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  1. EPISODE #2 A GOOD STARTING Here we are season begin of course with some friendly match and with Italy Cup. I do a lot of experiments here and, to be honest i was worried for serie A... we concede 2 goals to Crotone a weak team... I decide to retrain Dezi as a AML with duty of AP and results was great. Stulac score his first goal of the season with a wanderful 35yds free-kick. Serie A day 1: Parma vs Inter An unexpectded grat game for us!!! I LOVE Leo Stulac free-kicks!!! e real solid game we concead to Inter only in the geginning of the match. Serie A day 2: Torino vs Parma A much more difficult game for us but despite statistics we suffer Torino only in the beginning of the game. Great game for Mbakogu taken as a free transfer. Serie A day 3: Parma vs Empoli Performance was solid but we concede too much goals!!! Loose a game at 90+6 minute when referee concede only 3 minutes of extra time is irritating... 6 goals in last 2 games is not good at all so i decide to add one more tactic more defensive Serie A day 4: Bologna vs Parma The new tactic was ok against Bologna. Serie A day 5: Parma vs Milan The 4-4-2 in line was fantastic against Milan an absolute domination!!!
  2. EPISODE #!1 Summer revolution I decide to start an in dept work putting on the market a lot of my olf players in oreder to have more tranfer budget and to create a younger and promising team. This is very risky because i noticed in this version of game experience is important and young players tend to do mistakes on the field, much more then in past editions. so i expect difficultyes in the beginning of the season and propress in time to come. My only possibility is to sell my most expansive player: Gervihno; that will be the base to build the future. So for the tactics i choose in the beginning to start with an 4-2-4 based on this one: Anyway i change a lot of roles expecially in midfield where the combination DLP - AP don't suit for weak teams. Also defence instructions are radically changed because my players cannot sustain to close down all over. For attack i use 2 set of instructions depending on situation. Against strong opponents i change creative freddom to DISCIPLINED, tempo to NORMAL and i put my defensive line to BALANCED. If i need to score i change mentality to ATTACKING and i change my CM to BBM Is all for now. Soon episode 2: begginning of the season.
  3. After the great delusion i suffer with FMM17, I nither buy 2018 version of the game. I decide to give a try this year and i enjoy the game a lot!!! Well to be honest i don't know what is this topic... a mix of tactic, guide, career i don't know what is in my mind i just hope come out of this something all of you can enjoy. The title is easy explained: Arrigo Sacchi was the first coach to make famous the name of Parma's soccer team and his application 4-4-2 became legendary. Rules are simple. 1. I Pick up Parma; 2. I can use only 4-4-2 formations (the standard 4-4-2 in line; the defensive 4-2-2-2 and the offensive 4-2-4) 3. I try to win as much games as i can and do a good championship. Warning nr. 1 I'm italian so my english is not pefect and I'm sorry. Warning nr. 2 In some screenshots you may can see the editor button. It will be always displayed in GREY so that means i don't use it. I use it only to see player's PA. EPISODE #0: THE TEAM Onestly the starting team is not great at all... is very aged and the list is very long, then the most good players are on loan still the end of the season. We also have a limited wage budget (and already above the overall) and only 4.5M of transfer budget. Goalkeepers: vote 5,5. Sepe is the best in your team and not a top class, plus is here on loan. Frattali is just a decent backup and the others are too young and weak to be in the team. Defence: vote 4. Here is a real nightmare. Yes two wanderkids (Dimarco e Bastoni) but on loan from Inter without any possibility to keep them with us. Gagliolo is a good player in DL positon but my advice is to don't use it as a CD. Bruno Alves is 36 years old and your best CD but only 8 of Pace and how much months can resist? He will decline soon and fast. Gazzola and Iacoponi are ok but aged, the rest only decent and aged or on loan. Midfield: vote 6,5. There is a lot of miefilders, to be honest too much and only some of them are good. But one is my pupil and, in my opinion, a real hidden gem: Leo Stulac. He need experience and in the beginnig he will do some mistakes but he will grow up fast. In the Report is said "Is an affective free-kick taker" and this is the truth. He will take all corners and free-kicks and i know i will not be disappointed by him. Dezi is a good AP and Deiola is young and promising. Rigoni is actually very useful but with an age of 33 and rest is only decent. Grassi is the best but on loan from Napoli. Wings: vote 6. Gervinho and Biabiany don't need to be presented but can be useful for us? I'm not sure... honestly they are aged end close to decline and most important they can fit a 4-4-2 formation? Di Gaudio is a good and experienced player like Siligardi, Da Cruz usefull and the rest less then decent. Attack: vote 6. The only reason to have a 6 here is the presence of Inglese on Loan. He is a real beast and we will expoit all from him this season before saying to him good bye destination Napoli. Ceravolo is decent and the rest... no commet please. Wait a minute guys... bad news are not finished yet look at this: A lot of work to do... at least morale is good Soon episode 1 with Transfers and Tactics.
  4. RICfmhvibe

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    This tactic is very good!!! I'm using it in serie A with Parma and i just made some instruction's changes to suit on a weaker team Team mentality balanced - Creative freedom disciplined; during the game i change defence after 25-30 in the match agaist strong opponent or when i score one goal: defensive line balanced and closing down Own half. I primary use a 4-4-1-1 of my creation but this tactic really shine for me. Good work
  5. Episode 4 - Pre-season, Serie C Cup and Championship day 1 Sat 23 July, Parma - Entella, Friendly After a lot of talking is time for the field to talk. 1st pre-season match against Entella e solid Serie B team. I decide to test my best formation Nice game not amazing but nice. Calaiò want to show me he is the best despite his age, and I have no intention to doubt on that. I see a couple of things I don't like in the formation but is too early, tactic is new and we need time to learn. 7 August 2016, Santarcangelo - Parma, Serie C Cup group D I keep my best formation with Aangca 4-3-1-2 tactic with no variation Maybe we deserve a little bit more but the bad news come from Coly, My best, and injury prone, CD out for 2 months!!! Time for the young Menini to take his place. 13 August 2016, Parma - Feralpi Salò, Friendly I decide to change all my starting 11. I want to give 1 chance to all my players and makes all confident with the tactic. Welcome back on earth guys!!! Really a bad game. But after 3 games I finally decide to change something. The tactic is really good but something is wrong in midfield. The line is composed in this way: BBM - BWM - AP. Well in offensive situations BBM and AP remain on the same spot!!! Not good, I want more spacing between my players!!! In the next game I will try this line CM - BWM - AP 21 Aug 2016, Parma - Forlì, Serie C Cup group D I must thanks my physios!!! They stop Mazzocchi from training before was too late. Just a little injury and out for 2 days. I want to win this one and go on in the Cup Just 1-0 but great game!!! Forlì never was dangerous and Scavone in CM position was perfect. This is the spacing I want!!! And man of the match was Nocciolini yes the substitute of Mazzocchi. 0-0 and 1-0 in Cup but is enough!!! 27 August 2016, Modena - Parma - Serie C 1st championship game, c'mon guys!!! Happy for the 3 points and a solid game but ... the game was completely under our control and then what happened? I think I know ... pressing in some situation is too risky, we leave too much space to opponents if they move well without ball. The team was also too stretched on the field and for that reason the ball movement too slow. I will change my instructions the next time no pressing but offside trap and counter attack. I want my team more compact and quick. A lot of work to do...
  6. My objective is to keep my young talents as soon as possible. Of course now I don't know if they will be good players also for the upper leagues or not... Anyway I must admit my style of play is particular, very rarely I take a player above 27 yo and in my mind when they reach 30 yo is time look for a substitute and sell it. It does not mean of course I close the door to CR7 in the case he want to finish his career in Parma.
  7. Thanks a lot! Still free agent on my save. I send scouts to report on him and in the winter transfer window will be a solid option I think to replace Benassi (his contract expires in the end of the season and he ask for too much money).
  8. Episode 3 - Transfer Market Fausto Pizzi was quick to report for some talents and after a look on my team i have a lot to do. I want to create a solid team with 26 players not more. All the rest will be transfer listed or send out on loan (hopefully). I will play with 4-3-1-2 so i need 3 GK, 2 WBL, 2 WBR, 6 DC (4 should be enought but Lucarelli is old and Coly injury prone), 6 CM, 3 INF/WNG and 4 FC. I will take 2 central defenders, 2 central midfielders and 2 strikers. Here's my choices Luca Menini 18yo - DC(DR) 4 stars PA, strong in the tackle, very rarely injuried, potential to imprve a lot Mattia Bei 19yo - DC 3 stars PA, pacy player, good positional awarness Jacopo Scaccabarozzi 21yo - MC 4 stars PA potential to become a key member of the first team Danilo Greco 18yo - DMC 4 and 1/2 stars PA, possesses good endurance, team player, potential to improve a lot Nicola Talamo 20yo - ST 4 stars PA, good technique, clinical finisher in the box, very rarely injured Angelo Oliva 16yo - ST 3 and 1/2 stars PA, pacy player, good technique, potential to improve a lot I must admit I'm quite happy of my team. But now things are getting serious...
  9. Thanks man i need it!!!
  10. Episode 2 - The First Team, Training and Tactics Well is time to have a first look on my team and decide the next steps GK's Kristaps Zommers, Marijan Coric, Alioune Fall Not bad at all here maybe lack of experience... I think my go to guy will be Zommers for his potential of 3 and 1/2 stars. All three have the potential to improve a lot in the future. DC's Mohamed Coly. Is my first choice. Experienced with good physical and defending stats Maikol Benassi, Lorenzo Saporetti. Maikol is a solid and quite decent choice but seems to be good just in Lega Pro, for now is more than ok. Lorenzo is the best young central defender in the club, tipped to breack into the first team. Alessandro Lucarelli. I will thanks my captain for the rest of my life, thanks to stay with us also in serie D!!! 38yo a great career, but his stats goes down and down after time. Useful in the beginning of season but not later on. I love you captain you will have a place in my staff at the end of this season!!! All the rest is not good at all... I need at least 1 DC more DR's, DL's Desiderio Garufo, Leonardo Nunzella. DR and DL in my starting eleven. Their contract expire soon and they ask a lot of money for a new one... is not yet time to think about that Lorenzo Adorni, Giacomo Ricci. Two young reserves with potential. MC's, MR's, ML's Manuel Scavone. Just your best midfielder and a very good one!!! Davide Giorgino, Francesco Corapi. Both useful but not more then decent players. They are also beginning to be old and require a specific fitness training. Ersi Mehmeti, Kakou Somian, Leonardo Morfeo, Lorenzo Simonetti. all 16yo with possibility to improve a lot. Too much young... i will keep one eye on them but for now just good for loans out. All the rest... bleah!!! A lot of work here for me... AMC's AMR's AML's Pasquale Mazzocchi, Manuel Nocciolini. Quite good here young and with potential!!! Yves Baraye, Daniele Melandri. Their stats are ok but they don't improve so much and they are not so much useful for the team. They will start from the bench for now... FC's Emanuele Calaiò. The true star of my team. 34yo? who cares!!! a scoring machine!!! Felice Evacuo. Good but old. By the way the litteral transation of his name from italian is "Happy Evacuate" oh my god!!! congratulations to his parents. Davide Mestaj. just 2 words... No thanks. Yes i know i need 2 strikers... Time for training... Quite simple. MC's, MR's, ML's on technical schedule, AMC's AMR's AML's on attacking, old players on fitness and U18 on general Ok now my tactic... no Aanga's tactic Is all for now. Next episode will be about transfer market and then finally the season can begin!!!
  11. Thanks a lot!!! i hope you enjoy this career
  12. Episode 1 - The Club and the Staff There are pros and cons in coaching a fallen giant. World-class facilities, a big stadium and amazing finances for a Lega Pro team are very good However, the property is very demanding and wants to fight still now for the promotion in Serie B. As you will see in the next post the team is ok but not so strong. Hey what is the problem Ric? You have a lot of money and there are a lot of good players with no team!!! Well the problem is... nobody will come in my team from free transfer. A lot of good players are interested on paper, but demands over the maximum wage of €375K and ajusting the budget perhaps it allows you to put under contract a couple of them, but the team needs deep improvements. Not to mention that doing so will drain the transfer budget. The same problem remain if I look players "already established" under contract... ... No I have decided... i will try to create a very young team with a lot of potential, supported by experienced players already in my team... In this mix of young and old players i need the right coaches. let's have a look... The definition of staff specialism in fitness says: "A fitness coach specialises in helping palyers maximise physical potential. They will be able to help young players improve their speed, stamina and strenght and older players with retaining their physical prime until later in their career" Thats exactly what i need!!! So i say hello to Stefano Morrone bronze badge and poor attitude, and i decide to take Daniel Perazzolo (silver badge). Now, with old players, but also in general, i need good physios... i think is good 2 in prevention and 1 in rehabilitation should be good. Bye bye Michele Toma and welcome to Grainne Desmond and Emmet Hartigan 2 young and good physios from Ireland. The scouts for now is ok like that, however no scouts with silver badge or above are interested for now... so my staff is Now is time to send Fausto Pizzi looking for young and promising players... Se you soon with next episode guys!!!
  13. Episode 0 - Prologue Hi guys!!! The history of Parma Football Club is sadly quite popular... is not the place to summarize the whole story but you can have more datails here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parma_Calcio_1913 After the bankruptcy of March 2015 a group of 8 local businessmen (including Mr. Barilla and Mr. Dallara) re-founded the club, now named Parma Calcio 1913, in July 2015. Achieved promotion from Serie D into professional football league Lega Pro, ending the season with 94 points from 38 games, and an unbeaten run of 28 victories and 10 draws, now is time to come back in Serie A ... well at least in FMM2017 ... I try to do something different here. I want to create a "step by step" career showing in details all my decision, the season problems and my solutions (every update will include more or less 5 games). I don't know well serie C players so i decided to start a couple of test saves and playing on them still november 2016. In the first I haved analyzed my own team and the improvement of my players and in the second i concentrate myself more in finding good players, using my scouts. In the end the result should be a sort of career / guide. So let's begin!!! Soon a first look at the football club and staff. P.s. sorry but my english is terrible... if you find grammatical "horrors" please report to me with a private message and i will fix them.
  14. RICfmhvibe

    Tactic for EME Aangca's 4-3-1-2

    I'm using your 4-3-1-2 in my Parma saves and for now is going VERY well with some adjustments due to my lower league team. In 8 matches 7 Win and 1 Draw bethween championship and serie C cup. One questions for you Aangca. You change some roles / instructions during the season? Thanks for this tactic
  15. RICfmhvibe

    Tactic for EME Aangca's 4-3-1-2

    Great work man!!! your FMH2015 tactic for me was the best and i had a lot of success with it. Glad you come back!!! Sure i will try this.