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  1. You can’t add or remove leagues mid-way through a save unfortunately. That’s only available on the PC version. To manage in a different nation it will have to be on a separate save.
  2. Agreed with this. Age or tournament experience has absolutely nothing to do with it, if age was an issue then he wouldn’t be in the squad in the first place. What is more of an issue (on Saka) is that he’s never taken a penalty before and was allowed to take one whoever’s decision it was over other players who have taken and scored pens in their career previously.
  3. Congratulations to Vincent Vegan on winning vibe’s Euro 2020 Fantasy Football competition. The next fantasy event we will be doing will be for the 21/22 Premier League season and the vibe league for that will be set up shortly!
  4. Final Leaderboard Congratulations to @MrCaseiro! He led after Round 1 and stayed in touch throughout before getting 2 exact scores out of the last 3 games of the tournament to take the title by two points. At the last World Cup there were only 4 people mathematically able to win going into the grand finale whereas this time it was possible for 9 of you to win which shows how close it was this year. 48 - @MrCaseiro 46 - @jsh0t @Don-x 45 - @Superfrank8 @Albionic 43 - @Woody 42 - @SK15Kev @Arzii94 41 - @geordiekrispy @Rich 39 - @broodje kip 38 - @L_Dotz 37 - @JamesVilla 35 - @Ashez @Kun Aguero 33 - @MooseSweden83 32 - @Titjes 27 - @Aaron Thornton 25 - @leedsunited87 Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully you enjoyed it.
  5. Well done to Italy. Best team in the tournament from start to finish, fully deserved winners. People who stutter in their run up, do the conga and then just pass the ball to the keeper trying to “send him the wrong way” when taking a penalty do my head in though and deserve everything they get when they miss. Just fucking wallop it.
  6. Leaderboard after Semi-Finals Remember it’s triple points for the final, 3 points for a correct outcome and a massive 9 available for a perfect score so with the leaderboard being so tight that means that a whole host of people can still mathematically win. Looks like it’s between the top 6 though. 46 - @jsh0t @Don-x 45 - @Superfrank8 @Albionic 43 - @Woody 41 - @Rich 39 - @broodje kip @MrCaseiro 38 - @L_Dotz 37 - @JamesVilla 35 - @Kun Aguero 34 - @Del1Sketch 33 - @MooseSweden83 @Arzii94 @SK15Kev 32 - @geordiekrispy @Ashez 29 - @Titjes 27 - @Aaron Thornton 25 - @leedsunited87 The final kicks off at 8PM BST tomorrow so anyone still to predict make sure yours are in before then! Score after 90 minutes only will count.
  7. Top 15 after Quarter-Finals
  8. Leaderboard after Quarter-Finals We have yet another new leader, this time @jsh0t charges to the top from 4th place after scoring 12 points in this round. Just 4 games left to predict now so a good time to hit the front but it’s still very tight at the top especially between the top 3 and it’s anyone’s game! 46 - @jsh0t 45 - @Superfrank8 @Albionic 40 - @Don-x 39 - @broodje kip 38 - @L_Dotz 37 - @JamesVilla @Woody 35 - @Kun Aguero @Rich 34 - @Del1Sketch 33 - @SK15Kev @MooseSweden83 @MrCaseiro 32 - @geordiekrispy @Ashez 29 - @Titjes 27 - @Aaron Thornton @Arzii94 25 - @leedsunited87 Semi-Final Fixtures Deadline for predictions this week is 8PM BST on Tuesday when the first semi-final kicks off. Italy v Spain England v Denmark
  9. The fact that Michael Oliver is the English refereeing representative at this tournament really says it all about the state of officiating in this country. That’s an absolute belter of a tackle and he potentially ruins the game by having a guess and sending him off.
  10. Top 15 after Round of 16
  11. Leaderboard after Round of 16 @Albionic with a great day today to climb to the top of the leaderboard in a very low-scoring round. 41 - @Albionic 37 - @Superfrank8 35 - @broodje kip 34 - @jsh0t 33 - @Rich @Woody 31 - @MrCaseiro 30 - @L_Dotz @Del1Sketch 29 - @MooseSweden83 @JamesVilla* 28 - @Ashez @Don-x 27 - @Titjes @AdamNufc* 25 - @Aaron Thornton @SK15Kev @Kun Aguero 24 - @geordiekrispy 23 - @Arzii94 21 - @leedsunited87 * Didn’t submit predictions for the Round of 16 and will be removed from the leaderboard if no predictions are made for the next round. Quarter-Finals Remember predictions are for the score after 90 minutes only. Deadline is kick off for the first game which is Switzerland v Spain on Friday at 5PM BST. Fixtures Switzerland v Spain Belgium v Italy Czech Republic v Denmark Ukraine v England
  12. For me this England team is far, far more likeable than most we’ve had in the past. I’m a big fan of teams who are rock solid at the back, will give everything for each other and put everything on the line to win. Shortage of goals don’t matter if you aren’t conceding any. Who cares about “attractive” football and tiki taka. With that in mind it’s a shame about the second goal as I had us down as the main candidate to win it the proper way and 1-0 1-0 1-0 1-0 our way to the 🏆
  13. Is Williams playing for Wales or Denmark? What an absolute joker. Surely Wales have got a better option in his position?
  14. Was it this one? It’s part of the badges of honour series and the only challenge relating to Fernandes that comes up with a search.
  15. Top 15 after Group Stage