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  1. Niall_McGinn

    NmG Nations

    Yes, only FMM17. Currently, database editing tools for higher versions are not available.
  2. Oh my, what's this? A new update to the database that takes the total number of playable nations up to 47?
  3. Well, I'm sorry, the tone you're reading really isn't the one I wanted to put across. I do hold out hope (though it is highly unlikely) and in no way was I insinuating that it was in any way his problem that he is no longer around.
  4. Here's what I've worked on for now. It's not UD2017, and it probably never will be, but given the half-finished state the program is in, it's the best I can do. This is probably the last database that will ever be created for FMM17, given that Jay has gone missing from the Internet completely and even his site is only half working. This is also probably the only DB ever created that lets you play as Finland.
  5. Going to briefly revive this topic to say... it's disappointing to see that Jay disappeared off the face of the earth while FMM17 PGE was still not fully working. I don't see database edits being viable for a good while now, if he's not around
  6. Niall_McGinn

    Save Game Editor

    I'm pretty sure Jay's disappeared. Shame, and PE17 still isn't working fully
  7. Thank you for clarifying this
  8. ^ 1. Honestly I just assumed he hadn't said anything as he never answered my messages. 2. Thanks, will message them.
  9. I've been out of the loop for a while but was anticipating the release of a database editor like the PGE for FMM 17. I can see limitless possibilities, with nations in Africa and CONCACAF playable for the first time, and new leagues too. But there's been nothing, and Jay (the creator do these things) has been nowhere to be found. I genuinely enjoy database editing, so you can imagine my disappointment. I've been spending my time making edits to my database for FMH15 just to fill the void (coming soon!). What's happened? Will there be another database editor to replace the PGE? Also, since Niall McGinn has left Aberdeen, where do I go to get a name change? Since PGE 17 has been released, I guess this is just a thread now to discuss the future of database editing in FMM series. Meanwhile, I've made NmG Nations under "Downloads", with 25+ nations available in one database and even more to come! Check back soon.
  10. Niall_McGinn

    I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks for everything @Dec, it was an honour to be involved with your site.
  11. Niall_McGinn

    How to manage National Team

    It's kind of bizarre and unexplainable what gets you noticed by national teams - I started unemployed, with only a three-day stay at Margate under my belt, and eventually I got the Ghana job and led them to #1 in the world
  12. Niall_McGinn

    How to solve the success "Foreign Success"

    I haven't worked that out actually. To get it quickly I usually start a game as Chelsea, Sugar Daddy repeatedly and buy as many players from the Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Brazilian and Argentine leagues as possible.