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  1. Season 1 update After a tough season we have a very successful result.. promoted to first division as champions and our main man was on fire!! Ligue 1 here we come!!Make SANOGO great again!! And some awards for the GOAT😂😂
  2. Hello guys!!im tryin to rebuild a fallen's wonderkid carrer..one of the fm legends at the ages 2010-2012 with his favourite team..my choise is YAYA SANOGO and the team of course AUXERRE.. Here is the transfers of first team and my tactic..
  3. And one last question.. which leagues you have upload??
  4. Thank you man!!i found your advices very helpful and I'm trying to do my best after these..thanks for spending your time to explain me your way to success.. And here some greek players who maybe help you for your career.. 1. Bouzoukis (retrain him as left winger, and became a very helpful player) 2. Chatzigiovanis (after 2 years has 18 crossing and dribbling) 3. Nikolaou (very strong cb if you playing with cd and not bpd) 4. Christogeorgos (Gk, after 3 years his attributes is amazing for greek player) 5. Fotis Ioannidis (November database only,is my second favourite ST for fmm20 after Fabio Silva, is a true goal machine)
  5. Massive results!! congrats!!i play in greek superleague too with my fav team panathinaikos..any advice to get max of goals from striker because my arezo at 2 season have 50 goals combined..thanks!!
  6. Second season Another very successful season for our team.. we've won the championship again easily.. in the cup after two difficult draws with Olympiacos and AEK the second one knocked us out.. In Champions League after two qualification rounds we pass to group stage...Bayern, Marseille and Zenit was the opponents..very difficult group but we are too lucky and get the third place..and because UEFA loves us they send Liverpool to our way..of course they knocked us out.. Some new gems came for free and the third season is about to begin..
  7. I know it's two big prospects for the team and im afraid that is too difficult to keep them in my team..
  8. My first priority is defence until i build a strong team in attack..thank you @SSolas and @Dagion for your kindness.. Stay tuned for new updates..😉
  9. Second season We did a total Refresh of the squad remaining in the same philosophy...all the players is free agents...we build a young team with a lot of potential and we looking forward to the new challenge of Champions League!!
  10. First season update After a very tough season we did the unexpected..we bring the championship at "Kleanthis Vikelidis" after 74 years!! At Europa League stay at group stage after 2 qualification rounds.. At Greek cup we reach quarter finals..
  11. First and fast update... I found some gold in free agents and create a strong team for greek superleague..i bought for each position one experienced and one youngster player but nobody was homegrown.. I create a tactic for players i have and looking forward to work it.. P.s. sorry for my English grammar..
  12. My first post after so many years of playing fm..my first was cm01-02 but now i don't have so much time because of dad duty!! Inspired by some other guy, i don't remember his name, i choose to challenge my self with a team from my country and my dad's favourite team ARIS Thessaloniki..as you see i dont have many choices to buy players with this finances.. searching for free agents and i came back again with the full roster..
  13. My first post and i want to share with you my pain!!😭😭 I am at trird season with only french youngsters..i came again next year!!