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  1. Dibl

    FMM19 Bug List

    Well, the save files are there now. But still, the problem remains... This is kinda hard to explain, but eventually after some time (can be 10 mins or 2 hours) of not playing, when i open the game again, the save is not the latest i made, but it goes back to the second last save i made - like it's using some backup saves. So i have to wait (again it could be 10 min or 2 hours), that the game refreshes those files to the latest. It's easier to expain on the screenshots. I played the game in the morning, saved it and took a screenshot (latest save is 22/8/19). Then after cca. 3 hours i decided to play again and i opened the game and the saves were 1 month older (25/7/19). The only thing i could do, is close the game and wait a couple of minutes or hours and the save files will change to the latest date automatically. I don't know, maybe it's my phone or something... But the exact this was happening with FMM 2018.
  2. Dibl

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hi guys, i am having troubles with my save files. I've searched the forum and couldn't find any OP that has the same problem as me, so i will just post it here (hope it's the right place). I bought FMM 2019 yesterday and played it for a couple of hours (i went in and out of the game couple of times and could always load up the last save). But today, when i open the game, i cannot load my last save, because there isnt any, I can only start a new game... Went to the documents of the game and the save files aren't there. It's empty. The weird thing is, i had the same problem with FMM 2018, so now i don't know if something is wrong with my phone or i am i missing something? It's like the game refreshes/resets every day. I am using samsung S8+ and android 8.0. Thanks,