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  1. Great I will have a go with this tactic
  2. I will give it a go with Liverpool
  3. John flow

    Faith tactic

    Using with Leeds 3seasons won every thing apart from the first season
  4. John flow

    Faith tactic

    Pray to Jesus Christ
  5. John flow

    Faith tactic

    You can post your result let's see how it worked for u
  6. John flow

    Faith tactic

  7. John flow

    Faith tactic

  8. John flow

    Faith tactic

    Thanks very much man forgot those
  9. I'm sorry guys I can't post pictures again every time I try it keeps on telling me low memory, but this tactic is very good and I am going to name them out,I name this tactic the faith tactic because only those who have faith in my previous tactic will test this tactic it's a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic I will start the naming in goal SK FB CD L WB BWM BBM AP IF IF DF Shape u have CONTRO,NARROW, FAST,EXPRESSIVE Defense u have BALANCE, ALL OVER,NORMAL, YES,NO Attack u have EARLY CROSSES, WORK INTO BOX,RUN AT DEFENSE SHORT MIXED SHORT There u go have faith and good luck trying, Really sorry I can't show u the results
  10. Just asking bro
  11. Are u sure u didn't use the ige
  12. John flow

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tactic

    It keeps telling me low memory added 0 minutes later It keeps telling me low memory
  13. John flow

    Possession/goal galore

    Yeah men works only with big teams
  14. John flow

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tactic

    Sorry about this I am trying to post the tactic it keeps on refusing pls help
  15. This is the tactic united were using last season and i look around the and a thought this is it really so I decided to post pls try and send me a feedback