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  1. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Thanks for all the comments! Trying to. It says he's been learning the position for x amount of months but nothing happening. Resigned myself to the fate that it's not going to happen, odd really considering he's banging in the goals. The league screenshot is after the split, not as strange as it looks
  2. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Update - Season 2 Legia Identical to last season, squad is still pretty weak so getting through a group which contained Juventus and Villarreal was a great achievement in the CL. Domestically we don't have any competition really. Check the spoiler below for the squad as well as the cup screenshots Harvey Barnes As you can see by the appearances screenshot he missed a few games this season, again. This was down to a couple of annoying fortnight long injuries which kept him out of games and disrupted his form. Still his attributes are progressing nicely Better than last season but I'm still expecting quite a big improvement in the coming seasons. His goals in the league need to be improved but 111 represents a good return after 2 seasons! Games played - 96 Goals scored - 111 Goals remaining - 889
  3. Much more consistent season and a good one for the club. Hopefully he starts hitting the big numbers soon! Always a good read with your careers
  4. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Have you read the last few comments?
  5. When Isak picks up a 6 month injury a couple of games into the next season...
  6. Article 10 Vibe challenges you should try

    Another one into the mystical @BatiGoal book of excuses!
  7. Guides/Tips Lower League Tips And Tricks

    There's loads of tactics all over the forum just search by the tactics tag at the top.
  8. Article 10 Vibe challenges you should try

    To be honest, being fired and accumulating a total of 0 points in the process is a challenge in itself... @Taff
  9. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Top 15 after GW5
  10. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    @AzmiG26 @Taff In relation to the keeping him around issue then that's my job to ensure progress in Europe really. I would be open to moving clubs but ideally he stays in Poland for the long-term! Hopefully Looks like all along I had the cure and only now I realise what it is! Hmm. I expected a lot more hatred than this if I'm being honest. Poor effort to kick things off with Cheers mate! No sarcastic comment yet? Thanks mate, hope it will be massive. I actually think at the start Poland is worse than Scotland... Which is some achievement.
  11. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    It would require you not to disappear
  12. EME is the enhanced match engine and OME is the original match engine. You can find out which one you're using under starting configuration in preferences.
  13. Maybe it's worth taking the risk and trying to get a move elsewhere. Still a long way to go so keep the faith!
  14. Career Good and Bad

    361 goals in a 38 game season. Average mate Interesting finds. The game does come up with some queries!
  15. It's an extremely badly kept secret that I have a strained relationship with the 1KC to say the least and after the Rashford corruption disaster earlier in the year I was convinced the curse wouldn't be lifted this year. However during the CC final against @BatiGoal one player in particular got me over the line and freed me from that separate curse that hung over me like a dark cloud and immediately I thought if this player couldn't get me over the line in this challenge then who could... Surely it's written in the stars as a double curse-lift in FMM2017! Step forward... Harvey Barnes Doesn't look outstanding at the start but I know he has that goalscoring knack! The club of choice, or the country of choice rather, was Poland due to the poor quality of the league and because I haven't had much experience there this year. With that in mind, the only club that could afford Harvey was Legia Warsaw. Updates will be in quite a casual manner for this save as I'll be focusing on actually trying to complete this at the millionth attempt The story so far Season 1 My deceased Grandfather could win the treble with Legia in all honesty. With England all needing to be loaded they didn't actually have many players so I had to fill the squad up with free agents so the run to the CL last 16 was unexpected, especially considering we progressed through a group which included Atletico Madrid and Monaco. Legia Squad list in order of appearances Assists Harvey Barnes With the club side of things out the way let's have a look at how the main man got on. He didn't play a great amount of games but that's down to me being paranoid about overplaying him and causing unnecessary injuries! Games played/scored - 49/53 So... Not a bad start for the first season but with Poland being so weak I'll be looking to exploit that sooner rather than later. One season down, one season closer to inevitable failure!