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  1. To be honest before start this save I didn't read the rules of this challenge..but after the successful season i realise that my score is to be at the top of the leaderbord.. except that i didn't understand some of the rules.. let's see the results.. Transfers My main philosophy was to buy for each position one experienced players and one at least youngster who can afford.. Tactic My priority was to make a Bruno jr and i choose Diogo Nascimento to be the man The final score we hit a great score with 127 points and 99 gd.. Final score: 127+99= 226 Thanks for reading
  2. There is some way to increase the stars at set pieces?? Someone knows??
  3. As I promise to my fans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i give a second chance to the mega star BRUNO FERNANDES.. First of all i wanna thank you for the support fellas!! Let's see the second and last attempt for this challenge The tactic Almost the same philosophy for my team with a few tweaks and different players Transfers I only trust Koulibaly from my first attempt and choose some other players and this time i keep Pogba in my team Competitions We dominate everything with good performances in every competition Team performance All of my players had a very good season and all of them help for this challenge Manager profile We had a good gpg number for first season Bruno Fernandes I think i have nothing to say for this man!! His numbers is just incredible Final score 39 goals and 53 assists Total score 39+106= 145 points I strong recommend this challenge to every fmm player..is very enjoyable!! See ya fellas!!
  4. As a huge fan of MUFC (no hate about that i support this team many yearsπŸ˜€) I'll give a try with the man who bring the smile again to us BRUNO FERNANDES!! The tactic I decide to play with the safe of three at the back.. In the middle two CMs or BBM.. And then we have Bruno as a Treq the at the wing, i prefer left footed at the left wing and right footed at the right and that give more opportunities for Bruno to take a shoot..At front two very good players as DLF or TM.. Transfers I make a lot of transfers some of these was false like Sancho,the man is very unprofessional ( in second attempt i prefer Grealish) but I've made and some very good transfers like Bernardo Silva Competitions We won almost all the trophies except the Carabao cup Bruno Fernandes This guy is immortal..Play all the matches through the year but almost in every game i substitute him to keep him fresh.. He hit an incredible double triple in PL ( 30 goals ad 30 assist) with the total of 45 goals and 39 assist.. Total score = 45+78= 123 points Thanks for reading!! Surely i give this challenge a second attempt 😜
  5. Even after his next birthday is all the same..i think i have to wait until he turns 22..
  6. My player doesn't develop in the matches anymore.. Does not reach their full potential and his development not plateaued.. Any thoughts about that??
  7. Two times the same player at almost the same minute.. release on a free?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Hello mates again!! I decide to follow the advice of @RichD and go all out attack on a poor league like our Greek Super League and the result was impressive. I create an alternative assymetric tactic based on the better players i had for the first season and worked well for me but still working on it. Our guys for the TT is the cheapest i found because of the restricted transfer budget of my team but 2 of them was my favourite for FMM21. Let's see my guys for this challenge Nico Serrano started free with very high potential Emanuel Emegha my flying Dutch Martin Satriano my new Edison Cavani Season 1 We won the championship and the cup as well.. and now the numbers Serrano P 38 G 15 Emegha P 37 G 39 Satriano P 33 G 19 SEASON TOTAL P 108 G 73 Not bad i think for the first season and the poor team i have.. looking forward to strength my squad in next transfer window..
  9. I'm done with this challenge..im thinking about a TT with Panathinaikos inspired by @RichD with his Celtic save.. Super League 5/5βœ“ Cup 4/3βœ“ Top Goalscorer 5/3βœ“ Goals 307+18= 325/319βœ“ I want to thank you all for your support..special thanks to @Kanegan who makes this challenge.. see you around!!
  10. Season 2 A brilliant season ended.. The next season will be in Serie A again!! We had a great season with a lot ups and downs..after some tweak i found a good tactic for these players but my "Miccoli" still struggling to get some goals.. i expect to pass this situation.. Lucas Nunez (Pastore) had another superb season but unfortunately his development has plateaued Martin Satriano (Cavani) he turns to a beast for Serie B and hit a very good amount of goals Leonardo Rossi (Miccoli) had a goalscoring difficulty but his development is very good.. he had 50% raise to his goals.. from 2 to 3 πŸ˜‚ Let's see
  11. Wtf dude!!?? You broke the game totally πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are a legend!!
  12. Season 1 The first season is over..Serie C was much difficult than i thought but after a good finish we crowned champions.. We won and the supercopa against the other group champions.. Our new MCP had a tough season but new Pastore, Lucas Nunez had a very very good season surely better than Pastore's first season at Palermo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Our Cavani, Martin Satriano had a good develop and a good amount of goals.. Unfortunately our Miccoli , Leonardo Rossi is too young and we re waiting a better seasons at future..
  13. I decided to rebuild a very good team..Edison Cavani,Javier Pastore,Fabrizio Miccoli,Andrea Bellotti,Luca Toni and many many more quality class players..i would like to build the 2009-2010 successful trio with the new Miccoli-Cavani-Pastore (MCP) is about to begin.. We start With large transfer activity and lot of Argentinian players.. Take a look at the tactic transfers and my three choices for new MCP. i know the best trio is Arezo,Almada and Esposito but first year in Palermo I don't have the money to buy one sock of eachπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚