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  1. Seeing @BatiGoal above @samhardy gives me a smild
  2. Career FC Forty United

    Life starts after 40 great achievement and a showcase of your ingenuity when it comes to creating challenges
  3. Just caught up! Smashing it mate And nice challenge @BatiGoal!
  4. Wow another close one between @samhardy and @BatiGoal Congrats bati! Is this the beginning of a succesful Vibe year for you? We will see! good luck @FuddledFox in the final! May the best animal win
  5. Help "Contain" mentality

    Ok you might want to go wing back, and for final third use overlap.
  6. Chat 3D match engine thread

    What foxy is saying! No 3d for FMM
  7. Help "Contain" mentality

    As the other reaction, i would go short passing as well. Besides that i would try closing down all over. You want to pressure them right away. personally i wouldn't go flanks as this limits you on options. what role do your full backs have?
  8. Thanks mate! 1kc is more then doable! Take a shot at it
  9. Help Help me with tactics

    It depends on the whole formation you want to rock, are you going llm or superstar? Otherwise you prolly get some info that won't help you mate
  10. Thanks! Wait what never? well let 18 be the FMM edition you do
  11. Help "Contain" mentality

    What is your own tactic and instruction Tactical shape, defend and attack