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  1. Looks very impressive, to bad you started with sugar daddy.. But neverethelles great results. What kind of players you prefer on the wm positions? More midfield type players or wingers/wingback type?
  2. Depends on how good the opponent is. Against big team i usually start with counter. When you need to score switch to attack or overload if there is little time left. Against small or average teams i always start with attacking mentality.
  3. This tactic is inspired by the so-called Hammerhead tactics that worked very well on the FM18 pc version of the game. I became champion in the first season with Crystal Palace with only 1 point difference after a very exciting battle with Man City. I am also very curious how the tactics will do with larger teams. Below the screenshots is a short explanation about the roles of the players and what is important. I often switch between counter, control, attack and overload based on what the match requires. SK: I bought Mvogo because he is a good keeper for a reasonably low price. The normal stats for a good keeper are important. Because I have chosen a sweeper keeper, it is also important that he is good at playing football. In retrospect I would rather have chosen a keeper who had a bit more pace. BPDs: When these 2 gain control, I want them to be able to defend through the center to the 2 DLP’s. Passing is therefore very important. Also for the distribution to the WBs. WBR + WBL: I bought Dumfries for the WBR role. Crossing, pace and stamina are of course important here. These 2 players will often provide the assist on the AFs. DLPs: 2 DLPSs in the center of midfield. Very unusual, but very effective. Both must be well-grounded technically and must also stand their ground defensively. Both of them are often fairly invisible, but form an essential link in this tactic for the connection between defense and attack. Maybe it's also an option to try it with normal CMs. But I initially held on to the DLPs because of the original philosophy behind the Hammerhead tactics and because it just worked out well, I didn't want to make any changes. AP: Just a good playmaker. Technically well-grounded and must be able to serve the 3 in the front well. AFs: Wingers do well in this role. You can easily train them to AFs. Marega was available for a low price and the perfect option. They will often go for their own success but must also be able to combine well with the other players in the front. Zaha was incredibly good at the start of the season, but moderate for the rest of the season. He wanted to leave, but I refused. So his morality declined. P: I chose a poacher in the middle so that it responds directly to balls from the AP and is a finisher between the 2 AFs.
  4. Good to hear it also works for you! Very impressive season. Yes the TM is the main goal scorer. It still works for me too. Got a crazy Inter team with a lot of Dutch players haha. Boadu, Ihattaren, Van de Beek, Ake, De Vrij, Zirkzee (rotating with Lukaku).. Really fun save. Also leading the Dutch National team to victory at the EC.
  5. Twente, Holland and Inter are the only teams that i managed so far. Worked with these teams. Yes i tried different roles during the Twente season but this is most effective. Target man is very important in this tactic in creating and scoring goals. AM is supporting midfield a bit more than SS or AP. BBM is needed in midfield for defensive duties but also running forward when TM is holding the ball. AF creates a lot and you need a fast player here for passing from the AP. Maybe the DLP role is a bit unnecessary. But you need a player in this position or else the midfield is to attacking. And i rather have a defensive midfielder with technique than a ball winning midfielder or anchor because BBM already does that a lot. Combination between BPD and DLP provides quick and smooth buildup and support to midfield. I hope this makes sense.
  6. Working fantastic with my other Inter save. 14 goals against in Serie A. CL Final:
  7. Looks almost identical to the tactic i created. I tried the shadow striker as well but did not work.
  8. Last year my favorite club relegated after 34 years from the Eredivisie after a few turbulent years. Fortunately, they were immediately back at the highest level this year, but after a good start to the season, they are now descending further and further down. A challenge to bring Twente back to the upper regions. But I did not expect that I would immediately become the champion including a whooping 0-3 win at Ajax. Thanks to this following tactic and of course the correct transfers, this is a amazing result. The tactic: Some match results: Goals and assists
  9. Looks like a fun tactic. Have used it for a few games and was not working very well. Lot of goals against. Lacks balance i think. Could be working well of your team is much better than the opposition. Currently tweaking a bit. Maybe change the center AP to DLP for a little bit of defensive support without losing the style playing, and maybe the center poacher to DLF as a extra link to midfield?
  10. Oh yes he sure can. Train him to AM, SS role and make sure he develops the right abilities (train shooting etc)
  11. Ok, maybe you should try switch to control when you are a couple goals up. And always look after condition of players. I always take important players off when they are below 75%. Extra energy in the last minutes (especially the forwards) can win the match for you.
  12. Sometimes is helps me to switch to control when i dont want to risk more goals against. But as a result, you create less opporturnities yourself. I personally dont mind because mostly i score more than the opponent.