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  1. Off Topic Destiny 2

    Yeah better then 1 if you ask me. but i already liked 1
  2. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Smart! That way you can't fly out of the competition again in the quali...
  3. that flower oohh @Taff you're so fluffy and cute
  4. Off Topic Destiny 2

    Anybody on here play Destiny 2 as well? If so just let me know, i play on PS4
  5. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Is there a qualifying round?
  6. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Nah it's the paralympics cause off our special needs bunny @Taff
  7. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Netherlands it is
  8. Help Missing Regen

    He's there, but i tend to find it takes them longer to appear in the game. So far the majority of the regens i have seen stuck to their country but it might be possible they change. don't trust your scouts, if you play him enough then one season later he is gods gift to fmm according to your scouts
  9. Career You choose my final 1k

    Same goes for Fuddled Mateo cassiera!
  10. Career You choose my final 1k

    Don't listen to taff... just take a look at his 1kc and you know he doesn't know what he is talking about
  11. Career You choose my final 1k

    Just one vote? I can't choose
  12. Not me mate, but we already have enough bunnies in Amsterdam, they just aren't so special.. well besides the special needs one... like yourself
  13. Sorry mate bunnies ain't allowed in the Zoo 😉