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  1. Really good tactic dude. Sitting 6th with Southampton at the winter break.
  2. Very interested bro. I guess as the challenge you decided to not buy players and just have money accumulate. Would you trade players for other players to improve or simply pick up 'good/decent' players somehow? Going to try it out,very cool,as I just started a Southampton save as my last b4 FMM21, and it's the formation they use. Going to read more of your journey too. Take it easy Jamie
  3. I played this with a few sides,found it to be a pretty good plug in tactic,does struggle to score at times. You have to have a AM not AP,just in case you missed that note. How did it work in D2 the first season? Found you have to tinker a bit between attack,control and balanced. Wish I had more for you,been awhile,maybe author will.
  4. Yes it is one of the best tactic's on here. Congrats and thanks @danK7RNY !!! Slipped some at the end, had some injuries,team not to deep. This was done by an average group at Bordeaux folks.
  5. Started a save with Bordeaux to check tactic out. So far it's passing with flying colors. Have a 0-0 tie w PSG,5-1 win against Lyon and a 1-1 draw in friendly with Bayern. Gonna try to continue the run. Bordeaux ain't allstars folks,nice tactic!
  6. Ok,thought a cd had become a bpd and a mid had changed too. My bad, thx for responding.
  7. So what are the positions on the tactic, seems like they might have changed?
  8. This tactic seems to be struggling a fair amount after feb transfer update. Could be my team but doubt it. Weird.
  9. This is a very good tactic. Came in 2nd in Bundisliga with Franfurt,runner up in cup and quarterfinals in Euro league. Bayern had big season. It's very good offensively, pretty solid at the back. Only things I did was to go short keeper distribution and play control sometimes versus good opponents. If you want a two striker tactic,or any reason, this is one for you. Creator is cool dude too. Nice job Anders,bravo. Thanks, Jamie
  10. Frankfurt here I come Anders,wish me luck!!!
  11. Looks interesting dude,will try it out. For better possession try turning of the run with ball,probably will help.Think the run with ball off will help. Thanks for posting. Take it easy Jg Try box to box mid or central mid instead of deep playmaker .not sure about this. Will try it.
  12. Folks this the real deal! Best on here given you have a decent team and good front 4. Realistic too except for the results. In three years - 3 league titles,2 champion's titles,1 euro top 4 and numerous cups. With scary stats put up. Granted,the French league is easy but I was beating top team's. It's fun,the big teams fight, game"s are good. I'd go to poacher if you don't have the complete package up front,check their role skills. Bravo MaloneyJ76 and thanks! Up!!!! Btw,I played with Lyon. Fun team,vicious front four and youth. Couple of headaches in Dembele,Delay wanting to leave,and they do eventually. I signed Hector Herrera for box to box mid.