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  1. Cherki was one of my considerations before, he is definitely a beast as long as he quickly adapts to playing as striker. Unfortunately he wouldnt go to China Best of luck with it, i hope he doesn't plateau early for you.
  2. Season 3 After an all around improved season 2, plus the national job, season 3 looks to be another big jump up for our players. Hopefully reaching some top tier development and stats, aiming for higher goal numbers and assists as many of the wonderkids in the team also begin to fulfill their potentials. Transfers Out Transfers In Team Performance Dominating the league is a past time for this PSG team now, finishing 36 points ahead of Lyon in second after securing a huge 109 points. We didn't stop there though, completing the domestic treble and going on to secure the quadruple with an amazing Champions league run. The UCL final was against Roma, who were a bit underwhelming compared to the Juventus that we scraped past in the semis. I realised after starting the 4th season that i should have captured more of the results from finals/competition defeats, so i'll be doing that more going forward. Injuries Sadly not as lucky as last season, but still only having one major injury for our main 3 is a good outcome. Pellistri was out for 3 weeks with a twisted knee and Saka got a two week injury also. The Players Fabio Silva Facundo Pellistri Bukayo Saka Summary Again better numbers, and a quadruple season to boot, these kids are starting to be super fun. The DT assist challenge is going to be tough unless these wingers really start pushing some numbers higher than they are, but Silva is really developing into a goal machine, so I am quietly confident in his ability to hit 1000 goals. Results
  3. Season 2 The second season is where I was hoping some of my wingers would start to kick on. As long as the numbers go up from last year, which i think is almost a given, then i would be happy. We also got the Portugal job after they bombed out in the European Championships. Unfortunately I misplaced my screenshot of the job offer. Time for Fabio Silva to become a National Hero. Transfers Out Transfers In Team Performance We walked the league by 30 points, which is to be expected after spending so much compared to all other teams. We won the Coupe de France against Rennes, in a game where I had forgotten to rest Silva, so Cavani chipped in a hattrick. We also won the Trophee des Champions after a 90+4 equaliser from Silva and then winning the subsequent pens. Sadly we lost 3-2 on agregate to Juventus in the UCL, despite bossing both of the games. The goals just wouldn't come in europe. For the national team we made it to the semi finals of the Nations League where we lost to Germany, then subsequently beat Italy in the 3rd place play-offs with a hat-trick from Silva. Injuries We had an injury free season for our main 3. What a result! I suppose it helps that Silva has 'Resilient Physique' and Pellistri has 'Very rarely injured'. The Players As long as the players were developing and posting better numbers than last season, i would be happy. Fabio Silva Facundo Pellistri Bukayo Saka Summary The second season was much better than the first with all our youngsters starting to develop into promising players. Silva looks to be the best of the bunch, which was expected. As long as this trajectory continues, then i am sure that each of our players can start posting some big big numbers. Results
  4. Thanks for the optimism! Second season is looking much better already, especially on the assists front.
  5. Season 1 I was eager to get the first season under way and see how our 3 wonderkids can do, and as such that always involves stripping out the club and making sure that the supporting cast are able to provide them with the assistance they need. Being that we are PSG we have a barrel load of cash and a few big names to move on. Transfers Out Transfers In Team Performance The season was a relatively successful one, with just a couple of key defeats all season causing us to be unsuccessful in Europe and the League Cup. Losing 3-2 on aggregate to Bayern in the Semi finals of the Champions League and a 1-0 loss to Lyon in the league cup quarter final stopped us from winning more than just the league. Injuries The Players With all the season being said and done, lets see how our 3 knocked on for their first season. I wasnt expecting huge numbers in this first season, especially with youngsters being limited in growth more than they were in previous patches/game iterations, but i definitely feel like there was a small level of under performance. Fabio Silva Facundo Pellistri Bukayo Saka Summary In summary, the season was fairly tame and definitely not a great first step, but it was a first step nonetheless. Our players are starting to develop, and perhaps filling the team with too many wonderkids that all need to develop could have been a detrimental decision. Either way, next season will be better, and the future is still bright for our trio. There is however, a long way to go. Results
  6. I've often started 1kc careers without posting anything here and eventually lose interest a few seasons in, so I'm hoping that by posting on here, it will give me the drive to finish one of them off! So, for my first real career on FMM Vibe I thought i'd go for a decent challenge but make it as easy for myself as possible. I figured I'd start with one of the highest rated wonderkid strikers in Fabio Silva and plonk him in the well-oiled system of Paris Saint-Germain FC. I'll be starting off trying to get him to 1K goals, and then see where we go from there assuming that I make it. On top of this I thought i'd go for a fairly aspirational side goal of completing a double trouble of assists. For this one I wanted to steer clear of the typical favourite cross machines in Emanual Vignato and Diego Lainez, so instead I've opted for the trusty left foot of Bukayo Saka and the right foot of Facundo Pellistri. Combined together they hope to emulate both feet of David Beckham and provide Fabio Silva and the background players of PSG with 1200 assists. Sorry Neymar, that probably means you're not going to be starting every game. Meet the players: Fabio Silva Bukayo Saka Facundo Pellistri My primary concern is getting Silva to 1k goals, and we'll see with the crossers, if one of them does well i might focus on them to get 1k assists also. Hope this proves interesting to some! Thanks for reading.
  7. Ah yes, I had read this, but as a long time lurker and new poster I didn't want to start forum life by calling BS on someone. As regular wizards of pulling off some amazing feats, i thought it best to leave it to you guys to determine if things are impossible or not. The race to 100 was a lot of fun, and i definitely think Barry's score is easily beatable, looking forward to some other entries. Cheers!
  8. Here's my Louie Barry Race to 100. Barry is nothing special, but he is young and has some decent starting stats for an all around striker. Unfortunately he didnt really grow during the two seasons, with him being stuck on "needs to mature" since his first upgrade after the 2nd game or so. Also did the career in China, because as far as i can tell, it has the earliest start date for any league at 1st Jan 2019. I imagine most race to 100s would benefit from starting in China. I had thought starting in the 2nd division would be a benefit due to the incredibly low standards for the first season, however due to the lack of development for Barry, it probably would have been better to start as an ACL qualified club in the CSL for the extra games. CWC would also be a benefit. His initial stats, nothing special, nothing amazing, but definitely young. I forgot to do an initial snap, so this is him at the end of the first season, he had only had a single upgrade and then plateau'd after. Was hoping to finish before his 18th birthday after starting with a cracking 14 odd goals from the first 8 games, but then he blanked for an extended 6 game streak before picking up again once he hit 18 and his second upgrade. Final date was 25th July 2021, meaning being born on the 21st June 2003, he was 18 years 1 month and 4 days old when slotting away his 100th goal. (He scored a hat trick to mark the occasion). As above, going to try to beat Xjfbdh, but it seems like an incredibly impossible task, so i might not be too upset if i cant beat that score.
  9. Wowza, that's quite a feat with Unuvar Xjfbdh. I was about to submit a career with Louie Barry reaching 100 at 18 years 1 month and 4 days, but I think I'll work on trying to beat yours, but it might take a while