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  1. 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 (described in the game as 4-1-2-2-1) does it for me. I had a 4-4-2 stint early in my FMM playing days, but I've moved away from that's I prefer balance. (I've also worked with the inverted wingback, to great effect). I usually use a Control or Attacking mentality, mainly because overload has players running like headless chickens. Add a good striker and great central defenders, and I'm okay. About the new roles, I'm not sure a mezzala would be easily implementable. People don't even agree on what a mezzala is. Same thing with the Raumdeuter. Too complicated, and a Trequatrista is just fine. Ashez has been mentioning set pieces since time immemorial, and I reckon that's not exactly a hard thing to do, with respect to code. Ideally, I'd prefer a false nine, a return of the BBM (DM) position, and inverted wingers. But above all, if we just had the Support, Attack, Defend roles, like CM(Su), that'd be perfect. I'm tired of my BBMs and APs taking goals in my 433. But the keyword here is ideally.
  2. Pavon with a truly great career. I'm guessing his regen is going to be your son? He's spent more than 10 years, which makes it likely.
  3. @kyan91 He'd make a poor winger, an immensely poor winger, with that dribbling. I'm unsure if he's Peter's regen, as he always has some freak position (usually GK in yellow or dark red) available. Did Welbeck retire early? His physical stats are impressive, to say the least for someone of his age. He'll make a great TM.
  4. Absolutely phenomenal score, and frankly, I don't know if it's beatable. I noticed the bug too with Donnaruma. That said, I've never played with IWBs (except in the Barcelona Super Cup game, and since I prefer defensive solidity, I dumped it) since I started playing FMM, but with this result, there's no way I won't give it a try on my next save. A wonderful season. @Kanegan, great player choices! I was hoping you'd go for Mbappe, as he's undoubtedly one of the best players one the game at this point.
  5. VIBE COMMUNITY CHALLENGE: SEASON 5 RESULTS First, two things happened that had never happened before (at least never on any save that I had done): 1. Went the whole season UNBEATEN. 2 (although, I had done this before, with Sunderland, in League 2, I had never done this too). So, how did my chosen players do? Goals: Gabriel Jesus Here's how he looked like at the beginning: And now at the end: His stats haven't changed much, but his player value has increased immensely. He scored a total of 41 goals in 43 games. He missed some games due to the fact that he couldn't finish many of these games, and the existence of the World Cup jammmed all these games into a smaller than usual time frame, and the absence of the Club World Cup rid him of some easy goals. He also had a one month injury. Nevertheless, it's a good return. Assists: Andrei Ivan Here's how he looked like at the beginning: And at the end of the season: Much like Jesus, he hasn't had much of an improvement, but how he performed is the main issue. He bagged some awards, and he got a respectable 20 assists in 44 games. He could've gotten more, were it not for two things: 1. I realize a little too late, like halfway into his games tally, that playing him out of position was the best way to get assists from him. So, I played him as an AP, and he performed admirably. 2. Pavon is an absolute beast. I noticed that @Woody mentioned that he didn't perform quite as expected, but here, he over performed. 20 goals and 20 assists in 38 games is nothing short of phenomenal, especially with the fact that I played him as a right winger for most of the season. He absolutely deserved the Player of the Season Award. LEAGUE: As had been said before, we won the league, and went undefeated. FINAL LEAGUE TABLE: CUP COMPETITIONS (by the way, what's Crystal Palace doing in so many finals?): NOTABLE MATCHES: Aside from the Barcelona Super Cup match, only one match made me sit on edge the whole season. Both games put me on edge the entire duration. The leaderboard as it stands is: Season 1: @Ian A: Lautaro Acosta (assists) - 30 B: Andrea Belotti (goals) - 49 Total: 79 Season 2: @Krenzar 😄 Douglas Costa - 22 assists d: Dybala - 51 goals Total: 73 Season 3: @Rob E: El Ghazi - 15 assists F: Fullkrug - 41 goals Total: 56 points Season 4: @Woody G: Gyrokeres - 62 goals H: Harvetz - 18 assists Total: 80 points Season 5: @Deji I: Ivan - 20 assists J: Jesus - 41 goalsm Total: 61 points. I've passed the save over to @Foxy, and he'll pass it over to @smoggy90, who'll have a cracking season, I believe. Jason Sancho is coming in on a free transfer, but his extreme individualism might cost you some points, so it's up to you to decide what to do with him.Thank you all for the opportunity to participate in this challenge, and to use the EME for the first time on 2019's version of FMM. I'm a bit averse to the engine, but I've found it interesting enough to give it a try with Hamburger SV.
  6. Please ignore that comment, something went awfully wrong with my phone. I'm taking over from @Woody, and this is probably my first challenge. So, after 2 false starts (One with Mauro Icardi and Julian Brandt, and one with Isak and Insigne), here are my player choices (As shown above, I'm picking players with I and J) Goals: Gabriel Jesus Assists (a somewhat curious choice here, but I've gone with Andrei Ivan). So, the tally to beat is 80 and it seems Gabriel Jesus is off to a nice start, but Pavon is taking the shine from Ivan. Won the community shield and the Super Cup (a nerve-wracking match). (A side note: Jesus's aerial might come back to haunt me later, as most of the best forwards I've used have had 18+ aerial, and Ivan looks injury prone). Other transfers:
  7. Cracking season, and thanks. I'll post a player reveal soon.
  8. He's only 19. Most goals you get from teenagers should be considered as bonuses. Since he's hitting such great figures, expect him (if you can increase his strength/stamina) to hit 100 ± 20 goals a season when he comes of age. I'm thinking of an Abel Ruiz 1kc and he's hit 30+ in his first season at Sunderland. That's a great start for me, given the quality of the squad. Greenwood's my second choice striker and has hit around 20 in 23. You've started great. PS: Where did you get such a font?
  9. Your son has become quite impressive. My first was a goalkeeper and didn't improve at all. Although I wonder, why on earth doesn't anyone post their DT (guess it's Double Trouble) formations here? A 4-4-2 or a 4-2-4 was never my forte (had a go in FMH12, but forgot all about it, so I stuck to one man strike forces). It's not even listed on the Tactics index (not many 4-4-2/4-2-4s are there. Please, could you post yours? I'd love to see how this could work out on my phone.
  10. I have a bug that lets me sign players already on loan in my team for free, irrespective of transfer window restrictions. It works like this: I sign a player, insert a buyout option that I can afford, the club agrees, he comes in on loan, I'd make an offer for the player, and if the club accepts, and I agree terms with that player, I get a notification saying that the player has signed an X year contract. It also works with players that are out on loan somewhere else. It's a really annoying bug and has caused me to delete the game. I love the game, but it kills the fun.
  11. I need help finding a formation that works, and brings results, without struggle and having to park the bus. The formation below led me to back-to-back promotions, but in my first season with Sunderland, I've found it difficult to assert my playing style. I have provided a list of players (on loan and in the first team). Don'tDon't let the fixture list fool you, the wins have come with great struggle. (I also use a 4-2-3-1 formation but that has been an absolute shambles both in league and cup games, and a 4-2-4 modelled on Sir Alex's Manchester United formation, but I do not have the players for that formation- 2 BBMs). A telling case is that of Abel Ruiz. He was too goalscorer in both promotion campaigns, even qualifying for the World Best XI in 2020, but his output has comparatively dropped. So, FMM Veterans, please help me out. Thanks.
  12. My God 😮😮. I'll give it a shot.
  13. Had him on loan in my first season at Sunderland, and he did pretty well for a first season. He quickly faded at Roma and struggling Arsenal bought him for £24million. I passed on him. He seems to have gotten his career back on track, but Arsenal suck now, so he's generally starved of quality.