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  1. I used sell on percentages and swap players to my advantage.
  2. Pre-season has been completed and 2 days before the first game of the new season, I have finally gained my Dutch stars to inspire the the Rossoneri to victory. The modern Van Basten: The modern Ruud Gullit: The modern Frank Rijkaard: Depay is already a star. He should be able to inspire us in the first couple of seasons when it should be most difficult. Van De Beek is a player that should grow in the six seasons, helping to carry the load up top. Blind brings experience to the squad, acting as a calm, deep lying playmaker, rather than the 80's icon Rijkaard.
  3. For my return to Football Manager, I'm going to attempt this challenge: I'll keep this career posted with updates.
  4. Lemos to score is first goal to win the UCL final...
  5. Lemos needs to up his game...
  6. Lemos is proving to be consistent, shame his teammates are letting him down... 😉
  7. A yellow card and a 6 for Lemos. Should stick him on free kicks, he scored the most in La Liga a couple of seasons ago.
  8. Unfortunate but I look forward to seeing how it goes.
  9. CamelXCVII

    Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.

    September Wolves (a) - Premier League Another away win! Our league two players all getting a 7 rating apart from Dan Gardner. I'll take that! Bournemouth (h) - Premier League It's finally happened! We've won a home game! So happy Foster saved Surman's penalty, would've been gutted to have lost Niasse. He's been excellent. Crystal Palace (a) - Premier League An awful first half as I tried out a new formation and Rudiger struggled with fitness. That goal will hopefully get us a decent player, although it'll be interesting to see who we lose... Hull (a) - Carabao Cup 3rd Round Another side that's not in the Premier League and another comfortable victory. Wouldn't mind wingers or full backs, don't want to have to player a lower league spine again. Brighton (h) - Premier League Once again it's a 1-0 win following a cup victory, with Mazuch and Henriksen doing well on their debut. Ryan was Brighton's man of the match, but has he been their best player over the season? League Table and Form Not a bad start, would certainly take a 3rd place finish. However, it's time for a rule change... Rule Change The whole point of this was to try and have lots of goals and chaos in terms of players going everywhere. We're not scoring or conceding enough so it's time to have a formation rule. From now on, at least 5 players must be in attacking midfield or higher. No more 4-2-3-1 for me. Hope you enjoyed reading, October will be uploaded tomorrow.
  10. CamelXCVII

    Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.

    Overload seems to be very overpowered when I've used it so far, although I've only used teams that are expected to win, so Watford could be a challenge.
  11. CamelXCVII

    Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.

    August West Ham (a) - Premier League The perfect start! I am owed 3 players, but 4 share their match rating. No AvR for first game so random generator it is... Manchester United (h) - Premier League Brought back down to earth with a bump. Shame about missing 2 clear cut chances, Lukaku/Sanchez could've done wonders. Who are off to the red side of Manchester? Chelsea (a) - Premier League Oh I do love playing away! Another 3-0 scoreline, where hopefully we can pick up some good replacements for those we lost in the Manchester United game Everton (h) - Premier League Still without a home win after Niasse's late equaliser. Simple swap this time, the two goalscorers exchanging teams after the game. Oldham (a) - Carabao Cup Simple and emphatic win. However, with my rules in place, I will have 4x League Two players in my starting XI for my next Premier League game... 😬 Thanks for reading and I'll upload September tomorrow!
  12. I saw @Foxy's incredible career and wanted to do it, but try and adapt it, making it crazy and almost impossible to work. Here is his original effort Rules All goals count towards a player coming/leaving. So if I win 3-1, I gain 3 players and lose 1. Highest rated player in that match gets swapped, if level, goes by AvR and then random generator. All games must be played on OVERLOAD to increase goals. All players gained in the last game, MUST play in the next. Meaning that flexibility with tactics is a must. Can have gold coaching badge, but no reputation or other unlockables apart from the IGE. IGE only used to transfer players from team to team. No healing injuries, changing stats etc. No transfers apart from those chosen by each match. Assistant manager plays pre-season. No preparation to see how my tactic works... Team I've used a random number generator to pick a Premier League club, went 1-19 as there's not a chance I'm going to manage Newcastle... 7 was the number chosen, meaning that I have to manage Watford, the team that currently lie in seventh place of the Premier League table. I'll try and update every 2-4 matches and daily, whilst continuing my "Juve no. 10" career, check that out if you want. 😉