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  1. ^^^^Did not know you could that. Thanks very much!
  2. Thanks for the reply, mate. I'm starting two new saves which I intend to play with Sugar Daddy turned on. I'm going to play with Newcastle Utd and Brackley from the Vanarama South League. I've started off with coaching badge 'none' and manager reputation 'unknown. I've experimented abit with both by starting new saves with different manager profiles such as coaching badge 'gold' and manager reputation 'superstar', and it doesn't seem to make much difference in regards to getting my requests granted. Also the cash injection seems to vary wildly. For example with Brackley I've got as low as £12m on a save to as high as £46m on another. I've only ever received a slight boost in transfer and wage budgets with both Newcastle and Brackley. It's interesting. Maybe that money is for use over several seasons. I think I will carry on experimenting abit to see what else I can find out.
  3. Hi, sorry if this has been answered before. I would like an explanation on how they work. I have already managed to unlock it, so no issues there. When a cash injection is made into the club, where does that money go and how can it be used? I've noticed only a fraction of it is allocated to the transfer budget, so what happens to the rest of it? Also the money given seems to be random with each new save. When I try to upgrade my training facility and youth set up, I keep getting refused. Surely that shouldn't be the case if I have the money being pumped in? Im just a little bit confused so any explanation on how the whole sugar daddy system actually works would be much appreciated. Thanks.