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  1. Season 1 Transfers I decided to cash in on Sanchez and Ozil with them both refusing to sign new contracts £122 million was just to much to miss out on. This gives me a huge war chest of cash to play with. Coquelin didn't fit in tactically (my midfielders must all be great passers, playmaker type players). Mertesacker went in January as he hardly played with Chambers and Holding overtaking him in the pecking order. Wilshire will be soon moving on free when his contract finishes. I had inherited a massive squad so I didn't feel I needed to purchase any players in my first season. English Premier Division We smashed the title completing another unbeaten season. Arsenal invincibles MK 2. 106 points 108 goals not a bad start. Carabao Cup I like to play my reserves and blood youth players in cup games. Knocked out in the third round but great experience for the young lads. FA Cup Fifth round exit again blooded youngsters in the FA cup. My reserves/youth players got us all the way to the final the highlight being my B team thrashing AC Milan 6-0 over 2 legs. In the final it might seem harsh but I played a full strength side, it is a Continental Cup after all. Star Player Highest average rating in the league. Won all player awards. Best Team This was my go to eleven when fit. They played some great football at times, top stuff. Club Finances Lots of money in the Gunners coffers. My Managerial To Do List First things first I've got a lot of players contracts to renew as you can see by the screen shot below. I'm happy for Cazorla to leave his attributes have taken a serious nose dive. Cech , Ospina, Walcott and the multi award winning Welbeck are all refusing to negotiate new deals at this time. Been here before. Anybody else found so many players refusing to sign new deals? On previous games I've had maybe the odd player but not most players. Maybe its the current crop of players on this Arsenal save. I mean come on the Gunners are back at the top back In the Champions League, sign on the dotted line. Unlike last summer I don't need the cash so maybe I'll risk holding onto these experienced players for 1 more season. Central Midfield Advanced Playmakers is where my squads looking thin so a couple of potential world class youngsters here is my transfer priority.
  2. Do I hold onto them and risk losing a probable £100+ million or cash in? That would be a lot of money to re-invest in the squad.
  3. Hi all I'm AlexP this is my first post for a few years. I posted a couple of fairly popular tactics and careers back on FMH2013 and FMH2014 the highlight for me taking Truro from the Conference South all the way to Premier league glory with the help of Beckham's regen. I've not played the handheld version since then so after what's become the customary managerial sabbatical I'm back! I'm not an Arsenal fan but I respect them as a club and I admire Arsene Wenger for everything he's done in the game. But I've decided its time for change and I'm the man to rebuild the Gunners.
  4. I agree with most of your points ashez. For me after using the new match engine for several hours I found it far too slow, so I like many others reverted back to the original engine. I'm from a CM/Football manger background, but it's the quick pick up and play element of FMH that is the games appeal for me. As you have said FM, FMC and FMH should be different games and appeal to different gamers. It's disappointed me and I'm finding it hard to enjoy FMH2015 as a result. Please keep FMH quick, easy to use and fun.
  5. I agree about being deprived of the pick up and play element, FMH being quick and simple is the attraction for most and the new game engine spoils that for me. It takes FMH into the realm of PC FM. It's true about the strikers making few passed also wide players 2. I have tried various roles both in the AMR/L and MR/L but they don't seem to get on the ball and pass anymore often. I'm not sure what the long term solution is. But I've just bought a new game for £6.99 and it doesn't interest me to play it and that's a shame.
  6. The layout looks fantastic
  7. I know it's not long till the new game but i thought this might help someone till they get the new game so it's worth posting. I have tweaked this tactic slightly, changing 3 player roles to make it more solid defensively. Changing the 2 central APM's for a CM and a BBM. This helps win the midfield battle. But I like to have a playmaker so I moved him out to the AMR position where he is flourishing finding extra time and space out wide. I've updated the attribute guide in the OP. The Formation/Player Roles Team Instructions
  8. Great layout to the site, excellent content, enthusiastic members fairly moderated by the staff. Congrats and well done to everyone involved with Vibe.
  9. Great article and ideas. More player roles are something I'm hoping for and was what I put on the FMH 2015 wish list.
  10. You are welcome Richwhufc thanks, glad it's brought you success. I've not played the game for a while due to work commitments. So if anybody has tried this tactic with the latest update, please let Rich know how it performed.
  11. In my opinion the team plays better as a whole with an advanced forward instead of a poacher.