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  1. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    7/10 results in
  2. Help Unlock Everything

    It’s at least 10 seasons I think. Keep winning trophies and you should have it soon.
  3. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Just the 2 results so far Must be too hard for everyone.
  4. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    This isn't a problem and not worth starting again over. It's just a strike of good luck, you haven't broke any of the challenge rules as he wasn't green at the start. Obviously once your Dutch LB returns he'll have to go back in. When did your phone break? Screenshots worked fine last week As long as there's screenshots by the end of the week then it's fine.
  5. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Yes, of course. Stupid question that Taff
  6. Chat Surpassing Work Permits

    When in your save go to Settings, then the "View" button then unlockables.
  7. Chat Surpassing Work Permits

    It varies save by save I think but it's quite a lot of players And yeah you can turn it on and off from the unlockables menu in any save.
  8. Chat Surpassing Work Permits

    You can get the unlockable that removes work permits, just start a save with City or someone rich and buy a whole bunch of South American players with a decent amount of international caps. After a certain amount of players you'd get the unlockable. It's also available as an IAP
  9. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Finished here. Easy challenge tbh Looking forward to seeing all the results.
  10. Off Topic Nintendo

    How this thread has got 10 pages is beyond me
  11. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    Can't wait for this to finish so it's just Woodburn, if he can hit 87 in a front 3 what could he hit on his own! Wonder if @FuddledFox agrees with this. Should I be more of an arsehole?
  12. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Hope it happens to you.