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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I'm using Android
  2. iScout Arthur

    I thought this was new in this version...
  3. Actually you've had a couple of hat tricks which could help you, although if you miss...
  4. Yeah I used to follow it/play it. Only difference in real life is that after you pot a red you can pot any colour you want (obviously other than red)
  5. @Ashezyou've got your work cut out, looking like you need at least two reds with colour, including a full colour finish (after all reds potted with colour there'll be a remaining 27 points, which is what the gap is now).
  6. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Version 9.1.1 out now Fixed more issues with stuck transfers Fixed issue with stuck youth player promotion Fixed some issues with incorrect auction and wage amounts being stored Fixed issue where Player Achievements Page could crash if they achieved more than 126 achievements Fixed a couple of other obscure crashes
  7. I was planning on using BPDs as I recently bought Laporte joining Tah, but they need more training as their BPD rating isn't higher than the LD rating of Wallace and Stark. I was also thinking that using a BPD might weaken the defence as during attacking play both LD are always furthest back.
  8. You're welcome. For those scratching their heads this is based on a tactic I used in the previous 2 games (4-3-1-2) pushing up the wide midfielders. Not for those who love possession football. You need solid LDs and CM (BWM works too) and quick WB and IWB. Not your usual trident formation but I prefer the old two striker formation and I love attacking football. Here I was using 2 poachers but a poacher and DLF/AdF works well. Bellerin has smashed in a few crackers as well as 1-2 finishes. I'd 8-2 be a City fan because I smashed them home and away, but there are frustrating games (dominating at 1-0 but failing to kill the game off they score). I won't class this as a perfect formation but it's doing the job for me. Any recommended tweaks/suggestions @FuddledFox?
  9. iScout Arthur

    Yeah he does but it takes a while. I got him for £6m first season. Good player but competition for places is keeping him out of my team at the moment (First it was Amadou Diawara, Nemanja Matic and Marouane Fellaini ahead of him, I sold the latter two and bought Denis Zakaria and got Leon Goretzka on a free.)
  10. Article FMM18 New Role: Anchorman

    Ok not a problem. Just that a majority of matches I've had them being 'very effective' and 'having a lot of joy on the wings'. Sometimes I'm playing both IWBs with only 2 LD and it still works well defensively with the IWB getting a decent amount of shots on target and high ratings.
  11. Article FMM18 New Role: Anchorman

    Will we see one for Inverted Wingbacks?
  12. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    (Some reason I had to wait until June to offer him a contract)
  13. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Wilshire got into the World XI and Pogba didn't? Not enough injuries or red cards?