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  1. Why? Both group of men kicked the ball into the net once. The game has already gone at the top level so just enjoy the horrific decisions when you get them as before long one will go the other way.
  2. The salary cap has nothing to do with the virus. It’s been in planning for a couple of years now I think. Can’t see it being included personally. Similar things ie squad rules haven’t been implemented properly in the past. I’m with @Ashez I don’t expect an awful lot this year tbh however for all the criticism SI have come in for in the last few years they probably deserve to be cut some slack this year.
  3. No surprise there. Team talks aren’t in the game!
  4. Top 15 after GW1 Doesn’t go down far enough to accommodate @Foxy this week unfortunately
  5. I genuinely thought Serge from Kasabian was playing for Leeds for a moment. That Klich is the splitting image of him!
  6. I believe it’s a well known issue on here that reserve team results always seem to be poor regardless of who is in the squad. Never noticed it myself but seen it mentioned on a few occasions.
  7. It’ll be possible with the in game editor I’d have thought but you’d have to purchase it from the store.
  8. Would that be a double trouble or a trouble double @Ian? 😂
  9. Challenge Cup 2020 - The Final Results After a month of fierce competition we are down to our final two of Ian and Cockers. Ian made it this far by topping the qualifying round and followed it up with victories over @Mr Tree and @Woody whilst Cockers finished middle of the pack before defeating @gunnersaur and then @Jsavfc in a thriller. Both have done fantastically well to get this far but there can only be one winner. For the final time this Challenge Cup let’s have a look at the results. Team of Choice Ian - New York City FC Cockers - Atlanta United Nothing to see here really as I don’t think there was any right or wrong choice of club. Player of Choice Ian - Ian Henderson Cockers - Ian Carlos Poveda This was slightly more interesting as Ian went for a player with better attributes in Henderson although he is more of a goalscorer than a creator. Cockers went for a slightly lesser player but one that is more of a natural assister. Points League Points Ian - 84 Cockers - 63 Ian takes the early advantage. He romped to the league only losing two games along the way whilst Cockers could only muster a 3rd place finish. The ideal start for the favourite but still plenty of time for Cockers to turn it around. Nicklaw Points Ian - 45 Cockers - 26 Maybe that time is running away now though as another comfortable victory for Ian from this particular section. Surprisingly they both couldn’t manage many goals between the brothers, Ian only managing a combined total of 15 with 14 for Cockers, but the clean sheets were the big difference here and Ian’s solid defensive record came up trumps again. He managed 10 clean sheets which far surpassed what his opponent could manage and Ian now has the title in the palm of his hands! Ian Assists Ian - 21 That gives Ian a total of 150 and with Cockers currently on 89 it would take an absolute miracle for him to overhaul this. 62 assists to be precise! It couldn’t happen could it? ... ... No it couldn’t as that is far too many assists realistically to contemplate with what is a decent at best winger in the first season. He could only manage 13 which means. Final Score: Ian 150-102 Cockers 🏆 🏆 🏆 Challenge Cup 2020 Champion - Ian 🏆 🏆 🏆 A huge well done to @Ian who claims his second title of FMM20 on vibe and his 3rd overall. He may have rode his luck at times throughout but none of that matters as you still have to get over the line and in winning the title he has done that better than anybody else. Commiserations to @Cockers2505 who falls short in the final but nevertheless has still enjoyed a marvellous run to the final. And finally thanks to everyone who has helped, read and participated in this event throughout, I hope you have enjoyed reading or playing it as much as I have hosting it.
  10. Both results are in and without giving too much away I can confirm that a bloke with the first name Ian has won. Results will be posted tomorrow...
  11. Cracking career lads. I kept falling behind but great achievements all round.
  12. Do not adjust your set, this is indeed a rare career from me, and one that hopefully I can get through a lot quicker than my last one I’m taking on my own version of this classic @Ashez challenge. Not sure whether it’ll be possible but let’s see. In short, I will be playing as Barcelona’s fiercest rivals Espanyol, and the only players I’ll be signing will be from the Spanish “giants”. The long term aim is to weaken Barca so much that they get relegated from La Liga. A secondary aim will be to improve our own reserve side so much that every season will end up being a 1-2 with both my first and second teams winning their respective divisions. One other thing, I won’t be using players that come through the youth system for either the first team or reserves, so alongside the players that I have in my starting squad everyone will have crossed the divide. So without further ado, let’s see how things started: Transfer Window The short answer to how things started is well, not great. Adjusting the budgets and selling a few players only gave us a budget of about £30M which you don’t need me to tell you will not buy any player Barca would be too bothered about getting rid of. This meant I had two options: Buy a few promising youth players, that could improve my first team squad and help out the reserves if they weren’t playing often enough for me. The boring route - not sign anyone in the first window and keep the money for myself instead of boosting Barca’s transfer budget. I decided not to be boring in the end and picked up a few youngsters who will undoubtedly improve throughout the season, along with Arda Turan who will do a job as a squad player. Here’s the squad we started (and finished, we signed nobody else in January) the season with. A few recognisable names in there. Calleri is missing from that screenshot who’s a decent striker. So that’s the introduction. I’ve finished the first season and will update the first half of the season later in the week. The third game of the season is the first Catalan derby, Barca away 😬 The aim for the season is of course to win the league, but at a bare minimum finish above Barca. Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy the rapid updates*** I will be providing. *** Absolutely in no way a guarantee and a season a month might be more realistic 🤣