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  1. I've updated the images.
  2. As I said, I have no claim that my tactic is the best. More knowledgeable and experienced friends, maybe they can improve their tactics much better. Please share your suggestions and thoughts, thank you.
  3. Hello to everyone I am sharing a tactic for the first time. I have no claim that my tactic is invincible or the best. I have been using this tactic for 3 seasons with the same format. I was getting very successful results. Until fell into the death group in the third season 😁 I matched with Bayern, Milan and Barcelona in the tough group. As I expected in my top 3 games, I lost to my stronger opponents. I realized that I had to develop a tactic that I had been using and successful for three seasons. (I won 2 league championships, 2 league cups, 2 national super cups and 1 uefa european league, european super cup with the tactic I have used so far.) But now it was necessary for me to make an improvement for the Champions League level. I changed player roles and team instructions after I lost match to Barcelona 3-1. And then the story of an incredible comeback began. 😎
  4. Thanks for sharing. It's an interesting tactic. The average of goals is amazing.
  5. I opened a new career and a legendary result in the third game It's definitely not a seasonal. Take a look at this result I got with the weak and inadequate staff Galatasaray.
  6. I tried the tactic. And it was definitely the most successful tactic published on this site. It is possible to be successful regardless of small or large teams. Congratulations my friend. Amazing tactic 😎
  7. Why are you only trying tactics with big teams. The most fun part of the game is to take any weak team and lead them to success. Try for example Fiorentina in İtaly. Teams like Levante or Villarreal in Spain. Thanks for sharing anyway.
  8. Great success. I'm starting to try. Thanks for sharing.