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  1. Back when the game was on the PSP there used to be rumours that whatever position the captain you selected was then the players in the same position as him felt the benefits and their performances improved. So if you chose a DC with high leadership then it would have a positive impact on the rest of your back 4. No idea whether it was true or not but worth mentioning.
  2. The whole National League system has confirmed their intention to declare the season null and void The likelihood of PL + EFL null and void just increased. Preparing for Accrington away again*!! * Not that we are going up anyway.
  3. They all appear in the job centre. What leagues did you load at the start of the game? If you just loaded English leagues then only English jobs will appear.
  4. Yes all available jobs show from the countries you loaded at the start of the game.
  5. After seeing the club of choice I might have to break out the ancient broken spine war dance 😳
  6. Actually this is always what I always hope happens whenever @BatiGoal is attempting a player challenge. The good old 11 month damaged spine is the best one though.
  7. I imagine he will get the comfort food in as a dress rehearsal for the real thing. 4.5 million pork pies should do it. Looking forward to seeing how you get on @Ian
  8. Happy birthday to a true legend of not only Sunderland but in fact that can be extended to the entire country. His 0 England call ups were 150 too few. Now no doubt absolutely ripping up the Eredivisie for Venlo. And more importantly than that one of my favourite players of all time. Many happy returns to Lee Barry Cattermole.
  9. Of course, this is fine. But plenty of members aren’t happy about it which is why I said to report or let us know if they weren’t. The same person creating multiple alias accounts just to spam people via PM when they could very easily create a thread or make a post asking for help is in my opinion and the opinion of several others unacceptable.
  10. There’s nothing more annoying on here than people spamming you with message after message begging or requesting tactics that you’ve spent your time making. I know a few of you have messaged me about this and recently there’s been a large increase in tactics begging via PM (even people creating numerous alias accounts to spam people, why they don’t just ask with a thread on the actual forum is beyond me). If you receive a message of this type and you aren’t happy about it which I can’t imagine anyone would be then please either report the PM using the “report reply” button or message myself or @Foxy. Thanks
  11. Glad to see everyone likes it Hopefully we see a good few people have a crack at it and get a few names on the leaderboard. I’m intrigued to see at what level it’ll start to get very difficult.
  12. Manager profile at the end should be enough for proof of no transfers I think but a transfer history every season to be on the safe side probably. A career thread would be the best way if you want to do season updates though. Doubt I’ll be giving it a go, hardly played the game for 10 minutes never mind 10 seasons so far 😂