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  1. Hello i'm PriZe

    Must admit was a bit starstruck at first no idea who she is good looking? That's not hard haha
  2. Hello i'm PriZe

    Yeah, but not during their active career. Frank is a really laid back and approachable guy. I've shared a few beers with him as he is within my friends group (don't know him to well) Did mock him a bit when he was a coach at Ajax and did some stupid substitues. The game was after a big party where we lived so mentioned to him he still was drunk when he made the decision But i think the most sureel thing was when i had drinks with Aron Winter (Ajax, Lazio Roma, Inter Milan) Bryan Roy (Ajax, Nottingham) and Glen "i gambled away all my money" Helder (Vitesse, Arsenal). I went clubbing in Amsterdam with a older colleague, and i knew he was friends with a lot of Ajax players, and he said i have some friends coming over. Little did i know that few minutes later those guys walked in. I watched them play when i was a kid and suddenly they where introducing themselfs to me. Bit like hi i am Barack Obama... umm yeah i know really fun night and they where all really open and relaxed and was fun talking about what they do now and how stuff during the career was added 0 minutes later I dare you
  3. Hello i'm PriZe

    You can make the book cover added 0 minutes later Yeah part-time job, he put too much time in playing for Ajax at that time
  4. Hallo I'm Nic

    That nickname i feel stupid now haha Soccer big in Singapore? Any good local clubs?
  5. Hello i'm Justin

    Welcome mate! In @Ashez you have found a LFC supporter and you can have a chat about that horrible transferperiode of LFC If you have any questions just drop any of us a PM
  6. Hello I'm Ashez

    Now get that dog a Batcave!
  7. Hello I'm Taff

    Good one!
  8. Hello i'm PriZe

    Thanks for making me feel ancient @MerlionMaple96 Regarding your question several things actually. Offcourse living near to Amsterdam it's almost not done not supporting Ajax. But as a youngster i heard all the stories about Cruyff, and saw Van Basten, Rijkaard and Bergkamp. Those where my idols and they all had a Ajax background. Combined with the fact i was old enough to see Ajax win the Champions League and CWC helped firm my support for them. Amazing time! So when i was old enough i would regularly go see them play. And next to that Frank de Boer lived in the same village and he was always super nice (he even helped out decoraing my mothers store for Christmas, so it's the combination. In the Netherlands Ajax and it's fans are known to be cocky, but's just bravado for the majority. Just like me i have a big mouth but am always willing to help haha Although when i was young i supporter Manchester United (due to all the guys playing so long for the club) i also was a big fan of Arsenal when Bergkamp and Overmars moved their. I don't really support an english club nowadays but am a fan of the English football in general
  9. Hello i'm PriZe

  10. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Forward planning would be us hosting it
  11. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    Stick to content mate we've seen your manager skills
  12. Hello i'm PriZe

    Same here
  13. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    You're being nice to the lad that gave you a CC nightmare? @samhardy WTF man, you only peak in H2H's and CC's? Not going to say KIU, cause you need to step it up
  14. Career Starting 1K Challenge

    Good luck mate! You might wanna change the tag to career tag! Helps with following it
  15. Hello i'm PriZe

    It is! It even gets me abroad (two clients in the UK atm) Biggest challenge of my live, but best thing ever. Totally in love with her