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  1. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to scratch99 in Challenge Cup XII   
    So I went back at looked at last year's thread and it seems like the CC is mostly a mountain of banter with the occasional game thrown in?  
    I think the first round results are on page 25! 😲
  2. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Rob2017 in Challenge Cup XII   
    Looking forward to this.
  3. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    Challenge Cup XII
    Welcome everyone to the 12th version of vibe's famous Challenge Cup. The big one out of all the major events and the one that carries the most ranking points with it. This year's version will be brought to you by myself and possibly @anfieldsquirrel if he returns from yet another absence if not then @Ashez is on hand to help out 
    The chances are most of you know how these tournaments work however if you’re new and don’t know what awaits then take a look back through last year’s exciting event which saw drama from start to finish.
    And here is the hall of fame from all previous tournaments dating back 7 years, to this day Sunny is the only person to win it twice though nobody has ever retained the competition. This could continue as I'm unsure whether or not I'm entering yet. Who's year will it be this year?
    Challenge Cup One 
    May 2011
    Host: samhardy
    Winner: Ollie 
    Runner-Up: Trailer

    Challenge Cup Two 
    September 2011
    Host: samhardy
    Winner: Sunny 
    Runner-Up: RAC

    Challenge Cup Three 
    January 2012
    Host: United58/samhardy
    Winner: Scott 
    Runner-Up: samhardy

    Challenge Cup Four 
    May 2012
    Host: ImABlueToo
    Winner: Sunny 
    Runner-Up: Anwar

    Challenge Cup Five 
    February 2013
    Host: anfieldsquirrel
    Winner: Lewiitom 
    Runner-Up: N/A

    Challenge Cup Six 
    July 2013
    Host: anfieldsquirrel

    Challenge Cup Seven 
    March 2014
    Host: anfieldsquirrel
    Winner: Devil 
    Runner-Up: Ashez

    Challenge Cup Eight 
    August 2014
    Host: Ashez
    Winner: Ashez
    Runner-Up: Scott
    Challenge Cup Nine
    May 2015
    Host: samhardy/Dirtboy
    Winner: MerlionMaple96
    Runner-Up: Ashez
    Challenge Cup Ten
    January 2017
    Host: BatiGoal/samhardy
    Winner: PriZe
    Runner-Up: samhardy
    Challenge Cup Eleven
    August 2017
    Host: samhardy/Ashez
    Winner: samhardy
    Runner-Up: BatiGoal
    Please make sure you keep these in mind throughout the tournament as nobody likes avoidable disqualifications.
    To keep things equal all challenges last 1 season and will need to be played on Enhanced Match Engine (EME). Each challenge comes with a deadline, and each deadline comes with no extensions. No entry -> No points. Every manager must provide evidence using screenshots. As the rule above, No screenshots -> No points. No unlockables and no coaching badges. If suspicions arise, you will be asked to submit your save for inspection. No holidaying, a screenshot of manager profile after each challenge is required. No cheating and no use of any editor at all. Own tactics only. Send your results via PM with both samhardy and anfieldsquirrel/Ashez included in it. Have fun! This year's edition will run similarly, but not identically, to last year. Here's the format this time around:
    8 of the members who have signed up will join the 4 top seeds in the group stages. Each group will have 3 members with the top two progressing to the Quarter Finals. Before that, the qualifying round will take place. The top 8 from qualifying will qualify for the group stage, with the rest falling at the first hurdle. Results in qualifying will be used to find the second and third seeds for the group stage. Then it's group winner v group runner up in the Quarter Finals, drawn randomly, followed by a free draw from the semis onwards. League points will always be used as a tie break in challenges unless otherwise stated.
    Comment below or PM me if you wish to join. I’ve already included the people who have signed up in the schedule thread or elsewhere on vibe. Registrations close Sunday 19th August 5PM GMT.
    Please only enter if you intend to submit results throughout the competition. Each year we have people join up then do a disappearing act.
    Thank you and good luck.
    Confirmed competitors
    Top seeds from rankings - Straight into group stage
    Entering at qualifying - 8 highest scorers qualify for group stage
  4. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Foxy in Vibe Rankings - Updated August 2018   
    You mean it is only woody by name and not woody by nature
  5. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Nucleus in Tactical Showpiece - Episode Two - Max Meyer   
    Hello Vibe, and welcome to Epsiode Two of my Vibe exclusive Tactical Showpiece series where I will be showcasing the newest talent to arrive in the Premier League and one’s who I think will feature prominently in FMM19. If you haven’t seen episode one yet I highly suggest you give that a read here - Tactical Showpiece - Episode One
    So as you may have guessed, the new premier league star I will be focusing on in this episode is none other than former Schalke & Germany man Max Meyer, who has recently signed for south London side Crystal Palace in what could be seen as the coup of the season. That’s right, Crystal Palace got their man on a free transfer from the German side after he let his contract run down after a dispute with Schalke’s sporting director Christian Heidel which consequently left him out of training for the remainder of the 17-18 season.
    As FMM18 starts a year ago, none of this has happened in game so I obviously had to go out and buy Meyer for Palace myself, and it proved a tricky transfer to pull off for the Eagles. An initial bid of £35million was enough for Schalke, but it wasn’t enough to convince Meyer himself to sign. In the end I opted to switch on Sugar Daddy so I could offer him what he wanted financially to sign for the club, a £190,000 per week in fact! What a money grabbing little ba***rd! But we’ve got our man either way, and I could get the experiment under way...

    In terms of Palace quality players he looks a quality player, with 14 in dribbling and Passing, 15 in Creativity and 18 in Technique along with a plethora of other decent attributes. In real life Schalke manager Domenico Tedesco started to deploy Meyer more as a Deep Lying Playmaker as he felt the positional change better suited his qualities. I disagree, and I will be playing him as an Advanced Playmaker in the centre of the park.

    Deployed on the left side of a 4-3-2-1, he would also be taking all set-pieces this season, as I felt that with his technique, creativity and eye for goal it would benefit the team massively.
    Let’s now fast forward to the end of the season to see just how Crystal Palace, and more importantly Max Meyer got on. Well it was a fantastic season all around for Palace, as they finished up in 5th placed in the league with a more than respectable 67 points. They were the leagues top scorers with 79 Goals and would next season be playing European Football. In the end, too many draws saw them miss out on the Champions League spots.

    As for Max Meyer, he too had a fantastic season for the club and ended up winning the league’s Young Player of the Year award whilst also winning the Footballer of the Year award.

    He was the league’s top assister, beating the likes of Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne to take the top spot with 18 assists. He also had the best average rating for the whole league, narrowly beating out teammate Wilfried Zaha to take top spot with an Average Rating of 7.70

    As for his development, well he looks a much better player than when he first arrived at Selhurst Park. 18 in Dribbling and Passing, a full 20 in Technique, 16 and 17 in Creativity and Decisions respectively with his Movement and Teamwork also up to 15, couple all this with his 15 in stamina and he looks a world class midfielder with plenty of room to grow further. He managed 40 games throughout the season, scoring 12 goals and assisting a further 18. A very very successful signing in my opinion.

    So Vibe, have Palace pulled off the coup of the summer? Will Max Meyer live up to his potential at the South side of London or will he just be another one of those players who never lives up to his original hype? Let me know in the comments below what you think.
    Thanks For Reading
  6. Happy
    PriZe got a reaction from Damilare in The rebirth of priZe LM10 - a 3-2-3-1-1 tactics   
    Thanks for the credit and cool to see it return  
  7. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Nucleus in Tactical Showpiece - Episode One - Naby Keita   
    Hello Vibe, and welcome to a brand new exclusive series where I will be showcasing the newest additions to the Premier League, and players that will in my opinion feature heavily in FMM19.
    With the transfer window shutting early this year, clubs had to act fast to get the players they wanted over the line, and no one acted as quickly as Liverpool did, as the signing of Naby Keita has been common knowledge for a whole year. On the 28th of August 2017, it was announced that a deal had been agreed with RB Leipzig for Naby Keita to join Liverpool on the 1st of July 2018 after Liverpool triggered his release clause of £48 million in addition to paying an undisclosed premium. It was later revealed that the premium was £9 million if Leipzig did not qualify for European football, £14 million if they qualified for the Europa League and £18 million if they finished in the Champions League spots. Leipzig finished 6th in the Bundesliga, qualifying for the Europa League and thus pushing the total transfer fee to £62 million.
    From selling water with his mother on the streets of Conakry to bossing the Bundesliga with RB Leipzig, and now tasked with bearing the iconic Liverpool number 8 shirt formerly worn by club icon Steven Gerrard. Naby Keita’s journey is one of the most remarkable in football, but the question still stands, how will he influence the Liverpool midfield and could he possibly bring them their first league title in nearly 30 years?

    So after some transfer battles with the likes of Bayern Munich and PSG I finally managed to snag Keita away from Leipzig for the “measly” fee of £85 million. Yes, I overspent compared to Klopp but please forgive me @Ashez, as it’s for an article. So my very first thought on Keita when I saw his page was “Perfect Box to Box Midfielder”. He’s got great Stamina and Teamwork coupled with decent enough Shooting and Tackling which are primary attributes for any B2B midfielder, couple these with  his more than average Passing, Decisions, Movement and Positioning and there’s no other role I’d play him in. Under the spell of my Super Intensive Training Regime  I hope to boost those numbers even higher come the end of the season.
    For the purpose of this experiment I’ve decided to use @PriZe‘s Black Pearl Tactic , due to it probably having the most consistent results on the forum from what I’ve gathered , and it just so happens to have a BBM thrown in there, perfect for our Naby!

    So, how influential was Naby Keita during his first season at Liverpool I hear you ask? Well, he didn’t have an outrageously good season, but he had a solid season shall I say. He managed 44 Appearances throughout the season and he also managed to score 9 goals whilst laying off 6 more for his teammates. The most interesting fact about his performance was his discipline. He’s well known for having a short fuse and he didn’t disappoint me with 21 yellow cards and 2 reds in those 44 games! Basically a card every other game, animal! A very respectable 7.38 average rating for the season is a rating I’d call successful in my opinion.

    Now let’s have a look at how Keita looks at the end of his debut season at Liverpool..

    Improvements all around the board. His dribbling has moved up to 18, passing up to 16, shooting and tackling up to 13 and 14 respectively. His mental attributes have rocketed, with his decisions going up to 16 and his Movement and Teamwork going up to a massive 19 each. His physicals have each gone up three points and he’s now rolling out with 15 Pace, 20 Stamina and 13 Strength. There is absolutely no doubt in my eyes that Keita is a fantastic buy for any FMM save and it’s likely that Liverpool have bought a very valuable asset to their midfield.
    As a bonus, Liverpool did manage to win their first league title in nearly three decades as they ended up 10 points clear of nearest challengers Chelsea and Manchester United. It must have been the Keita effect, or it’s more than likely my training regime. Yes that’s what it is..

    Thanks for reading Vibe, how have you found Keita in this years game? Have Liverpool got the right man to replace Gerrard? Let me know in the comments below.
  8. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Damilare in The rebirth of priZe LM10 - a 3-2-3-1-1 tactics   
    Hey guys,
    Welcome to the rebirth of priZe LM10 - a 3-2-3-1-1 which @PriZecreated in football manager mobile 2016 for the ORIGINAL MATCH ENGINE.. This is the link to the tactics original post:
    In this rebirth,there is no change in player roles but there is a little change in the team instructions and it is played on the ORIGINAL MATCH ENGINE..






    **This career can be followed in my Willem Geubbels 1kc attempt here:
    Thanks for reading..
  9. Favourite
    PriZe got a reaction from samhardy in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    You know that feeling when the new FMM is about to release? That feeling that although you are sure it's not going to be all that you wanted, you have moaned about it for weeks on Vibe, you still know you are going to get it the moment it's in the App store. Great feeling isn't it? It gives you some sort of rush and i don't know about you but my mind bubbles with ideas for careers, challenges articles etc.
    But a few days or weeks later you start to realize that the new release isn't all that jazz, the new features are a bit bland, or you have figured them out and what you do turns into a routine. And to top it off you've just posted 3 careers at the same time which all three of them are just EPIC you NEED to complete them...  And now you start to notice that next to the game being 95% the same you feel now HAVE to play the game for the careers instead of choosing to... And before you know it you go from every day playing to once every three days until you stop playing all together. To off course jump on the hype train for the next version 😉
    The burnout
    This people is what i call the FMM burnout... Andwhat i just described is exactly what i've gone through the last month or three. And you know what? It bloody happens to me almost every year   And every year i tell myself it's not going to happen this time...
    So why am i rambling about this? Well reading between the lines on Vibe luckily i am not alone and read that more people feel burned out or i see the signs of this. So i thought well since i make the same bloody mistake every year i am extremely qualified to post about this topic to hope you and i won't make the same mistakes.
    Top 5 mistakes i make
    So here are my 5 key mistakes to hopefully help you not to be as stupid as me 
    1. Don't over commit
    My number one mistake. Doing to much at the same time, be it too many careers at the same moment or participating in too many events. Reduce the amount of things you do at the same time. This will at least bring some focus and will make you feel less obligated to play because the next update needs to get out as it has been 2 weeks since you posted.
    2. Don't rush
    Don't rush... As simple as that! Why rush through seasons to get things out. You have a bloody year to play the game  Also don't worry to get stuff out there to be the first to post it. I sometimes see careers or tactics posted that are half done. Why would you put out crappy content just to be first. If your post is good or unique it will get views and get attention.  
    Also with tactics post launch there will be some updates after the release. Instead of trying to get a godlike tactic straight away take your time to have fun instead of concentrating only on getting a new  god tactic. Believe me this nearly killed FMM 18 in the first 3 weeks for me 
    3.  You play for yourself
    Now this one is a bit more for the people that are active content wise. What ever you do, the love for the game got you posting and sharing content. Always play and post content you like. Don't start a save or participate in something you think you need to for the community. Want to do the 100th Isak save? Then do it! If that keeps you playing and active go for it! I've missed some great opportunities with players who are now to old to do a 1KC with 
    4. Make notes of your ideas
    Now this was something i wouldn't do, but @Ashez actually gave me this tip years ago. And tbh i sometimes still forget to do this. But why is this usefull?
    After a few months and especially after the last big update the game gets a bit stale for me. Writing down all the things you want to do during the year will create a backlog of stuff to keep you  invested in FMM. There is so much to do, from testing to creating in FMM and on Vibe that you can get lost in the possibilities and get bored. Personally for me i try to push more complex testing or careers to after the last big update as i have a better understanding of Match engine and i know i won't get screwed due to major changes to the game.
    5. Mix it but don't drink to much
    A gin and tonic or a rum and coke, i love a good mix! And the same goes for FMM. I like to mix what i do to keep things fresh. If you know what you want to do career / content wise. Why not mix up playing careers and making content with participating in some of the excellent Community competitions? Participating the Challenge Cup and VSL gave me some excellent ideas for stuff to do on my own. It also keeps me motivated because when i did my Isak 2KC, yeah the first 10 years where fun, but the other 20 where dull as ****. Do keep mistake nr 1 in mind. Don't over commit 
     Well that's it lads! I hope you had a bit of fun reading this as all should be taken with a grain of salt. If you have found this a bit usefull, want to share your thoughts then please do!
    Thanks for reading and let’s give the @Foxy a big applause for the graphic and adjustment of my Dinglish🤣
    Cheers PriZe
  10. Shocked
    PriZe got a reaction from BatiGoal in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Are there any good @BatiGoal careers?😳
  11. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Cockers2505 in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    I agree totally with you @PriZe and think it is an excellent piece, my take on a lot of problems with FMM is the need to have success and quickly, gone are the days where you would take your own team and try to win everything, because to be truthful with all the help out there, basically any team can win the top league, and eventual Champions League, the holy grail of cups.
    Nobody wants to play to 30 seasons because it gets tedious and boring, you can simply look at the wonder kids list of the future, buy as many as you can early on, knowing your team will be the ultimate force in say 6 to 8 seasons, then it's game over with the right Tactic, Training and Money, basically any club in any country can be champions of the world in 10 seasons, my opinion though, others may disagree.
    I think to try and keep fresh, Challenges are the way forward, your own challenge or those already created, wanting your name on a leaderboard whether it is the bottom or the top, is more satisfying than playing 20 seasons where you win EVERYTHING year in year out, I did it with Oldham, got them to the Premiership in 4 seasons, won the league by the 6th, and then went on to conquer everything before the end of my 10th season, got bored and started again on some Challenge, but again thats my opinion, in fact in all the years of playing Champ manager, Football Manager and whatever else these were called back in the 80's, I don't think I have ever reached the end, maybe that could be my next challenge... to reach the end...
    I think this Forum is brilliant, the banter, write ups, help, and general interest, keep up the good work and inspiration to all those out there that dream to be the next @PriZe, @BatiGoal, @Taff , @Ashez or @Foxy to name but a few of the Legends as I would put it, thanks from me for making this each year THE best Football game period...
  12. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - The Finale   
    Welcome back. Despite starting my new 1kc in this save with my son there is still a little life left in these challenges yet or at least I hope there is.
    Goretzka 1Kc
    It had been threatening for the last couple of seasons but it finally happened and we had a zero times season. So much luck is involved in this challenge and although more goals increases the chances of hitting the right time we only need 4 more so its also going to be tough with an ageing Leon.
    He is still very capable of hitting the back of the net as 24 goals in 45 games shows but fitness and injuries are becoming an issue now meaning he missed 20 games in total this season. His 2 longest injuries were only 3 weekers but it soon adds up as games come thick and fast in Spain and he had a few smaller knocks as well coupled with games when he simply wasn’t fit enough to risk playing.
    He had planned to retire at the end of the season but I used my powers of persuasion to get him to reconsider and then sign a new 1 year contract that will keep him playing until the age of 39 and gives another season to perhaps get closer to the target. His physicals are shot but he still looks good in the rest of his game so maybe he can stay fit and keep scoring.

    Arp 1Kc
    My goal focus has moved to my son now and you can see how he did this season here.
    Arp still had a bit of game time although the 60 games it says he played he played is very deceptive as that was probably actually 15 to 20 starts and the rest cameo’s at the end of the game, it’s annoying that the game records any time on the pitch as an appearance and doesn’t put in brackets sub apperances. The starts came in games when Foxy Jr was either injured or not fit enough to risk and most of them were mid-week Champions League games. He managed to get 37 goals this year which added nicely to his total taking him up to 1155 career goals. I don’t really have an aim for Arp now in terms of a total simply because the less he scores and the more Foxy Jr scores the better but he has 2 seasons left on his contract before he retires (I doubt I will ask him to reconsider) so maybe he could get to 1200.

    Amiri vs Havertz Assists Challenge
    At the end of last season Havertz contract expired and he was refusing to resign eventually signing for Chelsea instead. To be honest I’m not that worried as he had lost his pace and although he still played well I felt I could bring in better players so I decided not to resign him as I did with Amiri, this meant Havertz finished his career for us on 203 assists. He never hit the heights that Amiri did and I don’t think he would have done as well as Amiri if I had given hi corners as in the first season and a half they each took one side of corners and it was only when it became obvious that Amiri was my best shot at a good total that I put him on both sides. I need to check with @danovic78 whether more than 1 player from a single career can go on the assists leaderboard but it would be nice if he could even if it will be at the bottom and if I can have multiple entries from this career on the assists leaderboard I might ask for Goretzka to go on as well as he has more assists than Kai got already.  
    Amiri is still going strong although he can’t last a full 90 minutes any more or at least not if I want him to play the next game also after last seasons huge total of 23 goals he was down to only 7 this year. The total that matters though is that he managed 34 assists this season which was down a little from last year but he made 4 less appearances than last year so not bad at all from him. He has 2 years left on his contract so I have him at least until he is 38 so I hope that he can break the 600 career assists mark which is well beyond what I ever expected from him.   

    Any Other Business
    I was a busy boy this year in the transfer market as I staged a rebuild with some younger players coming in that I hope will help Foxy Jr on his way to a 1k. We saw a new GK Adria Alarcon join as well as 2 new LW’s Noah Kahlert and Simone Zampano to take the place of Kai.
    We lost 3 club legends this year though as Upamecano and Donnarumma both moved on to Man Utd and Verona respectively as well as Havertz leaving.
    Not a huge amount to say here as we completed another clean sweep of trophies. A change of graphic was need though as the old one had run out of room as I never quite anticipated I would play this many seasons.

    No team stats this year as I don’t want to spoil what happened with Foxy Jr and lets be honest do any of you actually look at them!
    Although it was probably inevitable I am still gutted not to have ticked off at least 1 time with Leon this season but he isn’t finished yet. I hope you will now take a look at Foxy’s Fledgling to see how my other challenge went this season.
    Cheers lads.
  13. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - The Finale   
    Save Update
    A gave some very unsubtle hints over the last few days that I would do this and now it is official. I will be trying to get my son Simon Fox to complete the 1Kc over the final 15 seasons that I have left in this save. You can follow his adventure in the link below. That doesn't mean the teutonic treble is over far from it. I will continue to try and get those final times tick off for Goretzka, more assists for Amiri and a few more goals from Arp until they all retire.
    What it does mean is that I am very unlikley to get Arp to 1.5k goals in this save as he will play a more back up role to Foxy Jr but as he is still young he should get plenty of game time still and add to his goals over the next couple of seasons. He has 3 seasons left on his contract and then he plans to retire so I hope I can keep him happy at the club and then let him retire at the end of this current deal with a good 1Kc total for the leaderboard.
    Updates for the three teutonic challenges will continue in this thread up until the last of the three retire whilst I have started a new career thread for the Son 1Kc so that both Foxy Jr and my Germans can get the limelight that hopefully they deserve.
  14. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Woody in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    I miss a good @BatiGoal career 😆
  15. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to BatiGoal in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Well said, PriZe. 
    I always counter it by doing something completely different. Got a potential burn-out after my multiple failed 1K assists challenge. Been testing tactics from the real life ones to the bizarre ones and currently holidaying thru seasons as Chairman. Ideas for a brandnew career will hit me sooner or later. 
  16. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Dar J in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Same for me.. I've not played the game this year as much as I do other years.
    My advice would be to try and ignore things you can't change in the game and worry more about things you can actually change
  17. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Taff in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Fantastic artical @PriZe, I’ve been feeling the burnout more than ever this year, to the point where I only have 1 career to my name along with a H2H (that’s still going)
    the rest has been participating with in Vibe events, normally when I struggle I like to find a nice challenge but just can’t find the motivation this year
    but the community here at Vibe is 110% the reason I keep going, just the support from the guys here is always enough to keep me going 
  18. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to JustM1kePlays in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Cracking article. I always take too much on and never finish anything. FMM19 this will change. 
  19. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Woody in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    NOOOOOOO! 😂😂 
    Just got in from work and missed all the action 😕
    Well done to the Welsh boys you played a blinder.
    Congrats to the fluffy Panda @PriZe on your award.
    Cracking write up/graphics and pure suspense @Foxy.
    @Rob2017 thanks for being a great team mate and a great friend, its been a blast dude. 😆
  20. Favourite
    PriZe got a reaction from Titjes in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    It does feel good to have a higher score then Wales😜
  21. Favourite
    PriZe got a reaction from Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    @Foxy great write up and great host! Can’t wait for the next edition  
    Congrats to @Taff and @Nucleus for winning the Vibe World Cup 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 would have loved to play you in the final 
    @Titjes looking forward to the next edition, next time we will win 😄 thanks for being a great team member!
    And god dang i love those profile pictures you make @Foxy  
  22. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    Is that because you would have beaten them😉
  23. Funny
    PriZe got a reaction from Nucleus in Vibe Major Event Schedule 2018   
    A massive congrats @Nucleus and @Taff for winning the Vibe World Cup! And congrats your are now officially part of the Vibe shield! 
  24. Favourite
    PriZe got a reaction from Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    @Foxy great write up and great host! Can’t wait for the next edition  
    Congrats to @Taff and @Nucleus for winning the Vibe World Cup 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 would have loved to play you in the final 
    @Titjes looking forward to the next edition, next time we will win 😄 thanks for being a great team member!
    And god dang i love those profile pictures you make @Foxy  
  25. Favourite
    PriZe reacted to Rob2017 in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    Great right up @Foxy. It’s been a great challenge to take part in and your writeups have been wonderful.
    Congrats to @Nucleus and @Taff for winning. You both posted cracking scores. Well done! And well done to @PriZe for getting overall top score. Brilliant stuff.
    Thanks to @Woody for being a good laugh. Really enjoyed pairing with you!