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  1. With Leicester City winning the league on 5,000-1 I'd be very surprised if the ghost of Robert Mugabe don't get the job... Although Marty McFly can time travel every time he don't get a result 🤔🤔🤔
  2. You made a mistake on the sign up deadline date @Kun Aguero
  3. I mean I did it a few weeks ago to test it but when I tried this time it's not working because I think I'm missing something. I did it with players to reduce their release clause. Just give me an example with any player. *edit* Finally found my way around what I was doing wrong, now to remember how to change the sell on clause
  4. I'm struggling with this, I did it before with another player but I forgot how I did it because it's not working this time around...
  5. Just to confirm this works. I had an issue at the start where only the first name was changed but I realised that I did 4 values not 8 values *edit* I'm actually experiencing the same issue as @Karlosh😕
  6. It works on Samsung Galaxy S8 onwards
  7. High technique and aggression says it all really... Shame about the teamwork and leadership...
  8. I made my way around this problem, I just copied the .dat file into another location so I can now open with Hex Editor Pro. Now I just have to refresh my memory on how to do all this again...
  9. It's not as easy to edit and search like Hex Editor Pro but maybe I'm not using it properly
  10. As in the Hex Editor I use for Android. It says that the file is Read Only. Other Hex Editors I've downloaded opens the file but doesn't work as well as I want it to.
  11. Might have a look at this... Some reason the Hex Editor I had isn't working properly and others in the Store isn't working as well as I want.
  12. Hi, can someone direct me to FMMVibe? I seem to have taken a wrong turn and ended up here in Parliament...