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  1. OK, just asking because pizzi in real plays as a winger on the right side and rafa on the left, but with that team winning a ucl in the first season is awesome, well done bringing new CD benfica this year has a paper defense xd
  2. Gonna test it, just a question why jota instead of rafa, orsoloni instead of pizzi and svillar instead of odysaves xd?
  3. This tactic really males a lot of possesion i like it.im managing paok
  4. I Will try Control to see how it works i picked Rangers too brought 2 players in the rest its the same team,with counter still did not lose any game and a draw against Napoli after Napoli being winning 2-0 is good.but anyaway Im enjoying your tactic 😁
  5. Im using counter and its working well for me,those Rangers Matches you played always Control?
  6. Looks like it works well in the first season too I have to try this one the first tactic didn't work very well for me
  7. Yeah I agree every year is the same xd, but the 352 flat still works at least have to try tactics that didn't work before might work now like you said 😉
  8. I Will do it with Benfica i Will post results even today
  9. Looks great and very uncomon,i Will try in the first season with some team to see how it works
  10. This isn't over yet City will do everything not to be ban, let's see what happens but if city end up paying a huge amount of money or something and they win in tribunal I wouldn't be surprised. One thing I wanted if city really gets ban and Bernardo and cancelo leave they can return to benfica we don't mind at all xd
  11. This Fairplay of UEFA is still a joke, if they wanted a fair football, do it like NBA they have the wage thing that does not allow them to get all the good players, so the league get competitive, in football teams buy players for 200 millions and other don't have money to buy for 10, so ucl is winning for almost always the same teams, Liverpool, real Madrid, Barcelona etc... They don't make football fair for everyone because they don't want, a ucl final between Liverpool VS real Madrid for example will be more attractive and will generate more money for uefa than a final between Ajax VS I don't know atalanta, or they cut stuff like that once fo all or take this fair play thing, rich teams can buy players for a lot anyway so, city spent 1 billion to make teams, still no ucl champions, psg the same, football became a business, 40 years ago teams with less money could win ucl now they can't, unless some team managed to get to the final like Ajax almost did last year with a bunch of unknown players, but no one talked about that small budget, what they did was amazing even not winning
  12. Not that successful, they were champions of France twice before the money, the only thing they had before the money was mostly French cups, so they started winning everything in France when they bought world class players, before them was lyon and Marseille time, in Europe nothing, even after the money they are chasing ucl but that's not gonna happen, Liverpool with less money won the ucl and got to the final with kloop, but Liverpool has a lot more history, and they are going to win premier this year, and Liverpool plays the best league in the world, the French league if take psg it's equal to our Portuguese league, except they have a lot more money than us.
  13. Just have pity for Bernardo Silva, not for the club, and I think this should have happened a long time ago, Qatar Saint Germain should be next, clubs without history just became powerful because of the money injected.
  14. At least you managed to creat a successful tactic me for example I have tried to creat several tactics and I couldn't xd its not for me that's why I use the tactics that people post here xd, you did a great job
  15. I'm trying it with Braga and so far seems preety good, what is not good is I make 22 shots 12 on target 0 gols the other team 2 shots on target 2 goals its happening a lot, but i like this tactic lost 2 games but the team played very well and only lost 1-0 against united and the game was very balanced good job