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  1. Very different formation xd, I have to try it out sounds awesome like always
  2. On my wolves save, I'm struggling against teams that go attacking I don't know why, they can go control, counter defend erc, but when the cpu goes attacking I always don't have a chance what can I do? Thanks
  3. Thats hard i would go place of birth always,but Thats me xd
  4. I will test this one later as well now for Premier will you buy new players or the squad will stay the same? Looks like as shine as the other tactic, do you wanna open a course of fmm tactics? 😉
  5. No, nothing always counter beat Everton Leicester and west ham draw against burnley, sometimes when I'm winning 2-1 or 1-0 etc I change to contain in the Last 15 minutes
  6. That's wow, don't forget to post the tactic you are using with Brentford, by the way with wolves I'm doing great
  7. Yeah Thats true i tottaly agree with you,Zidane did win something Lampard has potential and he is coaching a team that gives him arguments to win something.chelsea is inbthe big 6 and plays on a league that anything can happen,maybe not win the Premier but perhaps FA cup ,carabao cup or on europe,Thats why Premier league is the best league in the world
  8. So far only One hard game,i Will upload more later
  9. So,here some screenshots,my team,the few games i played and the stats against Tottenham. Im playing with Moutinho as a CM but i usually use him as a AP. And dendoncker as CM but i was injury last game so i had to change.its on portuguese but you get the idea.something you dont understand very well ask me please
  10. Ok i see there are some mechanics that i have to learn by playing.is there any chance that if i train jimenez to be a poacher Will he bem efective even if os not his position? Sorry to ask you so many questions but i like to learn from experienced people about the game,thanks😁
  11. Did you go contain all game or just when you where winning,? I'm new in fmm but I kind feel when we play defensive we lose, I liked your tactic because it's counter I like this style of play and it worked very well for you and for as well so far but still in the beginning of the season. I choosed wolves because they kinda play with a formation like that in real life, 352,532 so I thought with some new players here and there I wouldn't need to chance many players as the team they have are really good.
  12. OH, OK I'm starting to get it, I will post some screenshots probably tomorrow I don't have much time to play till now works like awesome, and yeah may sell Jimenez I sold ruben Neves just because arsenal and Tottenham offer 108 millions for him I didn't want to but that's a lot of money, I bought rafa from Benfica and salvio from boca and a promising player to play when Moutinho is tired or injured and Mario Rui for the WB, but I will post later some results and the team I'm using then you can see and tell me your opinion. Thanks 😉
  13. Using this tactic with wolves works pretty good, beat Tottenham away now I'm to play home VS Everton but the thing is even against weaker teams the best shape seems to be the counter, 3 times on pre season I used balanced against weaker teams I draw all of them but in counter works perfect, great tactic so many tactics to try and not enough time.
  14. That kinda reminds me Bruno lage last year on my Benfica on 6 months i was 4 on the league with him we won the league the players we had and most of tem are stilo there but the time does not play the Dame football like last year and the only One who left was João Félix to atlético the rest is the same and some players the came in,guess sometimes the players make a coach bed if you know what i mean if they dont like the coach they play bad or its just moments a season youre awesome the Next youre not,Bruno fernandes appear Next year only ar 24 before i never did anything,but football isnt an exact science so anything can happen i guess