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  1. I tried to use the club_xxxxxx number from a couple years ago, but can't get it to work. Has it been changed? I installed it where my custom logopack is, but I have no clue how to get it to work. Would appreciate any help on this, tried to see if I could figure out jerseys, but alas... no haha
  2. Hello! I want to start a club in Denmark, using an old logo I found for a defunct American team. How would I instead the logo to be used? I forgot the number if the club I'm supposed to use for it. Also, for kits how would that work? Is there anywhere that I can edit a kit to add my team logo to it? And once I do, where can I add it to get to show up in game? Thanks for any response!
  3. Don't comment often here but these are great wow! I hope to see this expand. Good job guys.