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  1. Yeah I meant in the season, I lost in Champions league, anyway I hope this works for you too bro. Let me know
  2. Easy season.. Sadly I lost one match but overall it's a great success with a decent team
  3. Read title bro xD it's OME and if I'm not mistaken it's February
  4. New season started good, also I will probably run for the 1kc challenge with my new discovery Zak rudden eheh
  5. Hi there, just ended the season, victorious till the end, undefeated. If you wanna see something just tell me. I'm amazed this tactic worked so well in 2019 too
  6. Hello guys, long time no post here, it's me wertrter, I was asked to Re create the tactic I made back for fmm18 that was so successful in Scotland so I decided to give it a try and here are some partials season results. Tested with an average team like rangers with some minor transfers in. Feel free to test if you like, bye.
  7. Narrow fast expressive, look for overlap, shot on sight, through balls, both flanks, short short, overload, high, all over, normal. WB instead of fb and CM CM, P instead of TM. Try and let me know
  8. Hi virgil, sorry for the very late reply, BTW it's always me Wetrter, I lost my credentials. I will try to re_create this in ffm19. Thanks for your feedback. Good luck.