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    Top scorer Elkeson challenge

    I’ve started this one as well mate it’s really enjoyable

    FMM 20

    Great idea mate added 0 minutes later Definitely would help limiting it added 0 minutes later Another incredible little idea that would make the game better
  3. PART 2 we start part two off with a major injury criasis or so i thought both didn't even miss a game however Elkerson went missing we faced Yifang two times in a row once in the cup and then in the league we prevailed twice ] however hulk had to save ids the stats say it all MILESTONE Elkerson needed 2 goals to equal Lee Dong-Gook's 36 goal record of all time goals in the ACL Could he do it in the second round??? not in the first leg AL-HILAL were very clinical scoring all of there shots that was followed by a minor wobble in the league also the first time we've conceded first all season i believe! THEN IT HAPPENED SECONDS BEFORE THE 19TH MINUTE ELKESON MANAGED TO BAG HIS 36TH ACL GOAL OF HIS CAREER EQUALLING Lee Dong-Gook ON 36 GOALS IN THE ACL SURELY ITR CANT GET BETTER? BOOM HE NOT ONLY BROKE THE RECORD BUT SMASHED IT SCORING 4 AND MISSING A PENALTY 38 ACL GOALS FOR THE BRAZILIAN NOT PERFECT BUT HERE TOP OF A VERY ILLUSTRIOUS LIST! back to business! deserved? you decide the machine wanted a little upgrade in contracts and he got one! and rewarded us all with another spectacular display scoring and assisting N dong AT THIS POINT WE CAN ALMOST TASTE THE CFA CUP! two more incredible performances later... only 12 points clear..., however we are conceding to many goals for my liking also we signed Strootman for a record 43.5 million pounds and Carvalho for 38 million pounds topping off the window with Kevin Kampl joining us for a measly 34 million pounds without hulk we faced tianjin and after an awful first half...Elkerson arrived... goalscring giants faced off in the second leg zahavi vs elkerson WHO WOULD WIN?... on the day zahavi overall SHANGGANG! this earned us a draw at bejing away leg first ! being the only chinese team left in the ACL we faced old friends Jeonbuk in the quarter finals could 6-0 be on the cards again? with hulk and elkerson out we faced henan and kampl got injured we won 3-0 RVP got his first kampl out 3 weeks ! is Oscar back in the side? cabinets a bit full now lads we conceded early and carvahlo got t... Elkerson is a god END OF PART 2

    Should FMM20 have caretaker managers?

    yes definitely simple things like this would make the game a little bit more realistic and fun

    FMM 20

    great suggestion mate a bit more depth into history and records would be great thanks for commenting!

    FMM 20

    agreed i think the more leagues in general introduced into fmm is a good thing such as the Chinese league this year just adds a fun little one/two year challenge save for me to do im currently posting on now thanks for commenting!

    FMM 20

    true but just wondered if people had any ideas i never thought of

    Chat FMM 20

    I love FMM and normal FM however i think both could be improved let me know what feature you would like o see in FMM 20
  9. thanks to @danovic78 for this very interesting challenge as you can see Elkeson is currently on 88 league goals and I have to try and get him to 121 goals in the CSL and i started my career with Shanggang proof of no unlockables I let my assistant take care of the friendlies and we won them all we also won the qualifier for the champ league a convincing first competitive game for Elkeson scoring all 5 goals the board were also feeling generous in our first season together and on the 17th of Feb our group was drawn transfers the tactic i used was a slightly different one to the one i have used all year and i like it as it is very balanced Our first Asian Champions League fixture soon rolled around. Could we carry on our immense form? (yes) Elkeson bagging another 3 our next ACL fixture was a tougher one on paper however with the help off our second biggest transfer this window Layun bagging two penalties we disposed off Jeonbuk emphatically 6-0 and when our first CSL game came around i was feeling good however after a rocky start to the game we managed to secure a 2-1 win ice again the main man getting our first quite early on so as you can tell we had won every game this season could this continue YES! a fantastically one-sided game sees us winning without conceding a single shot but then unbeknown to me international football would all ruin that 5 of our first team players were gone and it showed! a poor result we should have really won this one a swift return to normality returned however Elkeson continued to impress and apparently so did I ... and on the same day we won the award this happened ... shocked i didnt know what to do the window had closed so i ignored it for now Elkeston clearly wasn't impacted at all as he fired his hat trick passed Sydney FC for the second time this year one of the highest paid footballers in the world stopped us from continuing our immense winning streak in the league as lavezzi bagged 2 to stop the6 game winning streak once again however we returned to winning however ... we then had to win to secure our qualification to the knockout stages of the ACL by beating Jeonbuk AND WE DID unfortunately Oscar picked up a minor injury nothing to serious will miss a game or twp the officials clearly had it out for us this game denying Elkerson and new £19 million winger Kamil Grosicki's first half efforts however hulk and Elkerson fired past Guizhou to secure a 2-0 victory onto the cup! Elkersons brace helped us to a win that we really had to win as we were on paper far better than them and kick started our cup hopes! back to the CSL a very easy game for the boys as we cooly disposed of Changchun 2-0 Elkerson bagging again! also very nice to secure another award BACK TO THE ACL FOR THE LAST GROUP GAME... we fielded a slightly weaker side moissing cedric hulk obviously oscar and also tasci we struggled to score and even changed to a 4-4-2 with Van Persie partnering Elkerson however we simple could not score we qualified with Jeonbuk! PROGRESS CHECK i thought id take some time this early to show just how much progress Elkerson really has made towards the targets obviously the main target is 121 CSL goals and before the save he sits on 88 CSL goals add his current league total in the save of 8 goals in 7 games Elkerson sits on 96 CSL goals which would allow him to sit joint third ion the all time standing alongside Hao Haidong on 96 goals however Elkerson did it in over 40 less games! Elkerson only needs 6 to tie Wu Lei on 102 CSL goals NOW THE ACL Elkerson had 27 ACL goals before the save only 9 behind leader Lee Dong-Gook who sits on 36 in the saveElkerson sits on 7 ACL goals minus the 6 in qualification which means he would be on 34 ACL goals which would be 3rd overall! this is the end of the first section it isn't very long however i am almost at some of the milestones already and i wanted to spread it out for easier reading Please keep reading to see how our beloved Elkerson does
  10. i am in the middle of trying this challenge as i type and i must admit i am loving it
  11. Hi I’m new, im looking into taking part in the relagation challenge the challlenge states I must make a career thread to prove I do not cheat can you please tell me how to create one and what usually goes into a career thread Cheers for any help

    The relegation challenge

    Fantastic idea mate definitely down to try it