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  1. Another tip: If you are managing a Spanish club, make sure to check every player's contract and offer them a new contract if the minimum release fee is too low. You don't want big teams getting your wonderkid/key players for cheap.
  2. If you put them as substitutes in a league game for a while, they will be longer be intimidated even if they are unused substitutes. Thats my experience
  3. I'm managing Man Utd and 20 games in, both Liverpool and Man City are still unbeaten. Their players are very good this year
  4. I'm still waiting for that wonderkid to do something bad! I can't even warn him for poor performance since he's performing so well. I have noticed that warning/fining players can improve their determination and work rate. Perhaps this two attributes are related to the plateau in development?
  5. Mentoring in this game is very strong IMO. Now you have a reason to keep/sign older players to mentor the wonderkids.
  6. Does anyone have a solution to this? Under the coach report, it says the player "needs to mature if he is to improve further". I tried mentoring the players I have with this status but it doesn't seem to work so far.
  7. Btw, Roberto Gonzalez Bayon who is a RW wonderkid in this list appears in the game as Rober. His release clause is only 1 million so he is a huge bargain
  8. Since there are now youth national teams, are we able to manage them??
  9. A shame that I won't be able to get my hands on the official logos but I'm looking forward to those alternative packs
  10. Brandon Williams from Manchester United is also one to watch out for. Anyways, aren't some of the wonderkids in the list too young to be in the game? Youngest players in FMM are 15 but some of those in the list are even younger than that
  11. Ever since updating to one of the newer versions of the game, I've found it very difficult to sell players who are deadwood. When I offer them to clubs, there will always be a few clubs that show interest BUT the player always refuses to sign contracts with them. Does anyone face the same problem?
  12. Does anyone here use light training? I think it's very underrated. Sometimes I may have 5,6,7 difficult matches in a row so I can't rest some key players. I will put them on light training throughout this period to ensure that their fitness levels are relatively high. Any thoughts on this?