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  1. Seems like a fun tactic! What attributes do you recommend for the WM role? Like (defensive) wingers, wingbacks of more like central midfielders?
  2. Nice tactic. I think when you remove the AF (only 1 Striker ->PF) and use an extra CM instead this tactic can be very good. Then you also have enough power in the midfield so that the IWBs can just become Wingbacks with overlap.
  3. Amazing tactic bro! Look at this..
  4. I also made a similar tactic in the previous edition with pressing forwards on the flanks: This turned out to be very effective. My experience is that you can easily convert good attacking wingbacks into pressing forwards on the flanks.
  5. Awesome. Better for smaller teams i guess?
  6. Yes I would sell Martial. As you said yourself a left-footed player on the right is better when you want more goals. Now you force him to shoot with his weak leg.
  7. Looks very interesting! Do you have an overview of goals and assists? I am especially curious about the shadow striker.
  8. Just bought Ronaldo. Back again after 13 years. Scores 4 times in his first match! LEGEND
  9. Nice that the tactic works for you. I think if you choose a poacher instead of the second (left) TM you score even more goals. Then the TM also functions better because it provides the poacher with assists.
  10. Not really had the time. I did test the tactic in pre-season matches with a few different teams while making the tactic. With AC Milan and Bayer Leverkusen. It's a simple tactic in a normal formation so I think you can use it easily in any league. Of course you need the right players as always.
  11. Sorry guys! I have now put the english instructions at the top.
  12. Hi! My goal was to create a classic and effective 4-4-2 tactic. In the end I came with this. Due to lack of time, only tested with Manchester United. It's important that you have fast wingers with a good cross and stamina. Left-footed winger on the left and right-footed player on the right, of course. The target man holds the ball for emerging midfielders but also scores a lot himself! You can just go for a 'cheap' option like I did with Weghorst. He has the right qualities. Power, shooting and heading are very important. As a partner front i picked a poacher who is always on the lookout for clever balls from midfield. The rest of the positions actually speak for themselves. In midfield go for a combination of a creative player and a dynamic midfielder. As a tip for corners I would always put the TM at the first post and aim for that. Below some stats and results. .
  13. Keeps getting better and better.. Left Lazio because i won everything and wanted a new challenge at Real San Sebastian. Just look at this. 17 played and 0 goals against. INSANE!!
  14. Great tactic! Solid defence and i really like de SS role in this tactic.