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  1. Everytime when you start as manager, and i go to coaching profile, i see my formation is 4-4-2? But why? Does this not change? Because i always play 4-2-3-1.
  2. i dont even finished the second knockout of the euro cup, and there are already draws for the semi final? How is this possible?
  3. I think it was because i ignored the advice of the assistent, and i decided to pick the mentorships by meself. Maybe thats the reason? And they were not the right pair? And the others also. But i will have a look at the eye. For the next time. Thanx anyways.
  4. Oke thanx i understand. I think maybe it was not the right partnerships, because i choose it my by self, and not picking the advice of the assistent
  5. And when i sign players, there stats goes below, and this i had before at fmm2019. Anyone else noticing this?
  6. And there is also a bug i think at mentoring? My right full back lainer is mentoring zeki celik. But i see he his shooting goes below? Why would he improve his shooting? Is this also a bug? Because these are fullbacks? And also the same with my 2 strikers, i see embolo his tackling goes below? Why also should improve tackling? I think this is a bug or ?
  7. I have chosen borussia monchengladbach, and i had around 70 million to spend if i qualified for euro cup, and 75 mil for champions cup, but how is this possible that i have that amount of money to spend? When i go to division list and budgets, you see if you start with bmg you will have 28 mil to spend, is this maybe due to the reputation as manager that i started? I started as a worldclass manager and a gold badge.
  8. I have my player forsberg in his achievement i see he was selected in the global team of the year from 2021, but when i go to world xl from 2021, he doesnt seem in the team? Is this a bug or do they mean something else with the global team?
  9. Ive signed golovin from monaco for my acmilan side, but it seems he needed a italian work permit? But why if he is russian? Russia belongs to the EU?
  10. I see my player florian thauvin considers me a as a mentor? How is this possible? Im the coach, and he is not a young player anymore he is 26 years. Bug?
  11. Im in my first season with milan and it is 31th dec 2019, and i see my player josip brekalo won the serie a player of the year award? But why on 31 th dec and not end of the season? I Already noticed this before with my atalanta bergamo save.
  12. I am managing acmilan and i sold in the first summer transfer window allot of players, 5 of them went to leipzig for a total fee of 270 m, but what i dont understand. Where do got leipzig the money from? Because if you choose to manage leipzig, you wont have a transfer budget over the 200 m euro, so how Is this possible?
  13. Im now in 2020/21 season and i reached the champions cup final with atalanta bergamo, but i see i am already qualified for the club word championsship, but normally you qualify when you won the champions cup, are there new rules?
  14. I am managing atalanta, in my next match against roma i see my player is resigned to not playing? Why? Can someone explain
  15. I had my player kean from juventus, he was in the beginning of the season at the reserves. When i go his training page it says he couldnt improve anymore, but when i promoted him to first team? Then he had potential to improve again. A bug?