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  1. Ali Akman is not from Fenerbahce but from Bursaspor in the 2nd tier.
  2. First thing first, sack the staff members and bring your own staff.
  3. which one is the right tag? #Chat or #Fun/Games? Thanks for your answer btw.
  4. This is my best one so far and it was a good feeling to beat Pep my arch-rival Guardiola in the Carabao Cup Final. What is yours?
  5. You can do it with few 100k's too. It's not the funds that I'm trying to show but the trick.
  6. Hi FMM friends, I don't know if anyone talked/posted about this - I don't think its a bug - but I'm here to show you something that I discovered in both FMM19 & FMM20 and that I had the intention to post it here so you guys could enjoy while playing FMM. It will be a lot of pics because I will try to explain it step by step. I will show you how to buy a player for the lowest price when there is also another club interested in the player. Other clubs that are interested in a player that you would like to sign to your club can/will raise the price but with this trick you will be able to overcome that problem. It's good espically if you are enjoying a low league career. Let's find a player of our choice first. Thomas Partey is our choice. Lets make offer for Partey. What we do is change the offer type to Enquiry so that we can get a clue about the price the club is asking for the player. They are asking 11.5M for the player. Now that is a good price and the lowest price. We suggest terms and try to remove the sell on percentage. Oh no, Borussia Dortmund made a bid for 12.25M and that is a bigger offer than ours! What do you think we should do next? Of course we raise the price and give a bigger offer than Dortmund. 13.25M is our offer Mr. Simeone. OMG! Lucien Favre, what is wrong with you? 24M? That is twice as much as your first bid. We offered 30M this time and Atleti accepted our offer. Finalise the deal. All good here. Offer contract and here is where we do the trick. We exit talks here and pretend like nothing happened Once here we will go for a new bid. Bid here in this message. We will see that our last offer stands here but the trick is that we change offer type to Enquiry again. They will ask for 11.5M and %10 sale on percentage again. Remove the sale on percentage and suggest terms. Hell yeah! They accepted the offer of 11.5M without the sale on percentage. Finalise the deal. Offer contract. Finally Partey have too accepted our contract offer. Finalise the deal for the last time. Congrats! We just signed Thomas Partey for the lowest price that Atleti asked at the first place but other interested clubs forced us to raise the price. Enjoy your FMM days my friends.