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  1. Hieberflab

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Hi all. I am new to Football Manager mobile 2019 and i would like to get some help before I start a new career. I want to first apologies if some of the questions im asking has already been answered, i have use the search function but didn’t find what I was looking for. To make it easier for everyone i will put my questions under its own heading. 1. Nation/ leagues to load First of all i will be only managing Arsenal but i want the game to be as realistic as possible with max players available so which nations and leagues should i load? 2. Players (age wise) The question here is regarding about the strategy in buying players to either boost the squad or replace aging players, for example if i have a player which is 30, 31 or 32, should i buy a player which is U21? Or buy another senior player? And if i have a player which is 25, for example, but he is not quite world class but i want to keep him, do i buy another player of the same age or buy someone who is older? 3. Contract Players who has 1 year left on their contract, when is it best to renew? Before new season starts? Before Jan? 1 month before contract expires? A few days before contract expires? If a player is 30, 31, 32, when should i renew their contract to get them to agree to the lowest wage possible? 4. Wage/ signing on fee Do i offer higher wage and low signing fee or lower wage with high signing on fee for players? 5. Player star ability I read that the star ability of players, whether he’s good or bad is in their current team. What do i look for in the scout report to know if a players is gonna be world class in my team? I hope it’s not too much questions. I just want to have a perfect first experience without having to start over again. - Hieberflab