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  1. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS MW25 Liverpool @Jsavfc 2-1 Bayern Munich SLB 1-3 Spurs @ThomW12 Barcelona @Titjes 3-1 Arsenal @gunnersaur Sevilla 1-1 Man Utd @Crashhart Dortmund @LTFC 2-1 Valencia Torino @BatiGoal 3-1 Red Bull Salzburg Sampdoria 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal
  2. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS MW23 Dortmund @LTFC 0-1 Arsenal @gunnersaur Real Madrid 1-2 Liverpool @Jsavfc Olympiakos 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal Porto 0-4 Barcelona @Titjes MW24 Dortmund @LTFC 0-2 Manchester Utd @Crashhart Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-0 Chelsea Liverpool @Jsavfc 3-1 Man City
  3. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS MW21 Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-0 Napoli Dortmund @LTFC 1-3 Liverpool @Jsavfc Torino @BatiGoal 2-2 Eintracht Frankfurt MW22 Juventus 2-1 Spurs @ThomW12 Chelsea 0-3 Barcelona @Titjes Manchester United @Crashhart 1-2 Liverpool @Jsavfc Bayern Munich 2-0 Arsenal @gunnersaur
  4. MW18 AC Milan 1-3 Spurs @ThomW12 Leicester City 1-1 Torino @BatiGoal PSG 2-1 Manchester United @Crashhart MW19 PSG 0-3 Barcelona @Titjes Manchester United @Crashhart 2-1 Dortmund @LTFC Eintracht Frankfurt 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal MW20 Liverpool @Jsavfc 3-1 Atletico Madrid Dortmund @LTFC 1-1 Chelsea Spurs @ThomW12 1-0 Porto
  5. MW16 Barcelona @Titjes 3-0 Spurs @ThomW12 Torino @BatiGoal 3-0 Rennes Arsenal @gunnersaur 2-1 Manchester United @Crashhart MW17 Dortmund @LTFC 0-2 Atletico Madrid Manchester United @Crashhart 0-2 Real Madrid Valencia 2-2 Arsenal @gunnersaur
  6. MW14 Barcelona @Titjes 3-0 Dortmund @LTFC Inter 1-2 Liverpool @Jsavfc Manchester City 3-1 Arsenal @gunnersaur Spurs @ThomW12 2-2 PSG MW15 Manchester United @Crashhart 2-1 Chelsea Sevilla 1-2 Arsenal @gunnersaur
  7. Vibe Challenger Division Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-3 Inter Milan Borussia Dortmund @LTFC 0-2 Napoli Liverpool @Jsavfc 2-3 Barcelona @Titjes Manchester United @Crashhart 0-2 Spurs @ThomW12 Vibe Gold Division Celtic 0-4 Torino @BatiGoal Bonus Question (worth 4 points) Pique No problem 😁
  8. Did I not get any bonus points for predicting Barca-ATM score?
  9. Vibe Challenger Division Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-2 Spurs @ThomW12 Inter Milan 2-0 Borussia Dortmund @LTFC Napoli 1-3 Liverpool @Jsavfc Barcelona @Titjes 2-0 Atletico Madrid Porto 2-1 Manchester United @Crashhart Vibe Gold Division Newcastle 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal
  10. Vibe Challenger Division Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-1 Porto Borussia Dortmund @LTFC 2-0 Benfica Liverpool @Jsavfc 3-0 Sevilla Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona @Titjes Valencia 0-1 Spurs @ThomW12 Manchester United @Crashhart 2-1 Napoli Vibe Gold Division Red Bull Salzburg 2-3 Torino @BatiGoal Torino @BatiGoal 1-0 Everton
  11. Vibe Challenger Division Manchester City 2-3 Barcelona @Titjes Chelsea 1-2 Borussia Dortmund @LTFC Atletico Madrid 0-2 Liverpool @Jsavfc Manchester United @Crashhart 1-1 AC Milan Porto 0-4 Spurs @ThomW12 Vibe Gold Division Lille 1-3 Torino @BatiGoal
  12. Vibe Challenger Division Barcelona @Titjes 3-0 Porto Borussia Dortmund @LTFC 1-3 Juventus Liverpool @Jsavfc 2-1 Real Madrid Inter Milan 1-2 Manchester United @Crashhart Arsenal @gunnersaur 2-2 Atletico Madrid Spurs @ThomW12 3-0 Napoli Vibe Gold Division Anderlecht 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal Torino @BatiGoal 2-0 Olympiakos Torino @BatiGoal 2-1 Real Betis
  13. Vibe Challenger Division Juventus 1-3 Barcelona @Titjes Borussia Dortmund @LTFC 1-2 Bayern Munich PSG 2-2 Liverpool @Jsavfc Manchester United @Crashhart 1-0 Benfica Napoli 0-2 Arsenal @gunnersaur Manchester City 2-3 Spurs @ThomW12 Vibe Gold Division Torino @BatiGoal 2-1 West Ham Torino @BatiGoal 3-0 Hertha Berlin
  14. Vibe Challenger Division Barcelona @Titjes 3-1 Chelsea Borussia Dortmund @LTFC 0-2 Manchester City Liverpool @Jsavfc 3-0 Manchester United @Crashhart Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-2 Bayern Munich Spurs @ThomW12 2-2 Juventus Vibe Gold Division AZ Alkmaar 0-3 Torino @BatiGoal
  15. Vibe Challenger Division Chelsea 1-2 Spurs @ThomW12 Bayern Munich 2-3 Barcelona @Titjes Juventus 1-1 Liverpool @Jsavfc @Crashhart Manchester United 0-2 Atletico Madrid Vibe Gold Division Torino @BatiGoal 3-0 Monterrey Espanyol 0-1 Torino @BatiGoal