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  1. General question, Will the Mobile version of the game be released on Amazon's App store. I know the previous version was. If so can you play the game on a Amazon Kindle.
  2. Thanks Vipper Ill give it a go, I always thought IF gobble up the strikers goals.
  3. Pls can all you super managers help me. I am currently using Pellegri in a poacher rolein the EPL for Tottenham. Whilst his stats are decent, Im still some way short of making the 1000 threshold. I am using a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 with two WB, two CM, two wingers, one AP and Pellegri as the poacher. What would you suggest to up his hit ratio.
  4. sorry to ask here but what tactics work best for the 1000k challenge
  5. Pls can someone tell me, if I have a young striker who has a high PA of 180. Can I demote this lower to say 175 if I train them in a new position using the training function. Say he is naturally a FC and I train him as a RW Inside forward over three months. Or separately if I train him from a target man to a poacher will it naturally reduce his PA. Thanks in advance all.