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  1. sharaziuk

    FMM19: Possible New Features

    What about halftime team talks?
  2. Is the transfer window being reverted back in game from the 2nd season onwards like in real life?
  3. sharaziuk

    FMM18 Bug List

    Any updates on this? Really want to start a new career
  4. sharaziuk

    The Vibe Community Dream XI

    Only 2 players I don't have and another 2 I had but sold due to not living up to their potential...
  5. sharaziuk

    FMM18 Bug List

    Another one...
  6. sharaziuk

    Full Screen?

    Turn the stretch display off in the settings
  7. sharaziuk

    FMM18 Bug List

    Just noticed a bug on the new update. When you start a new career and you try to load the leagues, once you choose the nations you can't choose the leagues. Then it freezes when you continue.
  8. Looking forward to this.
  9. The AM role is doing better than APM in attacking midfield for me, had to make do this year with InF in that position taken off.
  10. Get the game with the real name players, if not use your imagination to imagine the fake names to be the real players
  11. sharaziuk

    Random name funnies

    Imagine the last few seconds of the Champions League final with the scores level and this guy scores a cracker (Spanish commentary/'Dennis Bergkamp' commentator/Agueroooooo, etc).
  12. sharaziuk

    FMM18 Bug List

    No I don't, this was just a one-off, although I'll look out for it if it happens again
  13. sharaziuk

    Victor Wanyama

    You can get him for free on a Bosman