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  1. antocanni

    Help changes.txt

    Good morning I created a chance.txt file with the winter market in January but instead of moving the player that I indicate it moves others randomly can you give me an explanation and can you help me? Thank you
  2. I tried to make a changes.txt but it does not work, maybe I'm wrong but on the teams and cups it works but on the players you can not. Can you give an example of how to do it? Thank you.
  3. Good evening I would like some suggestions I want to edit new players to insert them in my career but I do not know how to do it.
  4. How can I load Brazil and Argentina? Where do they load?
  5. Which league to choose for more South American footballers? I was looking for players like Leandro Grimi, Felipe Mattioni, Fabricio Coloccini, Tabare Viudez, Mathias Cardacio. Neilton, Rivaldinho, I would like to know if I can find them in the database. Thank you.
  6. antocanni

    Help Help faces

    Do you know why every time we get the game I can not see the faces anymore? At the start of the match I see all if I go out and return I no longer see the faces. Please give me some help. Thank you.
  7. because with all the new players in future seasons you can not insert the smiley faces? I put ID that you see on the editor but nothing happens!
  8. As the operating system Android I wanted to know if it is possible to select two championships. Thanks.
  9. I'm doing the Italian championship and I noticed the poor database of players and the Portuguese league with its database is richer. How do I get players database Portuguese or Spanish and Italian place them in the database? For example Felipe Mattioli, Adriano are only in Spanish but no database in the Italian here you can do something? You can merge the two databases or put other players, for example, with Football Manager maybe using the same editor? Thank you.
  10. Happy Easter to all. I installed update 4.2 I want to add new players where should I put changes.txt? I tried it in the data folder but nothing happens can you help? Thank you.