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  1. Excellent job mate!! Truly legendary.. And now with fmm22 almost out please can you share the tactic and the instructions of this masterpiece because with strikerless tactic im struggling? thanks a lot!
  2. This time 2 months earlier..a very good challenger..i think I'm ready for a "Moukoko" challenge and the last for this one.. @samhardy thanks for this challenge!! I love it
  3. My second challenger is more effective.. ps.. maybe he is relative to the legend Yaya Sanogo 😂😂
  4. I'm the first one for this year??
  5. Equal my personal best and the vibes record with a less known player..
  6. I have just Fmm the Fmm... I'm with Sparta 😂😂😂
  7. Anyone had a problem with the real name fix file?? It doesn't work after the update..
  8. Just wait..at every update i will wait for one and a half hour..its because of the graphics you may upload..
  9. I think i have the hardest team for this challenge.. Sporting Lisbon..His all time top Goalscorer has a 1.62 Gpg with 544 goals in 334 games!! Really impressive..I believe @Rich can beat this score for fun
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