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  1. At least you managed to creat a successful tactic me for example I have tried to creat several tactics and I couldn't xd its not for me that's why I use the tactics that people post here xd, you did a great job
  2. I'm trying it with Braga and so far seems preety good, what is not good is I make 22 shots 12 on target 0 gols the other team 2 shots on target 2 goals its happening a lot, but i like this tactic lost 2 games but the team played very well and only lost 1-0 against united and the game was very balanced good job
  3. I tried a 442 this year on my own but unfortunately I can't make it work, I tried to create several tactics but I gave up I will be using the tactics people post here I love the game but making tactics isn't for me xd, when you make the 442 if you could post here so we can try would be great, thanks😉
  4. Looks really good,have to try it with a smaller side to see if it works,but why this Will bem your last i like,and and i believe everyone likes your tactics,you are not enjoying the game this year?
  5. Used this with man united as well worked very well in three seasons, then by mistake I started a jew save when I was going to save I replace the man united save by the new one so three seasons for nothing xd now using with Roma and so far very good
  6. Looks amazing and i like the setup i Will try with my Benfica to see how it goes 😁
  7. Hi, i think its the game it happens a lot to me as well,i think they should review that,and when you make a lot of shots no goal and the other Times shots once and scores xd
  8. 4th in liga nos with Boavista is really great, they wish to be 4th in real life so seems pretty good the tactic
  9. None of my players were the best scorer but yeah my adf was the top scorer, Leave here my top scorers of the league and the assists
  10. First season with Everton is done 2 place in Premier and FA cup winner,great season
  11. This tactic is awesome i like it,still in the beginning of the season but big win against arsenal and Chelsea very good,too bad was against Liverpool but yeah i didnt deserve to lose,i Will keep updating the season 😁
  12. I Will post here the results,yeah Im playing gylfi as ss,brought two wing backs now have to train everyone into the role each One Will play
  13. I'm thinking I'm gonna be trying with Everton, seems a good team to me.
  14. Like the look of it will try, in your Lazio save did you win the league? Or Europa league?
  15. Won serie A with atalanta awesome and Runner up on Italy cup