing first season, I decided to go all out with this purchase, absolutely blowing away my transfer record in order to bring home a man who has had haircuts than I have had clean sheets... Transfers Didn't need to make many signings through the season as I'm very happy with my squad and it's very youthful. Have agreed to sign Harry Wilson permanently after he's impressed during his loan spell. Could've bought more after being offered this in November Domestic Competitions Another league winning season that was tainted by late losses, both 3-2 defeats within the last 4 Serie A fixtures. A simple win for us in the Super Cup. Goals! Goals! Goals! (The "Manicone" bit is an error, that goal was scored by Jadon Sancho, who scored a hat-trick) 3/3 again 👍 European/Continental Competitions Group stage went much easier than expected, with the team just absolutely blowing teams away. In the round of 16, I faced Bayer Leverkusen, who I expected to beat.And paid for my complacency. The squad was struggling with fatigue after the amount of games we'd played, meaning a started a much rotated side in the 2nd leg, but that was a massive opportunity wasted. The Club World Cup on the other hand... After easily beating Jeonbuk 4-0 in the semis, I faced NYCFC in the final. Imagine my surprise when it's 6-0 at half time! Amazing performance, especially with Pogba scoring 5 and assisting 2! My Players First of all, here are a selection of games where my guys really stood out (that I haven't shown already) And now their stats:Pogba was unbelievable. 70 goals contributed to and he missed nearly 3 months of the season. Unbelievable Jeff! Cengiz really stepped his game up this season, although it helped that he only missed 1 month through injury. Sancho is such a good all-rounder, contributed heavily to both goals and assists. Outstanding. All 3 were deservedly contenders for Serie A player of the year. Double Trouble Goals - 34+47=81. Assists - 22+53=75. Number 10 Last attempt in brackets to compare. S1 - Graham Carey 36. (Judge 44) S2 - Paul Pogba 70. (Tolisso 57) Total - 106. (101)
  12. He's on absolute flames! 🔥🔥🔥
  13. Just started season 2 with a old number ten returning (he loves haircuts), all 3 have started on absolute flames, although my 10 is out for a month after 2 league games, missed Euro Super Cup too with a head injury...