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  1. Hieberflab

    Squad status

    Hey, thanks for your reply :). Yeah, I know the player do demand a bit more wages esp. those who were key or first team player and you're downgrading them to rotation or backup, etc. I'll see if i can find a way to experiment with this, thanks for your help.
  2. Hieberflab

    Help Squad status

    Hi all, I have some questions about squad status, I know that it determines how much game time the player expects but what i want to know is does the squad status determines anything else? I will explain what i mean by listing some questions so you have a clear understanding what i want to know. 1) Does it affect the market value of the player? 2) Does it make the AI team less or more likely to bid on the player or offer less or more transfer money? 3) Does it make the AI team less or more likely to give them game time if the player was loaned out? The reason I am asking this is that I have most of my players on rotation status because I have mostly young players and I wasn't sure who i should give Key or First team status to. Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  3. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    I have a question about the Final third attacking instructions. If i do not, say for example, select any of the options what does it mean? Like i use IF but I didn’t select look for overlap but early crosses is not selected either. Does it mean the player will just do both? Or neither at all?
  4. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    Not every game, no. But can you tell me why i get that? Because of my player role, the width of my formation? My player is not good enough?
  5. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    Hi i did what you suggested but i get midfield failed to maintain possession in the match analysis.
  6. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    1st season Sold: Ramsey, Ozil, Lichtenstein, Cech, Monreal, Koscielny, Aubameyang. Bought: Ghoulam, Meuneir, Thauvin. 2nd season Sold: Lacazette, Meuneir Bought: Morata, Vrsaljko, Celso, Rafinha (free transfer). I basically sold the players who has reached their peak to get some cash out of them. Also those who has low Aerial ability because i want players to win aerial duels.
  7. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    Goalkeeper - Pickford, Simon Defender - Ghoulam, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Vrsaljko, Mustafi, Stark, Mavropanos, Holding Midfielder - Xhaka, Torreira, Gudendouzi, Iwobi, Celso, Rafinha, Welbeck, Nelson, Rowe, Thauvin Forward - Morata, Nketiah
  8. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    They really beat me, my attacking midfielder gets tackled as soon as they get near their goal and my lone striker doesn’t get the ball most of the time from my AP, he scores occasionally from corners and free kicks.
  9. Hieberflab

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    Hi Massey127, Thank you so much for your reply. You said changing passing to mixed did you mean passing focus because i already have my passing style set to mixed. The reason i have my passing focus on central is because i want my poacher to be my main scorer. And can you electorate a bit more on the part where you said to have a second striker, what should his role be and what will be the formation/ and or tactical instructions should i have. Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  10. Hi Vibe, I am hoping someone here can tell me what to do to improve the outcome of my result, basically a way to turn a losing or drawing game to a winning one. I have won the premier league twice but i seem to lose to big teams quite easily and getting knocked out of the FA, Champions and Carabao. The tactic i am using: Credit goes to Rabbei1908. I made a slight change to my attacking instructions from Rabbei1908. Below are my results from my second season. Although this tactics has worked really well for me. I am trying to improve for the new season. Mainly addressing these most common negatives from the match analysis: 1. Wingers struggled to make an impact. 2. Lone striker struggled to get into the game. 3. Lack of goal threat from attacking midfielders. 4. Lone striker had little support. 5. Despite scoring, the striker didn’t test opposition keeper enough. My striker, amc and aml/amr stats is as follows: Any help is welcome whether it’s a formation change, role change or team instructions. Thanks for your time. Hieberflab
  11. Hieberflab

    Arsenal 4-2-1-3

    Hi Chrispop, Can you tell me what transfers in and out you made? Also if you are losing what changes did you made to change the outcome of the game. Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  12. Hieberflab

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Hi Nucleus. Thank you so much for your reply. The player in question with this weakness is the goalkeeper and he doesn’t have dribbling as an ability. I was thinking technique at first but i have seen other field players has poor technique as a weakness. Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  13. Hieberflab

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Sorry for such a late reply Lillywhite Dean. Thank you so much for your input. I have just completed 2 seasons with Arsenal. I have a few more questions. 1. In the player coach report, on the negative side. If it says for example, for an AP, unlikely to win aerial, is that a specific attribute (aerial) that needs improving for that role or is it just a general weakness that being stated by the coach? 2. And talking about negatives. What does “uncomfortable on the ball mean”? Which attribute is it referring to? How to improve “unconvincing free-kick taker” 3. On my match analysis i get this “striker didn’t test opposition keeper enough “ how do i improve this? Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  14. Hieberflab

    Arsenal- 4-2-3-1

    Hi, So i have been using this tactic for my Arsenal career in Football Manager Mobile 2019 and it’s been great so far, i have just completed my second season. The only problem is that i find im struggling to score against teams who uses a defensive formation and also against teams who uses a DMC. Is there any way to tweak this tactics to counter those teams? Kind Regards, Hieberflab
  15. Hieberflab

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Hi all. I am new to Football Manager mobile 2019 and i would like to get some help before I start a new career. I want to first apologies if some of the questions im asking has already been answered, i have use the search function but didn’t find what I was looking for. To make it easier for everyone i will put my questions under its own heading. 1. Nation/ leagues to load First of all i will be only managing Arsenal but i want the game to be as realistic as possible with max players available so which nations and leagues should i load? 2. Players (age wise) The question here is regarding about the strategy in buying players to either boost the squad or replace aging players, for example if i have a player which is 30, 31 or 32, should i buy a player which is U21? Or buy another senior player? And if i have a player which is 25, for example, but he is not quite world class but i want to keep him, do i buy another player of the same age or buy someone who is older? 3. Contract Players who has 1 year left on their contract, when is it best to renew? Before new season starts? Before Jan? 1 month before contract expires? A few days before contract expires? If a player is 30, 31, 32, when should i renew their contract to get them to agree to the lowest wage possible? 4. Wage/ signing on fee Do i offer higher wage and low signing fee or lower wage with high signing on fee for players? 5. Player star ability I read that the star ability of players, whether he’s good or bad is in their current team. What do i look for in the scout report to know if a players is gonna be world class in my team? I hope it’s not too much questions. I just want to have a perfect first experience without having to start over again. - Hieberflab