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  1. sharaziuk

    Chat Winter Update

    Hi, can someone direct me to FMMVibe? I seem to have taken a wrong turn and ended up here in Parliament...
  2. sharaziuk

    Chat Winter Update

    I'm in the "It's only a game" category. I have other things in life that need more looking into. Still a fan of the game. Waiting for people to slate my opinion...
  3. sharaziuk

    Chat Fmm 2019 player regens

    In regards to the greyed out players in the reserves
  4. sharaziuk

    Chat Fmm 2019 player regens

    Don't expect them to be as good because their PA are different.
  5. sharaziuk

    Chat Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    I'm not either of them
  6. sharaziuk

    Chat Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Oh dear... Maybe a comeback at home? Ah...
  7. This is an old post, I've already helped him with Hex Editor
  8. sharaziuk

    Chat Messi regen

    I thought it was Heskey but his aggression is too low
  9. Mourinho must've got sacked during the season... If someone said we'd reach the final of the Champions League at the start of the save I would've called them stupid. Grew from strength to strength each game I think, lost silly points too but it's a team of defenders... What next @Foxy, new season or a team of goalkeepers?
  10. Now you know how I felt. I think the League is slipping away but as a team full of centre backs what an achievement
  11. I thought you was taking the mick with the first tag as I was thinking that I scored, then I was thinking: But luckily I saw the second one. Team B should bring the cup home and a semi final tie. Which teams are left in the Champions League?
  12. Damn, from 2nd overall to 5th... Someone really wants Team A to win...
  13. I read that same article and I knew a challenge would be posted regarding this, but not so soon