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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    If anyone who wants to enter the competition and feels they will miss the sign up stages please drop me a PM and I'll add you in anyway. @Taff I'll include you anyway if you wish. Please note there might not be a response as I go away tomorrow and return on the 1st August.
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Challenge Cup 11 start date - 3rd August After the success of the competition earlier in the year, there will be another one for FMM17 which will see signups begin in a couple of weeks time. This one will be hosted by @Ashez and myself. Hope you all enjoy
  3. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Just had my first proper look and seen that 'all out attack' chip has been changed to a GW where you can change you full squad without losing any points. Like a one week wildcard. Remember guys there's unlimited changes to your team until the first gameweek
  4. Where am I going wrong?!

    You don't get results though
  5. Fylde are the money bags of non-league. So if anything, beating them to the title is just as important as those pesky comebacks! Good start mate
  6. SI should be able to help with this @Jack Joyce @Alari @Marc Duffy
  7. Have you got sugar daddy enabled in the unlockables?
  8. Someone explain please

    It also means there isn't a maximum number of loans you are allowed to bring in.
  9. This has started really badly
  10. Fmm 17 Turkish Chat

    Are you serious? The first rule directly under every single topic is English only. Locked
  11. Under board requests on your profile
  12. Challenge Cup 2017

    Teams? I know about Mechelen, you'll have to spill the beans on the rest
  13. Challenge Cup 2017

    To confirm, @Jens aka Mr Group stage exit sadly didn't make the cut when it came to hosting. His previous performances simply haven't been good enough.
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    I've heard there's a pretty special announcement regarding the future of the CC coming this week