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  1. I also see when i want to meet a players release clause. In euro i met his release, but they dont accept. They want a higher fee, but when i change amount to pond. I can meet his release clause? But in euros u need to pay a little bit more? Can someone explain. I have this with livakovic.
  2. Yes i saw against zebre the second game this after the match. But normally you see in pre match also how many matches they played in history. This time not?
  3. I currently manage torino but when i play against some teams i see there is never a derby for torino fc in serie a? I know juventus is not licensed so they call them zebre, but dont have torino other rivals or derbies? That is wat i want to know.
  4. Can you also stop talking bullshit. You are just a member like me so what is ur problem. You are not a moderator or something you idiot
  5. Why do i need to play with torino 3 qualification rounds for the euro cup? That many?
  6. I want to sign a player ziyech had a 60 m buyout clause. I bid 60 m, they reject they want 63m. Ok but this is a bug? Because the 60 m they need to accept it because it is his release clause.
  7. I see my player yacine adli is selected for the u21 french team and already have 4 caps. But on his profile i see: hoping to win his first cap? He isnt even selected for the senior team. I had this issue bedore with balerdi.
  8. At ogc nice, i see also gym. Why that name on the game? I see it when i play matches. But on the standing list you see ogc nice.
  9. I have signed for my fc twente save from leverkusen, he is just 21 and he cannot improve anymore why? I
  10. I currently manage fc twente, they have in real life a third kit, but not in the game. Why? Many other eredivisie teams have their 3rd kit also on the game.
  11. I see my player cavani considers me a mentor. But why? I dont understand it.
  12. I am at 28th november 2024, and redbull salzburg made a bid for my player stengs. But is the austrian window at that date already open?? Because i can already complete his transfer to salzburg.
  13. I see the award of the team of the season in serie a. I can only see the current season? Why not the seasons before? And also the award from team of the month? But some other awards you can see the previous seasons.
  14. I sold him to fcp and it is still on his profile look.
  15. I see my player lewandowski on his profile he is banned for one domestic league match? But he is still availabe for my premier division match, and also didnt get a card or something in the previous games. Do they maybe mean the german division where he played before?