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  1. @Plimmerz92 you are master, i was struggling with topteams in CL in my Wisla Krakow save, now i won group stage with City, Juve and Porto with this tactic, I have a lot of creative players and now they play insainly
  2. Hello, I have already played twenty seasons in the Polish league and so far I have not been able to loan young players from my reserves who have 4-5 potential stars. Unfortunately, in the Polish league there are no reserve team games so loan are the only solution for young players to gain experience and develop. But when I move a player to the first team then offers appear. In the previous version there were no such problems with loans.
  3. something went wrong .. can't do anything with that
  4. How do you assess whether a player is really great, that he will be 5/5 ?
  5. hello, please help me to understand this Coach report thing, got two midfielders, one have 2.5/2.5 and another one have 5/5 but both seems to be 5/5 players. do any of you know exactly how it works?
  6. Unfortunately, I do not have accurate knowledge on this subject, but I have my favorite formation and I am looking for coaches for such a formation
  7. I always start with Motivational badge and sign coaches with Youth, Attacking, Defence, Fitness
  8. I have full staff with natural aptitude, now everyone have gold badge, impressive training ground, he plays in first team and have intense training regime
  9. From my youth acadamy and at that time i had youth facilities at "Good" level, so lucky ... he at the beginning
  10. Do any of you know how the Youth Facilities works? I have the most extensive facilities (State of the art / Top) but I still get a maximum of 3* players from academy. My save has only the Polish league and currently my club's reputation is 4.5*
  11. Hello, I started the game in a random club in the 1st Polish League, without any reputation or badge. For first two seasons I used the tactic from the previous FM version created by @Chris1428 (I tested this tactic in the previous edition starting from the lowest league in England and the results were amazing, once again great job @Chris1428 this tactic is still amazing in FM20). This tactic is very effective and i'm a big fan of the IWB and BBM roles. This tactic ensures a small amount of lost goals, but on the other hand it also does not guarantee high effectiveness under the opponent's goal, it is simply an ideal tactic for surviving and strengthening the squad. Below how it looks: After two years, when I decided that the squad was good enough to fight for the championship, I easily switched the team to play with more offensive tactic while maintaining the basic assumptions and tactic structure, only two changes Switching to this tactic allowed me to score 20 goals and stay behind at the same level. After that it was much easier, I signed many talented young players. I have to wait three seasons for them to develop. Maybe it will be helpful for someone
  12. defence seems to be key in this tactic, i'm looking forward to team instructions as well ps. thanks for quick response, now i'll give it a try