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  1. I was training his shooting for 6 months added 0 minutes later Is it because he doesn't cut inside like Sané that he doesn't score much
  2. Raheem Sterlings shooting stats not increasing even with intensity high training and doesn't score at a faster rate. Sané shooting increases but not Sterlings.
  3. What does a simple 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 look like with player roles and what role for Sterling to score lots.
  4. How do you make Sterling score 20 a season
  5. Should I ignore the possession stats as I want to have 70%+ possession, have Sterling scoring goals like he is doing in real life, Sterling doesn't cut inside as a winger like Sané does in the game;Sané hogs all the goals but Sterling scores more in real life.
  6. How to play like Guardiola Man City and score lots of goals like 3 a game;Sterling scores less goal than Sané in the game. How to make Sterling score lots when playing a front 3 with Sané,Agüero,Sterling. INF - Sané, INF - Sterling CF - Agüero