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  1. I agree with Schwantz34 on this one. I feel that the DLP balances the midfield 3 well and allows the BBMs to roam around. I actually wouldn't dare to try it as I like the way my team is controlling the midfield, and keeping clean sheets. Because my defence isn't high and I am closing down all over, the DLP works well dropping behind to cover missed tackles and starting counter attacks. Also, I feel the front 3 are doing the job nicely raking up the goals.
  2. Still having too much fun so haven't tested this with other teams yet.
  3. I'm glad this worked for you so far. Let me know how this works out in Premier League.
  4. My keeper is Alisson with a very strong Liverpool defence. I still assume with weaker teams that changing the keeper to G and the 2 ball playing defenders to centre backs would leak less goals and get better ratings perhaps. But I'm not sure as I still haven't tried another team yet. I must admit, even though this tactic had been great defensively for me, Allison has 90% of the time got 7 rating and the other 10% has been 6 or 8. Not amazing.
  5. I haven't as of yet. I am going to try with Burnley next but I'm just having too much fun on this Liverpool save at the minute, I've just secured a 30 year old Neymar on bosman so I'm looking forward to this next season. When I start Burnley save, I'll post results.
  6. Haven't tried in Turkish league but maybe change your SK to G and change the BPD's to CB's? I've only tested with Liverpool and they have the strength and depth at the back to carry those roles I guess.
  7. Let me know how it works for you. Unfortunately, I am a Coventry City fan.
  8. Hello fellow vibers, I have never posted a tactic on here before and I've been guilty for years of stealing tactics from here but this years version I have had the discipline and patience to try and create my own. I haven't tested with smaller clubs and some might say that any tactic is easy with Liverpool as their strength in this year's game is unbelievable but I must say I have never had a save so successful with any tactic as I have with this. Before I show the tactic and results, I will explain how I like to build my team. Regardless of a clubs finances, I don't like to buy players and instead I look out for bosmans. I sell if a player becomes unhappy with lack of first team football, and game to game, I clear selection and ask my assistance to pick team. If a player plays 6 or under in previous match, I demote to reserves so he isn't included and promote ready for the following game and I do the same if their condition is less than 95% and because of this I tend to have a good rotation. In regards to training the players, I don't bother with doing the training myself, I leave that to the assistance but I have had success in developing players by retraining them in as many positions as possible. Anyway, the most important part.. The tactic and results. If anyone would like to see any game stats or player stats, I'll post. Hope you enjoy this as much as I have if you use it and if anyone makes any adjustments that works better, I'll be interested to see this. Also, I must add, I have plugged and played this from the start and never changed anything mid game. I actually never use substitutes unless I really need to due to sending off or injury.