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  1. Good job! Who was your main goal scorer?
  2. He can easily be trained to DLP to.
  3. Oh yes he sure can. Train him to AM, SS role and make sure he develops the right abilities (train shooting etc)
  4. Ok, maybe you should try switch to control when you are a couple goals up. And always look after condition of players. I always take important players off when they are below 75%. Extra energy in the last minutes (especially the forwards) can win the match for you.
  5. Sometimes is helps me to switch to control when i dont want to risk more goals against. But as a result, you create less opporturnities yourself. I personally dont mind because mostly i score more than the opponent.
  6. Won the league easily undefeated. Unfortunately kicked out of the cup by Real Madrid. Squad most of the matches Aduriz even made it to team of the year, what a legend
  7. Going really well. Again very overachieving. Aduriz is amazing.. is he ever going to age?! I will post the results later.
  8. Three matches is not enough, especially in mid season. You need the right players with the right skills, and enough time for your squad to get used to the tactic.
  9. Well that was a nice friendly match to start the season.
  10. Indeed. I'm going to manage Bilbao. Going to be a challenge.
  11. Lol Mbappe at Cardiff >< Only in FMM..
  12. Not bad! Injuries can unfortunately be decisive.. better luck next season! added 0 minutes later Good job!!
  13. Finished second season. Undefeated in Serie A and won CL.
  14. Nice! You can try using Advanced playmakers as the DLF strikers. Using the DLF roles is part of the strength of this tactic. The SS will score more and the AP's are more involved. Lazio has great players for this tactic. Savic as SS, Correa (Backup SS or AP) Alberto can play as DLF, SS and AP. Good players for inverted wingback also and great high potential central defenders. I should focus on buying great AP's such as Havertz or Felix. Because they can play on every attacking role (AP, SS and DLF)