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  1. Brilliant performance @smoggy90. A fantastic win for the North East and it’s safe to say I’m happy with this one. Shame your assistant didn’t play the final as well @BatiGoal he might have made it a decent match then 😢
  2. Welcome to vibe Jacob.
  3. These high scoring, pulse racing thrillers are what the Vibe World Cup is all about. Loved it.
  4. First name on the leaderboard is @Cockers2505, an outstanding effort. Be sure to check out his career if you haven’t already and give him some praise.
  5. Have to start to recoup some of that crippling debt somewhere. £450M it’s getting towards now isn’t it?
  6. So Black Cat Betting return for the final time this event with odds for both the third place playoff between England and Asia and also the North East vs “Holland” final. Firstly though we look at the Golden Mobile. Betting has been suspended on this market with the feeling being @BatiGoal can not be overtaken. Therefore congratulations to @Ian your bet has won and you have won £50 worth of free bets for the final which are usable at either Black Cat Betting or FoxBet. The Matches Asia (8/15) vs England (6/4) Ordinarily this one would be a very hard one to call with maybe England being slight favourites but after a promising start to the event it has fizzled put into a bit of a disappointment for @Rob and @Woody. To add insult to injury Rob heads into this one on the back of a threesome that was abandoned halfway through so you have to wonder where his mind will be at and the Asian duo of @Kanegan and @broodje kip are expected to come out on top in this one and take the bronze medal. Final “Holland” (1/3) vs North East (9/4) It is safe to say that the “Dutch” pairing of @BatiGoal and @Foxy dominated the group stage winning every challenge with Bati especially opening up a commanding and probably now unassailable lead in the Golden Mobile and this is shown with their massive favouritism in the odds. However my completely unbiased tip for the final is to bet your house, car, whatever else on the North East to take the title at those incredibly generous odds. Bati’s past wounds will already be opening at the thought of playing me in a final and the general consensus is that he will bomb here allowing the extremely consistent pairing of myself and @smoggy90 to take the title.
  7. Is this further proof that every threesome does in fact need a Woody?
  8. @Ashez fully out of retirement now 1K challenge completed by the end of the month, 50 iScouts a day incoming!
  9. 6 quid to unlock some all new brand spanking new state of the art bugs 😕 SI can’t get a normal release right never mind a “big event” one. I’m not sure there will be an FMM21 either but I wouldn’t expect anything special for 22.
  10. Not a great score this week but hopefully we’ve already done enough in the first couple of weeks to get through. It’s clear to me that champions need to get a bad performance out of the way at some point during a tournament or it will come in the final. Think this week’s was mine whereas I expect @BatiGoal to completely fold like a deckchair in the final whoever his opponents.
  11. To complete the challenge you only have two more trophies to win, National League and Serie B. You only need to win each trophy once so you’ve already done the CWC and Super Cup (unless that’s an additional challenge you’ve set yourself)
  12. Last time I checked this thread he was getting beat 😱
  13. Complete farce in the EFL once again, haven’t a clue what they’re doing but are letting clubs and owners like “big” Darragh MacAnthony give them the runaround. Trying to please everybody yet will end up pleasing nobody. Personally I couldn’t care less how they resolve the season as long as it gets done quickly which it hasn’t been. They need to grow a pair, make a decision for the whole competition whether that’s playing behind closed doors or abandoning with PPG and say that’s what’s happening whether you like it or not.