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  1. No-one ever gives Ba any credit for how well he does after Gerrard slips.
  2. Week 3 fixtures. Challenge up tomorrow.
  3. Week 2 Results This was a very intriguing week and it was interesting to see the different ways everyone went about it. The big decision was what team to go for and whether to sacrifice a weaker league in Wales for more games in England. Some people sacked off Trundle altogether and just concentrated on winning the league which is a risky move but it turned out to be smart. @MikeF v @Crashhart @Ian v @Kanegan @Mr Tree v @smoggy90 @BatiGoal v @Woody Here is the full scorelist from week 2: And here is the table following what was a dramatic second week. Tree moves off the bottom and is replaced by Woody, whilst Mike and Smoggy are lurking menacingly behind the top 4 of Bati, Ian, Crash and Kanegan ready to pounce. It’s already shaping up to be an exciting race for the playoffs after just week 2.
  4. The results will be up at some point this afternoon.
  5. Absolutely nothing is “giving” in this colossal matchup as we reach the halfway point, 7 of the first 9 holes have been halved. Which means there has been hardly any change in the overall odds throughout. Can you pick a winner at this stage? What about you @BatiGoal? 🤔 Overall Odds @Foxy - 8/15 @Ian - 5/4 Hole 10 is a brutal hole if not played correctly. There are simply too many variables in this challenge for accurate predictions to be made. None of the 3 outcomes would be a surprise here. I’m hoping for 2 big fat Andy Reid shaped double bogeys myself. Hole 10 Odds (Camelia) @Foxy - 29/20 Hole Halved - 5/2 @Ian - 9/5
  6. samhardy


    Can I get on the train?
  7. You can see them after the game if you go on the overview from the match. Or you could on the vanilla version of the game anyway.
  8. Are you able to offer him a new contract? That usually takes unhappiness away.
  9. Yes it’s a great challenge good luck everyone, please remember to use the same PM thread as the first round
  10. You would have got a draw minimum with that showing most weeks. Interesting start to the tournament! Here’s week 2 fixtures Challenge will be posted on Monday.
  11. Long shots and set pieces have been where 80% of goals come from ever since the EME started. Play commentary only it takes some of that frustration away.