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  1. Pretty cool thanks a lot, only now I have found this, already playing thanks again
  2. HI, you can find on fmmvibe the footbe logos pack, since this year we are limited on license issues.
  3. I have read that news on newspaper, but I don't understand is the fact that the man united real name was always present in FM I believe and only now the remember to do this?
  4. I would like to see south American leagues, that's the only thing it's missing in fmm, overall I think the game it's awsome for mobile version. They could possibly add more 1 or 2 European leagues like Ukraine or Switzerland. And we should be able to set the friendly games as we wish.
  5. You're the one who's saying that I tried do condescend you, just gave my opinion if that offended you it's your problem not mine. Take care
  6. Yeah Liverpool deserves the title with celebrations with their supporters but I guess life isn't fair at all, this kind of stuff(virus) is a lot bigger than football and than us I guess so end the season start again next year, we are humans we can't think that football can return in the middle of this mess this isn't over will take time. We are going to play again and everything will be fine. Doesn't work like that unfortunately. It's sad but football can not return for now. But we have to think that more sad is the life's we are losing everyday. Let's see what happens
  7. That should happen everywhere, there are no conditions to play, the problem is that people only see money, the right decision is to end the seasons everywhere. I miss football we all miss but health comes first.football only next year
  8. OK, just asking because pizzi in real plays as a winger on the right side and rafa on the left, but with that team winning a ucl in the first season is awesome, well done bringing new CD benfica this year has a paper defense xd
  9. Gonna test it, just a question why jota instead of rafa, orsoloni instead of pizzi and svillar instead of odysaves xd?
  10. This tactic really males a lot of possesion i like it.im managing paok
  11. I Will try Control to see how it works i picked Rangers too brought 2 players in the rest its the same team,with counter still did not lose any game and a draw against Napoli after Napoli being winning 2-0 is good.but anyaway Im enjoying your tactic 😁
  12. Im using counter and its working well for me,those Rangers Matches you played always Control?
  13. Looks like it works well in the first season too I have to try this one the first tactic didn't work very well for me
  14. Yeah I agree every year is the same xd, but the 352 flat still works at least have to try tactics that didn't work before might work now like you said 😉
  15. I Will do it with Benfica i Will post results even today