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  1. I've had this bug quite a few times. Like @hhooosaid, it should be fixed fairly soon; going off recent memory.
  2. Bruno plays like a BBM, De Bruyne is more like an RP or AP
  3. Looking forward to payday on Friday, this new version looks great 🤝
  4. I've discovered a really annoying bug multiple times, specially on my Dudno save. One of my players got injured, and I was forced to sub him off. However after confirming the substitution, the replacement never came onto the pitch, leaving me with 10 men for the remainder of the game. What's even stranger is that the player I "subbed-in" still showed the match as played in his history, but got 0 on every stat in-game. Bear in mind this happened in the 30th minute. The injured player wasn't even injured after the match, despite the commentary labelling it as "a bad injury" 🤣
  5. The ability to train players to be better at set-pieces would be a cool addition, as would training weak foot. Definitely want updated stat screens as well.
  6. That wasn't my point, my point was that prize money isn't realistic to the real world, especially as you venture into smaller leagues. Recieving 200k for finishing runners-up in the Welsh 2nd divison is simply ludicrous; especially when you consider Barry Town, who finished 3rd in the Welsh Prem last season and qualified for Europe, made "only" 250k! You tend to receive far more money than you should be receiving at that level, and it allows you to outspend the rest of the divison fairly easily.
  7. While I agree that the PC version is much more in-depth and difficult than Mobile overall, there are still plenty of ways to make the mobile game more challenging or easy depending on your playstyle. While there are still some issues that need to be sorted out, mainly in the form of prize money, I think the overall challenge of the game can wildly vary from save to save, and of course, there is still depth to consider in the form of traits, personalities etc.
  8. Unlucky mate, was fun keeping up with this save with my morning Weetabix 😂. Good luck on your next save, and tons of respect for your line of work. Must be mad at this time, hope it goes well!
  9. Just a visual bug, player statistics don't get affected.
  10. Throwing my hat in the ring and guessing Dundalk or Shamrock in the Irish League 🤔
  11. Interesting challenge, might give this a try 🤔
  12. In for this season, hopefully my experience with FPL can push me up the table fairly quickly 🙌
  13. Gotta hate accidently overwriting a save you poured almost 8 seasons into 😔