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  1. pitbull

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    Where can I find this tactics?
  2. pitbull

    BFC 22312

    Do you know where can I find what attributes are for what role?
  3. For example..?! It would be nice to post some screenshots, if you don't mind.
  4. Can you please post some screenshots? I appreciate your effort but it's a lot easier to understand it with pictures!
  5. pitbull

    EME Powerful 4-3-2-1

    Only 2019/2020 season (when I apply this tactics)
  6. This is my first tactics on fmm 18. Feel free to ask anything you want to know
  7. Can you upload pictures of tactics (shape, defense and attack)
  8. Can you upload pictures of tactics (shape, defense and attack)
  9. pitbull

    Real Madrid 4-1-1-2-2

    OME or EME?
  10. pitbull

    Juventus 5-3-2

    OME or EME?
  11. pitbull

    4-5-1 OME

    Can you please upload tactics and match settings in English. Thanks!
  12. pitbull

    Marenos 4-1-2-1-2 IF Wide

    OME I have tried several different tactic from this forum and neither one of those work for me and I hope with this one it will be different. I using right players on every position except BWM. That's my weakness because AC Milan doesn't have right player's for that position. Sorry for my bad English!
  13. pitbull

    Marenos 4-1-2-1-2 IF Wide

    It doesn't work for me. I use it with AC Milan and results are very bad. Can you please help me?!?
  14. pitbull

    Very good tactic 4-3-1-2-OME

    Here are some results of 3rd season and some of player's. If anyone wants to know something feel free to ask!
  15. I am playing with AC Milan (3rd season now). Start using this tactic very close to the end of 2nd season. Finished 2nd in the league, won Europe league and kick out in Italian cup. First season was devastating. Finished 8 in league and kick out of Italian cup. Forgot to take screenshots before starting new season. Sorry for that! If someone wants to try and report the results. Thanks! PS I will upload results from 3rd season soon.