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  1. Dont know if this is bug or not but im getting players with the tends to struggle in big games trait changing for save to save. Ive been playing a couple of saves for a few season and it changes every new save. Like i said i dont know if its a bug or it programed this way
  2. Have to agree with Sam. Use to play championship manager years ago but stop playing years ago and only go into the mobile version since fmm17. Do really like the game but nothing really changed. The game engine and ai are really broke and it the one thing that gets ignored every year
  3. Every time a player on loan get called up for a international game he never plays. Im been getting this for the last couple of fmm. Its been reported on the si forum a number of times and everytime it does they say it dosnt happen. Is anyone else getting this or am i missing something
  4. Im in my second season got the England national team job and players that ive call up for the seniors are also playing for the U21
  5. Sorry bud got it tkanks works great
  6. Is this right i cant get it to work
  7. Have notice refs have a role as in being harsh or moderate and so on, so this my reflect if goals or penaltys are given or not
  8. B teams play in lower leagues so player development is the same as if your playing that league. Reserves are different in England as they play reserve league not lower division football so player development the same as other fmm game but now you see the games.
  9. Im getting this as well, same with free kicks takers
  10. Im getting the same, logo pack works but this don't, im on android if that helps. Do i need to reinstall the game.
  11. In my save Greenwood playing well and scoring goals, he got 9 in 12 games hes not developing
  12. I think that a player should develop a bit then plateaued im getting players plateaued before developing at all which i think is a bug. It just needs some fine turning
  13. I spoke to Marc Vaughn last night (sorry don't know how to tag) he said that the player plateaued has been put in the game to limit player development so you don't get loads of over powered teenagers and tbey will develop when there get older. Im getting the same problem with Greenwood that he is not developing at all and i have younger players than him that are which i think is a bug but not 100%
  14. Found a new transfer bug. If you accept multiple bids for a player he rejects them all. Can only sell players if you only get one bid for him.