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  1. 👍 not that I worry just can't understand why he isn't progressing added 0 minutes later He did last season. TY
  2. Season 4 is over... Abel not cut for 1kc? game hates me? worst coach report on 1kc striker ever? Those and many more questions I have on my mind every time I play. TRANSFERS IN Allison, Fernandes and Romagnoli straight for the first XI. The rest are young talents and few lads came in free to make some profit TRANSFERS OUT Poor Morilla going on loan to Espanyol and being recalled due to Abel's sidekicks injuries. Going on loan again to Lviv and coming right back 😂😂 hope he likes to fly. Same goes for Farfan (Peruvian striker regen) TROPHIES Clean sweep as expected and finally I won every league game 🥳 Abel scores in all finals, that's nice INJURIES Season was ruined imo cause of injuries. Dilro my second best assistant last year barely played. Pavon on and off. And entire first XI excluding Grimaldo getting injured left and right. And Ruiz himself missed a lot being injured. SIDEKICK Why can't Ruiz do that? Füllkrug and Farfan barely played from kick-off but when they did... ABEL RUIZ No growth whatsoever from our little star. Only 9 international goals and 81 for the club. To be fare he played 10 less games this season. So technically he scored more. At 1.8 gpg. That coach report is scary... Technique, creativity and strength are not there and not improving. Unconvincing free kick and penalty taker? 19 in shooting not enough? Here is some Teamstats Pavon still the best guy to deliver the ball. Felix didn't want to do anything useful. Ziyech upset I won't sell him but doing his job. 301 (304-3 in Barcelona) career goals is not what I expected by the end of 4th season but we get what we get, right? I'll hope for better season next year and probably tweak tactics. Sometimes Abel gets 9-14 shots with 1 goal.¿ This isn't right.? Thank you all for reading and commenting!!! Cheers
  3. A glitch? Abel Ruiz He just stopped progressing like at all. Doesn't matter who he play against, how many goals he scores or assists he make. Absolutely zero. Here a few screenshots throughout the season. So it's not just a short period of time. The entire year. Any thoughts? Same goes for Pavon.
  4. WHAT THE HELL?! Is anybody's game freezes in halftime? Not the first time for me. It is so frustrating. I mean just look. First game after a month long injury, coming back strong! And boom, game froze and won't proceed to second half. Say whatever you want but it doesn't count as replaying! I'm the one who is hurting. That was his first ever 5 goals Here is proof. 4 goals is good to BUT those 5 were scored in first half so he would have been rested or perhaps scored more Point is- it is annoying!
  5. Thank you. But need to be even better. Unlike number of players who are younger for 1kc he is already 21
  6. Thank you. Yes sir. Plus ten or so goals every season Thank you. Hoping to get 100+ next season. Biggest I've seen 138 goals a season here on vibe
  7. Indeed he is Yep yep yep)) hopefully he'll get his physicals up this year
  8. Hello lads! Back with Season 3. Real quick TRANSFERS IN Finally got my second favorite BBM to sign with us. Goretzka came and best Ndong results. Militao as back up. Raphinha instead of Ontiveros and Zivkovich. Couple of regens and a bunch of free agents to sell. Can't stop making money 💰 TRANSFERS OUT Barrios is a solid DM but Tonalli is growing plus I have Ajer. Kristiansen just can't do what he supposed to as WB. Bye 👋 Not a surprise... Clean sweep 🧹 I like the fact that Ruiz scored in all Finals and cups. That 32-2-0 just wont let go... This year we scored more but defense was leakier. FASTEST HAT-TRICK 8 minutes 😎🤘 LONGEST GOAL This kid came back from loan to cover for Tonalli. Who's regen is he? Bought him for 32mil from Inter. TEAM STATS Pavon with 40 assists cause he got corners. Felix and Dilro 20+ each. Felix pushed Ziech from first XI. Stark is doing very well for BWM ABEL RUIZ He got his aerial and shooting almost maxed out but pace and strength are growing slowly. 85 club goals with 11 international pleased me. Another 30% growth compare to last season's 68 goals. Now he is sitting on 200+11 career goals. 789 to go. Just 7 💯 goals seasons 😆 211/1000 Cheers everybody! Thank you for reading and commenting! Stay safe!
  9. Hi there!! Back with second season. Going to make it quick guys. TRANSFERS IN Extra defender and a few kids. TRANSFERS OUT Trauco and Romulo are very decent players and they crazy cheap (under a mil each). It just happened to be that those positions are covered good. And I strongly suggest Stark. Very good and versatile player. We won everything there is this year Same 32-2-0 but better goal difference. Ruiz played ONE full game and he scored late bringing Euro Super Cup home My heart almost stopped when I saw this... but nothing major, just missed a game Füllkrug got injured so I recalled Morilla from loan to be Abel's sidekick Borussia tried, that's when my defensive set up comes in play There is some kind of magic between me and right wingers. They always provide better then lads who play left side. Ziech doing his usual, Ndong is a perfect (free agent) BBM. And Grimaldo came through pretty good with 10 assists. Speaking of assists: right wing and left back are my usual providers. But left wing and right back can't do nothing. Why? You can see my sidekick Striker has more games even though he had a month long injury. But most of them as a sub somewhere between 45-65 min. Developing nicely and scoring 30% more goals compared to previous season. Just like you said Smoggy. Should I train Poacher attributes at all? I think decisions are important, not so much for creativity though. 115/1000 goals in two seasons. He needs to be better if he doesn't want to play when he is 40 I gave up Argentina 🇦🇷 job after a few games... Just waste of time. And I was right to do so. 3rd season got me Spain 🇪🇸 job. Hopefully that will make it easier reaching 1k goals. Cheers guys! Thank you for reading!
  10. Thank you. What do you think about me taking Argentina job?
  11. Omg that was hard guys. I was "smart" enough to post it from my phone 🤯
  12. Took me long enough for the first update. But it was a fun journey. I spent tremendous time on transfers. Playing Dutch League means not everybody wants to come play there and even when I negotiated a sale price players wont "take a step back in their career". TRANSFERS IN TRANSFERS OUT Bunch of players I didn't see the use of were sold from reserves. And I've made a lot of money reselling lads. Dolhberg, Tadic, Neres, Blind and Tagliafico are good looking players but again I wanted better, younger, cheaper. Everton, Miranchuk, Luan and few others are regulars in terms of making money. I couldn't get Füllkrug right away (we were too low standard for him) so I bought Selke and sold it in January when Füll came around for lack of first team action For 9,5 M instead of 21.5 Probably the biggest surprise was Didier Ndong. A free agent who made a great BBM. FYI Ziech is very good player. I was always fond of this guy and in a team like this he is a true gem, netting some very important goals when my team is just watching football (nice way of saying "they suck") and he really deserved this Now what about competitions Not a surprise we won the League but did super early As you can see we get better results playing at home. And you'll see why I mentioned it CHAMPIONS LEAGUE To play in it had to through 3 qualification rounds. But it was easy Group stage was much more interesting especially after first game at Bernabeu. and trip to Anfield Truth to be told I thought we won't make it out. But like I said before we played much better on home turf and a win in Germany I did not see this coming they announced Groups Good thing I don't have competition in domestic league so I could let my best 11 rest between CL games cause we played every game like it was our last. I have to admit I've never in my life used Defensive that much. A draw in Madrid and an early red card in second game led us though first round Quarter final was somewhat easier. We dominated away game but only scored 1 goal. That was enough to feel comfortable before second game We didn't leave a brick in Napoli's defense in first game so we lost second. But, you know, the game doesn't count it as a loss And almost true story just wrong stage. Ajax-Tottenham in Champions League Final. Last game of the season and what a game. Again red card helped a lot but that crazy goal from corner when even my goalie was in opposite box trying to help. 90+4 And then Predrag Rajkovich made dream come true!! He stoped Alli, Moura and Son!! In between this CL madness we won domestic cup Now back to the squad. Since this new update I had to rotate them like crazy. I was lucky enough to have Dilro, Zivko, Pavon and Ontiveros since all of them a world class(in time) Wingers. Team goals Keep in mind 16 from Selke Team assists ABEL RUIZ He scored 47 goals in 47 games. Most of you will say "a great start" but I'm disappointed ☹️ And mostly not with amount of goals but with his development. Look at coach report here. Crazy... Yet he still won some titles Team goal ration makes me happy. Gpg and GF vs GA are very good. Especially considering that I only have one defender 🤪 CONCLUSION 47 goals it's not a lot in terms of a 1000 but we will keep working hard to bring it up. He is still 18 so we should get somewhere close to 1kc. Sneak peak of next season Thank you for reading everyone! Please leave a comment, this way I know it's not a waste
  13. Thank you. As for sticking at it- don't have a choice anyway
  14. Old version? Like loading November '18? Not like I was whining... even in real football most players can play 50 games with a few subs and rotations. But mostly they get sub and rotated due to poor performance or managers view of team.