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  1. What leagues do you guys usually activate when it comes to starting a new career save?
  2. Maybe something bigger hmm Probably still a midtable club but with a good foundation, like Hertha had with Selke, Grujic, Lazaro, Maier etc
  3. SEASON 3 ENDED I WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND BUNDESLIGA!!! Along with Europe SuperCup and German Super Cup I'm so overwhelmed, in my first ever FMM experience (barely played FM on PC too), I managed to somehow win x2 Bundesliga, x1 Europa League, x1 Champions League, x1 German Cup, x1 Europe SuperCup, x1 German Supercup All of this with an average Hertha side, with no many big stars, with my most expensive buy being in January 2021, in the last season, buying Selke back from Juventus, who helped so much the latter part of my season. I attached some pictures of the season results, the heroic team and the Bundesliga Table. Road to the UCL: Arsenal, Napoli, Shakhtar, Zenit, Sevilla, Monaco, Juventus Where should I go next, having won everything I can with Hertha?
  4. drexeldesigns

    Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Hertha Berlin

    Little Update on my run in: - 10 points above Bayern in 2nd place - Most goals scored (38 in 17 games) - Least goals conceded (11 in 17) - Conceded only 1 goal in the last 10 games
  5. drexeldesigns

    Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Hertha Berlin

    Had a rough start for me but he's slowly grinding and playing better and better Bought back Selke though, will join me in January. What position are you playing Poulsen? Target Man?
  6. Good afternoon guys. After weeks of using @Crashhart incredible tactic, I decided to try something on my own, especially against teams who play 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1, because his tactic isn't working (for me, at least) against those teams (Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen etc) My tactic is probably pretty basic and very common but it's a 2-2-2-3-1 (4-2-3-1) with high WBs. I haven't tested it with a lower league side or anyone else than Hertha Berlin, but I think it would do good, would love to see your experiments. As you can see, now in my third season in Bundesliga (in my second season I won the treble with Bundesliga, Pokal and Europa League), I'm 1st with 5 points lead over BVB, losing just 1 game against a very in-form Wolfsburg at that time, and also a game on penalty in which I COMPLETELY dominated but my players missed a lot of chances so I lost on penalties.. I don't have a team full of world class players but I do have a team which suits my style. Pacey, techniqual players with good passing and shooting. Key player attributes: GK - Normal stats, decent passing CB - Pacey (at least 15), good passing and aerial (to make up for the lack of height in the WBs) LWB/RWB - Good stamina, pace, crossing and decent aerial (at least 10-11) BWM - Box to Box midfielder attirbutes: decent pace, shooting, passing, tackling. Anyone could work, most success I had was with Arthur Melo from Barcelona on loan DLP - Very good passing (at least 16-17) AM - Very good shooting, good passing, technique, movement, decision making and decent pace IF - Inverted wingers, with good delivery in crossing, decent shooting (at least 14), good passing and good movement TM - Not only tall (at least 16 aerial) but also good movement, decent pace, good finishing. A complete striker (I had Selke too) Tips: - When playing a good team or away from home, I revert back to a plain 4-2-3-1, with fullbacks, most of the settings on Balanced and change from Wait for Overlap to Early Crossing whenever I play with fullbacks and not wingbacks - Try to always match the opponents team width, if they play narrow, you play narrow. - If they have all the possesion and they create a lot of chances, try to change the passing focus. Usually teams who play 4-2-3-1 play on Flanks so play Central - If you have possesion but not create chances, try to play around with the attacking settings and also the passing speed - When leading and it's narrow, try to change to a 5-1-4 formation or a 5-1-3-1, in complete lockdown mode (Contain/Defensive, Narrow, Slow, Time wasting) - This tactic is not working against all types of opponents, for example against 4-4-2, usually it's not working for me so I'm switching to @Crashhart tactic Here are my stats so far: 1st in my UCL group, undefeated (Arsenal & Napoli) 1st in Bundesliga
  7. I'll do some updates tonight, as I went further in the season I changed back from Southampton because I basically just regreted leaving Hertha, saw they gave me a 60M budget so I decided to just come back and go hard for the UCL in my third & NOW last season
  8. After my 2nd season with Hertha Berlin ended, when I won the Europa League, Bundesliga and German Cup, I wanted to get a new job, I choose Southampoton but quickly changed my mind and stayed at Hertha Berlin. Bought in a few new players (Mason Mount, Poulsen, Konate, Dalbert etc..) Started the season with 6 out of 6 wins, especially against Bayern in the Super Cup of Germany and also Lazio in the Super Cup of Europe. Started the Bundesliga with a good 4-2 win over Bayer, 4-0 up in 80th minute. I'm still using @Crashhart 2-2-1-2-3 tactic.
  9. UPDATE ON MY NEW JOB // SOUTHAMPTON So as I said a few days ago, I joined Southampton, from being a free agent, joined them on 22 August so the market is already closed, couldn't reinforce. Sitting confortably in top 3 of the PL after 8 games (I only managed 5 of those), unbeaten. NO new players added, just the normal southampton team (with Bertrand injured too) Playing a 5-2-3/5-2-1-2 at the moment, working great, stable defensively Conceded just 2 goals in the PL since I joined..
  10. Not really sure atm, keeping to switch between them though for some games now I've been playing an asymetric 5-2-1-2, with the "1" being a left winger (Boufal), switching it to a 3-4-1-2 when I need a goal managed to beat Everton & Man City with it
  11. I quit Hertha BSC after the UEL Final, resigned and then was a free agent until late August when Southampton offered me the job to keep them in midtable with 37M budget and I accepted Though, Bertrand is out for 3 months so I have to improvise at LB. Any suggestions for the first XI/tactics guys?
  12. drexeldesigns

    Looking for a job?

    I'm tempted to get the Belgium job But it's weird, it's 2020 July, post Euros, will have to wait 2 years for a major tournament
  13. drexeldesigns

    Help Looking for a job?

    random question but I quit Hertha Berlin after 2 seasons with them and I'm in July, can I go a full season jobless until I get the right job? I want Milan/Inter/Lyon, someone with a bigger budget but no good teams have jobs available, what should I do? I'm not sure I want to start over a new save because I'll lose my gold coaching stuff and the stats with Hertha etc (is the gold coaching badge important though?)
  14. A few days ago I bought FMM19, my first ever FMM experience, never ever played it before. Spent hours trying to figure out tactics and find them. My first season in Bundesliga with Hertha, I finished in 5th place, scoring only 51 goals, conceding 36, losing 9 games, drawing 8 and winning 17 out of 34. Then, my second season arrived. I decided this is the last season I'm trying to do something good with this team, hence all my stars wanted to leave onto bigger things. From the start of the season, I used @Crashhart tactic, proved to be very useful, especially with in-game adjustments especially in attack. But then, it started to fall out to the end of the season, so I started my own 4-2-3-1 (2-2-2-3-1). Started to grind out results and get the nasty 1-0 wins! I was so pressured by Bayern Munchen & Dortmund who, at one point, I was 10 points ahead, but then, with me losing and drawing, the gap slowly dissapeared, at one time I had only 3 points ahead, Dortmund having a game in hand too! Mid-season, in January, my topscorer, Devie Selke, who at that moment had 24 goals in 20 games in all comps, decided to leave the club and join Juventus. But then the unexpected happen, I finally beat Bayern Munchen, after 2 seasons of trying, losing and drawing to them, I finally beat them 2-0 and since then, it was a cruise to the title win. The title was decided in a 4-3 win over Koln, where I was 2-0 down at HT.. End of the season, I won the Bundesliga and I was in a Europa League Final against Leipzig and German Cup final vs Koln. Shithoused & won both 1-0, classic 😄 Now, after winning the treble with an average Hertha BSC side, I decided to move on into new things. Best players in my Hertha career: Selke, Berghuis, Jasterzembski, Dilrosun, Grujic, Stark, Friedl, Lazaro, Arthur Melo, Ajer, Grilitsch, Nketiah and Kiprit. Thank you for reading this.. What team should I move to? I was thinking of a top 6 team from one of France, England, Italy or Spain P.S: I know maybe for some it's not an exteriodinary accomplishment to win the Bundesliga with a team like Hertha, or the treble, but for me it is, especially in only my second season playing FMM.
  15. drexeldesigns

    Tactics Help

    Ah ya, I usually use Attacking but against Lverkusen, I used balanced and won 5-0 haha, that's where the screenshot is from