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  1. Thanks for the update! Loving the 8s mah man lindelof is getting! Also, can i request dropping @DutchTonyKoulibaly and placing Lindelof up front? Can probably push us to champions more easily 😂
  2. Wow you my idol Nucleus! That dogged determination is something i gotta learn in my current saves haha congrats!!!
  3. Lindelof's Mr Consistent! Consistently getting gd scores and impt goals! You're welcome Team B!
  4. Lindelof seems to be doing his thing juz fine, as expected! Go B Go!
  5. Did i stay at a club for more than 10 yrs?
  6. But can carragher rly carry the team?🤔 added 0 minutes later I choose Lindelof!
  7. Which clubs have i played for before?