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  1. sharaziuk

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    I'm not either of them
  2. sharaziuk

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Oh dear... Maybe a comeback at home? Ah...
  3. This is an old post, I've already helped him with Hex Editor
  4. sharaziuk

    Messi regen

    I thought it was Heskey but his aggression is too low
  5. Mourinho must've got sacked during the season... If someone said we'd reach the final of the Champions League at the start of the save I would've called them stupid. Grew from strength to strength each game I think, lost silly points too but it's a team of defenders... What next @Foxy, new season or a team of goalkeepers?
  6. Now you know how I felt. I think the League is slipping away but as a team full of centre backs what an achievement
  7. I thought you was taking the mick with the first tag as I was thinking that I scored, then I was thinking: But luckily I saw the second one. Team B should bring the cup home and a semi final tie. Which teams are left in the Champions League?
  8. Damn, from 2nd overall to 5th... Someone really wants Team A to win...
  9. sharaziuk

    The Canadian Rules Challenge

    I read that same article and I knew a challenge would be posted regarding this, but not so soon
  10. When I saw the notification about being mentioned in a post I thought Manolas was back to scoring...
  11. First month without a goal from Manolas, I think I jinxed myself.
  12. sharaziuk

    FMM19 Bug List

    Samsung Galaxy S8. It was a MyClub team. He was injured in first half stoppage time.
  13. sharaziuk

    FMM19 Bug List

    I've just had a weird bug... One of my strikers gets injured on 45+2 so I don't sub him yet because no point with the first half almost over (unlike AI who subs a player in stoppage time and whistle blows seconds later). So now the clocks ticking to 49th minute and I wonder if I accidentally started the second half. So I go to tactics, then see it's the first half. So I continue but second half starts (crap), so I quickly sub a striker on. During the match I notice on the pitch that I have 10 players and my sub is missing, but on the tactics he's on (even percentage went down). I managed to sub on other players but he's still missing. End of the game and the screen shows him not being subbed on at all and I was playing with 10 men all this time (don't know what he was doing ending on 85%, but pressing continue he was fresh with no signs of coming on) By the way this is the latest update that was today.
  14. sharaziuk

    FMM19 Bug List

    Anyone 8 and above I always praise but sometimes it's opposite to what's said (for example a player should react well to public but morale goes down but with private it goes up)
  15. "mad bastards from Russia"