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  1. ThatFMM18

    Any other games like FMM?

    Well SM2019 comes the closest. It is a good game, but you get bored of it quicker than in FMM. It also is a bit more unrealistic. It also doenst have a fun training system and the micro transactions are annoying. It is a nice game if you want to play 1-2 seasons, but it isn't fun in the long term.
  2. ThatFMM18

    Any other games like FMM?

    Well, there isn't anything like FMM on the Play Store/App Store. I think you should stick to FMM or quit these type of games completely.
  3. ThatFMM18

    How to cheat on FMM18/19

    Yes, this is satire. But Wilshere doenst perform bad.
  4. ThatFMM18

    How to cheat on FMM18/19

    Well i am soon doing some more serious stuff. Probably a tactic.
  5. ThatFMM18

    How to cheat on FMM18/19

    Hmm, it does work with Man Utd. And it should do with Monaco. If you are suck at FMM, just buy the superstar reputation!
  6. ThatFMM18

    Anyone else managed this?

    Well I don't have FMM19 (yet) but my best managerial thing was reaching the semi-finals of the UCL with FC Utrecht.
  7. Hello, for the people that want a very easy mode on FMM, here is a guide for you Step 1: Buy the editor and superstar mode from the store. Ok so all you have to do is open the application, select store and buy the thing you need. This can cost around €10 (please calculate yourself in your own local currency. Step 2: Start a new career All you should do here is create a new career. You can make your manager, select your leagues and team however you like. Step 3: Max out your money All you have to do is go to the editor and max out your money. Step 4: Buy ridiculous players Now you have to go to the player search, type in for example "Cristiano Ronaldo" and pay sh*'tloads of cash for him. Remember to restore your transfer budget. Step 5: Copy my tactic (4-2-2-2 EME) Just watch how the tactic will work. Step 6: Enjoy the game!
  8. Thanks, I am going to try it out with Wrexham.
  9. Just play 4-4-2 and tweak it a bit. Like this: