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  1. Hi all, Something I'd thought about for a while but for some reason not really checked. How are your annual crop of youngsters assigned? I assume there's a logic that says makes it more likely for you to have better ones the better your youth academy is graded but not sure if this is the case? For the first time, I tested whether you get a different crop of players if you reload the start the season but wondered if anybody had any thoughts on how this part of the game works.
  2. Probably the best approach! The other question for me is if playing the a player as one role and training them in a different has any impact on improvement. Often, I'd train a young striker as a CF and play him as a poacher thinking it will make him more rounded but no idea if that makes any difference at all.
  3. Hi all, I have a question on training and how to maximise gains using a combination of training role with a particular skill to see if anybody has noticed any benefits. For example, with midfielders, if I want to improve stamina, I'd set the player to Box to Box as well as selecting stamina itself. My feeling would be that, given stamina is a key for the BTB, their stamina will improve faster. Likewise, setting creativity as the skill to work on for a midfielder but then training them as a BWM should slow their development logically. Does this make sense or does anybody else have any different views on how best to maximise gains?