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  1. Hi in Portugal you forgot, ruben Neves, gedson Fernandes, florentino, Fábio Silva Will be a huge deal in the future under 19 player from Porto, and jota from Benfica,ferro from Benfica will appear in Portugal national team sooner or later, ruben dias and could keep going xd. But for me maybe Felix but the other ones some are already amazing and some are young and will be much better in the future. 😉
  2. Very helpfull thanks, I suck when it comes to creat tactics, every tactic I make just doesn't work.
  3. Hi, just want to share the tactic I have been using. Far from perfect results but I still like because I love counter attacking football. Used with rostov,started out with good results but towards the end the tactic fell apart a bit. Currently using it with getafe and started out really badly but seems like a positive tendacy is starting to show. I didn't buy any players in any team. But I recommend players with good pace, and with good passing.Feel free to try it out and if you have some tweaks tell in the comments below I really wanna know what advices you have to improve the tactic. Thanks a lot for reading. Leave the results and rest.