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  1. Very solid start, getting up was just the start saying in the championship might be difficult with the budget.
  2. Best of luck in the Premiership, except when you play hibs I hope they smash you😋
  3. Looking good mate, McLennan looks like he has the potential for Aberdeen in real life so will be interesting to see if he reaches it.
  4. ScottishFMM

    Selling player

    That;s something I've never thought about in regards to promoting the youth team graduates. Nice idea👏
  5. ScottishFMM

    I need help

    Great shout to be fair, If anyone's interested drop me a little message. I'm sure I can broadcast my awful man management skills against someone😂 added 0 minutes later Both you guys make valid points but it's something I have tried and didn't really fall in love.
  6. ScottishFMM

    I need help

    I feel like I've done that all year, my favourite save being Fuli, Chinese team was a great adventure. Maybe it's abroad in lesser leagues I enjoy
  7. ScottishFMM

    Help I need help

    I think for me on FMM I want the perfect save but I always struggle to find and and the motivation to carry on a save goes along with it. I want to make a save that I will enjoy and make the club feel like mine. Do you guys have any ideas on how you make your saves more enjoyable and makes you want to carry on as at the moment I'm really struggling to nail down a permanent save?
  8. He’s defo the potential to be a great CDM
  9. I wanted Ajer😤, I’ll have had Ross McCrorie, maybe next time
  10. ScottishFMM

    Can 'The Rangers' topple Celtic?

    That’s such a fantastic achievement mate, tbh I didn’t want to manage them but I thought it was the best chance I had, wasn’t to be though.
  11. ScottishFMM

    ScottishFMM attempts 'The 100 Club'

    Very unlucky tbh I thought he was just starting to pick up a few more goals each game. Yes next season is one I’m looking at. (Sorry fellas I’m in Berlin for my birthday so had no time to play this weekend, I’ll post an update tomorrow)
  12. ScottishFMM

    ScottishFMM attempts 'The 100 Club'

    Took his foot of the gas in the middle after the injury so looking like a failure this season unfortunately
  13. ScottishFMM

    ScottishFMM attempts 'The 100 Club'

    Update 4! Bad injury has prevented LG to miss way to many games for us to complete this in our first attempt 2 weeks out and a total of 6 games missed😢. Anyway he’s bagged 40 goals and this’ll be my final post till the end of the season with the final tally, we’ve won our first bit of silverware but been knocked out Europa league on away goals. Thanks for anyone reading along👍
  14. Good luck with this mate.