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  1. FMM20 Article Index General FMM Guides/Opinion Pieces @Foxy - Why you should buy FMM legally Tactical/Training Guides / Player Guides / Team Guides / League Guides @S4NCH0 - Greek Football for Dummies (FMM2020) @S4NCH0 - Danish Football for Dummies (FMM2020) Editor Guides / Experiments/Shortlists @Foxy - Football Manager 2020: Five Clubs to Manage Last Updated - 14th November 2019
  2. Doesn’t the S in SI stand for smooth?
  3. Combination of these two hit the nail on the head for me. Let’s hope for a smooth release is all I can say as if it’s as bad again this year I expect that will be that for a lot of people. New leagues + improved match day experience = Potentially good additions. Everything else not interested.
  4. Don't worry mate he hasn't got any idea what he's talking about himself. It's actually quite amusing.
  5. Always good to see a leaderboard that @BatiGoal isn't top of. Keep holding him off @Ian.
  6. samhardy

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    £60M cheat is a major blast from the past, don't think it was a bug though? It was in for years, they had the chance to remove it but never did 😂 FMH08 was my first one though so holds a special place in my heart for those reasons, 09 was a bugfest though as that was the first year with the 2D engine and it crashed more often than Pastor Maldonado but all the other PSP games were almost perfect.
  7. samhardy

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    Best of the lot
  8. samhardy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if it was Karl Robinson or maybe baconbuttie?
  9. samhardy

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    2013, had it on both PSP and iOS and both offered something different despite *officially* being the same game. You could play it for hours on end without wanting to put it down which is something I haven't had from the game for years. And most importantly playable straight from launch. Gameplay itself would probably look incredibly basic now but I'd happily have it back over the current version which shows how much the series has regressed. 2014 was ok but all downhill from there.
  10. samhardy

    English football

    I can only dream.
  11. samhardy

    English football

    So unfortunate for Gateshead today, looked much the better team against Oldham throughout just couldn’t take their chances. On another day they’d have wiped the floor with them!
  12. The game itself is usually released on a Friday (midnight) as well isn't it? 19th is a Tuesday so that will change things regarding when features are announced I assume.
  13. samhardy


    Can't you start putting some effort into these reviews?
  14. samhardy

    Your best moment of FMM 2019

    If you didn't refer to him as Ferrero Roche throughout the save then you missed out.