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  1. drexeldesigns

    Help Attribute changes when buying player

    I had this aswell, not sure if it's a bug or the attributes change and adapt based on the rest of your team
  2. Any quick tip to counter Man United formation or at least have a good stable defence? I am with Porto FC in the CL semi-final in my first season with them and I don't want to go into the game with my usual 4-2-3-1, I feel like I'm going to get heavily exposed. I attached a picture of my XI and subs aswell. I have a squad capable of any kind of tactic/formation so just suggest me some good ones, please.
  3. drexeldesigns

    Help Need tactic help with Juventus

    Same shape, but with the fullbacks being wingbacks (1 position more forward) Striker AF, Dybala AM, Wingers both IF, Shape: Attacking, Balanced, Fast, Expressive Defence: Balanced, All Over, Offside Trap on Atttack: Look for overlap, shoot on sight, run at defence, short, centre, mixed The passing focus and style should alwayas change in game, based on the team performance over the game, if they barely have possesion, try to change the style/focus to mixed/both flanks etc
  4. Yes, started the season in November (I was hired then), and if I remember corretly I was in 16th position, finished on 5th, easily could have finished 2nd place if I started the season myself.
  5. drexeldesigns

    Help Regen

    Ronaldo maybe? Good aerial, shooting, movement, leadership, poor teamwork, good pace, in Portugal, Portuguese, good with both feet?
  6. A few weeks ago I posted my attacking 4-2-3-1 tactic with Hertha Berlin that has won me the treble at the end of the season. Now I'm bringing that same tactic, but revamped and polished to work in Serie A aswell, battering every teams around. I've won the Serie A with AS Roma with an astonishing 103 points (still have to play one last game away to Juventus), scoring 101 goals, only conceding 19, finishing the season UNBEATEN. Four of my players had a G/A tally of at least 24 (Zaniolo with 49 G/A in 53 games) I've lost only 1 game this season and that was in the Italian Cup first leg against Sampdoria, in the second leg I've beat them 3-0. In terms of formation & shape, the shape is almost the same as the Hertha Berlin one, but in this one, the striker is an Advanced Forward, creating goals too. The fullbacks are in line with the CBs but they're wingbacks, providing a lot of defensive support aswell. Key player attributes: GK - Any GK CB - Pacey (at least 15), good passing and aerial (to make up for the lack of height in the WBs) LB/RB - Good stamina, pace, crossing and decent aerial (at least 10-11) BWM - Box to Box midfielder attirbutes: decent pace, decent shooting, good passing and tackling. References: Arne Maier, Arthur Melo, Masangu, Cristante) DLP - Very good passing (at least 16-17) and decent tackling AM - Very good shooting, good passing, technique, movement, decision making and decent pace IF - Inverted wingers, with good delivery in crossing, decent shooting (at least 13), good passing and good movement AF - Decent aerially (at least 13-14), good movement, decent pace, good finishing. A complete striker (Schick, Ponce, Selke, Sadiq etc)
  7. drexeldesigns

    No Second Leg in EL 2023

    Will this happen in real life too I wonder?
  8. I'm with AS Roma in the 22/23 season (currently February 2023), I passed the group stages, played Basakesir as the first team in the Round of 32, and there's no second leg? I already got drawn the next opponent. Is this something I missed before? The rules can change in-game? Or is it a bug?
  9. Hello guys. I've been trying to play FM for a few years now, but after a few hours, I always quit, it feels way too complicated for me, the UI is not helping and it's waay too detailed for me. I bought FM Mobile a few months ago and I'm absolutely loving it, but I still want to switch over to the PC Version. Are there any tips for people transitioning from the more "basic" FM game on Mobile to the detailed one on PC?
  10. After winning 7 trophies & everything possible (x2 Bundesliga, German Cup, German SuperCup, EL, UCL, European SuperCup) with Hertha Berlin in 3 seasons in Germany, I decided to resign and look for another challenge. On 5th November, Julian Nagelsmann was sacked from the AS Roma job, after winning only 4 out of 12 games in the opening of the 21/22 season. I was appointed and my first game was the day after, Sampdoria at home which I won. After a bumpy/mediocre run to keep the club up and away from the relegation spots, January came in and decided to buy two new CBs, Diallo and Stones. At the end of the 2021/22 season, in Serie A, I won 17 out of the 27 games I had managed. Finished 5th place with 67 points (2 away from the last CL spot) and if I was appointed since the start of the season, I think I could've easily get a top 2 spot in the table. Ezequiel Ponce finished the season with 21 goals in the league, Tsygankov with 15 assists and it all looked like I finally found a team with a good potential. 2022/23 SEASON STARTED Signed a new RB in Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a backup winger in Rebic and sold a lot of deadwood. Transfer window ended, and I'm happy with my squad in all zones. Scored 11 goals and conceded 2 goals in the 3 friendlies I had played pre-season and the season started with a very hard game against Inter Milan, which I won 3-2. Very confortable 3-0 lead after 30 minutes but then something happened and it started to leak but fortunately we got it at the end! Another win, away from home came against Genoa, a 4-1 win, and now things are looking promising. Will update this topic as soon as I finish the season. Can I win AS Roma their first trophy since 2008 and more importantly, can I win AS Roma their first Scudetto since 18 years ago?
  11. What leagues do you guys usually activate when it comes to starting a new career save?
  12. Maybe something bigger hmm Probably still a midtable club but with a good foundation, like Hertha had with Selke, Grujic, Lazaro, Maier etc
  13. SEASON 3 ENDED I WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND BUNDESLIGA!!! Along with Europe SuperCup and German Super Cup I'm so overwhelmed, in my first ever FMM experience (barely played FM on PC too), I managed to somehow win x2 Bundesliga, x1 Europa League, x1 Champions League, x1 German Cup, x1 Europe SuperCup, x1 German Supercup All of this with an average Hertha side, with no many big stars, with my most expensive buy being in January 2021, in the last season, buying Selke back from Juventus, who helped so much the latter part of my season. I attached some pictures of the season results, the heroic team and the Bundesliga Table. Road to the UCL: Arsenal, Napoli, Shakhtar, Zenit, Sevilla, Monaco, Juventus Where should I go next, having won everything I can with Hertha?
  14. drexeldesigns

    Tactics Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Hertha Berlin

    Little Update on my run in: - 10 points above Bayern in 2nd place - Most goals scored (38 in 17 games) - Least goals conceded (11 in 17) - Conceded only 1 goal in the last 10 games
  15. drexeldesigns

    Tactics Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Hertha Berlin

    Had a rough start for me but he's slowly grinding and playing better and better Bought back Selke though, will join me in January. What position are you playing Poulsen? Target Man?