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  1. sorry i don't have the save anymore but anyway that tactic worked well till i played added 0 minutes later as far i remember, the top scorer were the 2 atkers
  2. full counter and contain and a lot of luck
  3. ahah just luck probably but thanks
  4. started overload, scored, switched to counter, scored, switched control, and at 20 mins to finish contain and time wasting did the job
  5. you can have some partial season ss
  6. it is not as offensive as it seems, in reality it concedes really few chances and you don't score a lot
  7. not yet but I'll post soon after season ends
  8. Hey guys, testing this tactic (i am not sure if someone has posted the same or similar to this) and i am having wonderful results in both big and small teams,in England and spain as well. Try it and see if works for you. For this tactic to work you need fast wings with good crossing dribbling and stamina, good mid with passing and technic and one with tackes and stamina, finally a striker as CF with movement shooting and aerial. You can change Control to Counter if you are underdog, Away or if you suffers more than 5/6 shots on your target in the first half. I'm currently testing this with Wolves and I'll post end season results here as soon as i can. Bye guys hope you like it.
  9. follow just the main post, if you scroll down you can see i wrote to ignore the screen shots.. btw here you go: attacking narrow slow disciplined, balanced own half cautious no no mixed mixed mixed. As for key role it's nothing in particular, wingers with good dribbling crosses, ss with shooting and pass is all you need
  10. amc with high shooting, 13-14 is fine as well, ST tends to be "red" in that position but if it's ok you can try a more technical ST there
  11. revisited version of my old 2019 tactic, seems to work just fine this year as well
  12. updated it to work for 2020 as well, I'll post soon