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  1. Keeps getting better and better.. Left Lazio because i won everything and wanted a new challenge at Real San Sebastian. Just look at this. 17 played and 0 goals against. INSANE!!
  2. Great tactic! Solid defence and i really like de SS role in this tactic.
  3. No, I am currently playing with my most recent tactic AllOnTarget. I wonder if this one till works! Anyone currently using it? The strange thing about this years version of FMM is that no one else's tactic works for me except my own.. Does anyone else have this too?
  4. Changing work into box to shoot on sight is giving me a lot more goals atm. Was annoyed because a lot of missed shots.
  5. I think it was a good move to buy Haaland to replace Dzeko for the second season.. 🙄
  6. Only with AS Roma and Holland. I unfortunately didn't have the time yet to test with smaller teams. But feel free to do so😇
  7. Time for another new tactic. The idea behind this tactic is again quite simple but very effective! You need a good target man and fast poachers. I recommend training your winges to poachers. These 2 poachers will anticipate on midfield trough balls. The inverted wingbacks will support defensive midfield duties. I'm curious about your results and please stay strong and healthy guys!!💪
  8. Hmm, can you show me the squad? You can also retrain wingbacks to wingers, then you can easily use them as defensive forwards! This works really well.
  9. DLF and BWM are more creative players. DM is more allround. They also not stick to their position. My choice of using a Anchor is because i want him to do a simple job. Just win the ball and quickly give the ball to more creative players. Tackling, decisions and strength are most important. Positioning and passing are also stats you want for this role.
  10. Looks great! Whats the idea behind 2 box to box and one cm on the left? Looks very odd. I tried a similar setup with great results. Only the 2 wingers as defensive wingers, midfield with 2 cm and a AP in the center. And Target man + poacher in front.
  11. The original form already works great against bigger sides! The 433 is just better for playing with top teams / title favorites and more attacking.
  12. Haha i recognise that. Sometimes while i work on a tactic and then i see that somebody posted almost a identical one. But without conceding a goal is impressive!! Better than mine! For big teams this setup seems to work. Change team mentality to balanced, width to wide and formation to this: