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John flow

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  1. John flow

    Help Buy the same

    This is very short and great ,here I will tell you how to buy a player without loosing his accuracy, must times you a player with great accuracy and when you buy him it all gets lost,so here is the solution.easy you must allow the training section to your assistant
  2. John flow


    Glad your enjoying it,and for the FB just keep playing and it will stop happening
  3. John flow

    Giant killer

    U can change the striker to any role of your choice, like me now I am using a DlF and it's working well,so feel free tweak just the attacker
  4. John flow

    Giant killer

    This tactic has been tested only with Rb Leipzig
  5. John flow

    Giant killer

    U can change only the striker to any preferred one and give me the feedback to which work great only the striker
  6. With this tactic all you need is to have a very good goalkeeper.you can as well use any type of forward depending on the one available, and send the one which worked for you
  7. John flow


  8. John flow


    that's why I said it has been tested only with Manchester city
  9. John flow

    Tactics Undefeated

    This tactic has been tested only with mc and has gone all season undefeated,great right,let me know how it works for you