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  1. That italy game, getting him to play 70 min plus with that stamina🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  2. Training might make it easier to mould some one, but the engine itself is harder so both are an achievement on their own 😁 But must say this career does get me itching again for a good fmm career😁
  3. And what a pm discussion that was
  4. MASSIVE🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  5. Great and smart choice😄👍🏻 added 0 minutes later Ooooeh Cavani😍 Also interesting😄 Weirdo
  6. You need to commit😂 added 0 minutes later 😂😂 added 0 minutes later Nope
  7. How many voices do you have in your head? Sure thing!
  8. PriZe & Nucleus separating the boys from men – a 1KC H2H Welcome all to what @Nucleus and I will hope to be one of the finer H2H’s that will grace this forum for the duration of FMM 19. Forget all your @BatiGoal nonsense, the rants of @Ashez, the unfinished careers of yours truly @PriZe and the fail in the making called the 2KC attempt of @Nucleus. This H2H is where all the drama and excitement will be on Vibe! Nucleus and I have taken it upon our self to dive in to the great collection of forwards that FMM 19 has to offer and separate the boys from men and in the meantime see if an old-timer like myself can defeat the younger generation. Ps: Remember your defeat in the Vibe shield @Nucleus? Judgement day boys The H2H is straight forward, we need to keep the two contender’s mental capability in mind… Every season will see a new striker, which we will pick in turns. Each season is a mini H2H And who ever hits 1KC first wins the H2H Easy right? Great opportunity to try out old and new players and see who can get the most out of his player. The Club So to keep it fun, we want a big bloody budget! So that means Spain or the UK. Neither of us fancied to go to Spain as we both have a tender skin and get burned quickly so we put on our raincoats and decided to go to London. We had some options there, but due to Nucleus his balls being blue (ouch ) as result of the arrival of a baby girl so no more quality time with the missus I thought it would be fitting to go for Chelsea. I just hope that I will be more successful than Ruud Gullit there because Dutchies and Chelsea haven’t been a good combo if you ask me. So Sarri get your Sarri ass out, Nuc and PriZe are taking over! The Rules No hoarding strikers! Leagues load: England, Spain, Italy, Germany Own formations only. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!! Board of support Yep that’s right! It’s time to speak up and show some support and see if you have it in you to pick a winner. All I can say, check out the last three years of the Vibe competitions and you will know who to pick Team PriZe @fRESH Team Nucleus @Batifool Concluding Last but not least, start guessing who will be the first striker we will use! Nucleus was so kind to give me the opportunity to pick first (think he mumbled something like age before beauty), so who do you think I picked out? Thanks for reading! Nucleus & PriZe
  9. PriZe

    Pick BG's Next Challenge?

    try to stay away for 4 years from this forum. Would love to see that happen