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  1. Thank you for the help! I just wasnt a 100% on what it all meant, offered the job at man united and their finances are secure and it usually is rich on most saves I play
  2. In game I see clubs with various financial states but what do they all mean? I obviously know what rich and bankrupt mean but what do all the other ones mean? Also how do you become rich from a secure state? Thanks in advance!
  3. When you realise after the game that your player was injured and not sent off the whole time, changed tactic and everything and they played a 5-3-2 aswell! 😂
  4. I only plan on signing the key players not them all as for the reasons on moving my club is only 3 stars so players want to move to a bigger club and arsenal is 4.5 stars, I was hoping to hold out for PSG or Bayern who are 5 star teams
  5. I’m currently 8 and a half seasons into a save with Macclesfield Town and have been managing them for 7 seasons and i'm 6th in the Prem and I received a job offer from Arsenal who are 11th in the Prem after having a bad season, Should I take the offer and sign as many of my former players as I can or just stay? And I have been wanting to change my managerial style from just signing players 19 and under to signing players around 24/25 with a few youth players who I bleed in to the team instead of solely use. I’ve attached a few images to help, I’ve been pondering this for a few hours now! As for reasons on moving is my club is only 3 stars so players want to move to a bigger club and arsenal is 4.5 stars, I was hoping to hold out for PSG or Bayern who are 5 star teams Thanks in advance guys! 😅
  6. Great start to the challenge! May I ask why number 11? ☺️
  7. My main aim is to adventure into leagues i've never managed in before whilst retaining as many young talent as possible! And I will start unemployed for a challenge! ☺️
  8. I have a player with a recurring injury and hes been injured a about 3 times with the same injury in a 2 seasons, but recently he got injured for 3 weeks but it asked me if i wanted to send him to physiotherapy which has made him injured for 2 months? My question is, is there any benefit to sending a player to physiotherapy or is it a time waster? Thanks in advance! 😊
  9. England was the one I was going to put in first regardless, just looking for suggestions as to the other 3 leagues? 😊
  10. Thank you! ☺️ added 0 minutes later Been thinking about one of these 👌
  11. I was wandering what 4 leagues I should load in for an interesting save file where I manage in some of the more obscure leagues like Ireland, Wales, Australia etc. but still retain some of the key leagues and I was wandering if I could get some suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. Actually saddens me to read that lower league legend Ntumba Massanka got released by Burnley. Had him for atleast 3-4 seasons on the past 3 FMM’s, much sad.