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  1. sharaziuk

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I call your Ajax vs Bayern, and raise it to: Plus: Livingston scored five goals and Hearts' Arnaud Djoum was sent off in the space of 14 minutes as the hosts thumped Craig Levein's side at the Tony Macaroni Arena.
  2. sharaziuk

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I think that should only apply to a free version called "Pirates of the Football Manager"
  3. No I don't follow what the game says. For example according to the role rator I use in accordance with this, I have too many DFBs when I need WBs, whereas you expect those players to be WBs. It's probably a personal thing even though I've been playing since FMH on the PSP I still can't do the basics like player rotation and picking the best players in regards to player attributes.
  4. Don't take it the wrong way I heavily rely on this roles attributes for my role rator. It's just that with the changes to the game this year and these roles based on the previous games, I get many players who excel in the same role yet are expected to be better in another role. Don't get me wrong I prefer this to the one in game, just that the newer roles from last years game need looking at. But if you believe it's all good then I'll accept I'm wrong.
  5. I think this needs a bit of tweaking
  6. sharaziuk

    Future Transfer

    I think when the time comes you'll get a message to confirm the transfer, on the news feed it'll tell you how much.
  7. sharaziuk

    can't use changes.txt on FMM 19

    Did you try 'Reload Skin' in the settings?
  8. sharaziuk

    Morale Problems.

    One problem I have is that you have some players where assistant says such-and-such player responds to public/private, yet if you follow it the morale goes down. Then you get others no matter what you pick their morale always go down.
  9. sharaziuk

    FMM19 Bug List

    Is it me or is there a lot of weird manager changes from lower leagues? You get lower league English managers going abroad and international managers managing lower league English teams. For example a VNL team sacks their manager and the three managers in the running are Spanish or Italian.
  10. sharaziuk

    Comeback from anything

    Don't see how that was harsh, but what I highlighted sounds more harsh
  11. sharaziuk

    FMM19 General Discussion

    It's not that realistic as it's held in Australia in the game...
  12. sharaziuk

    Using the right tags

    Looks like you've fixed the links too
  13. sharaziuk

    Best Coach list?

    Probably a bug then because I've changed my goalkeeping coach 3 times now and still need a "better specialist coach"
  14. Is there a list with best coaches like how there was for best player CA/PA?
  15. sharaziuk

    Standard Cut-Out Faces Megapack

    I'm confused because the stats match Frank De Boer... And Hendrie Kruzen is a real coach... 🤔