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  1. samhardy


    That's a new one, sign top division players for £37M in the Conference and then claim that it "works with small teams" 🤔
  2. Should have made better use of the loan market. Just the 8 loan signings. Cost you the title.
  3. samhardy

    What is the best formation?

    @Ashez remember on the PSP versions when you could just select a basic 4-3-3 and romp everyone in your path. The most overpowered “default” formation of all time
  4. samhardy

    English football

    @Woody 4 points from Arsenal, Norwich, Spurs, Watford and Liverpool isn’t a bad return. I seem to remember Rafa only had 1 or 2 last season after a similarly difficult start but there wasn’t all this bashing towards him. The thing that should concern you more is that after going 1 up at Anfield your fans went for the “We hate Sunderland” and “Fuck off Adam Johnson” chants 😂
  5. samhardy

    FIFA 20

    Haven’t played it for a few years now as it just became shit. The ones early this decade (11-13) were the last good FIFA games.
  6. Back to the "FA Cup" type style for the knockout rounds. Europa League First Knockout Round Gateshead v Spartak Moscow First Leg We started on the counter against the Russians as we did to such success in the group stages. However they made their intentions clear very quickly... As you can probably guess the defences were on top in the first quarter of an hour but a potential killer blow was struck just after that. It took a stunner from Sofiane Hanni to break the deadlock in what was their only shot on target and earn Spartak a crucial away goal which to be fair was the only way other than an error where a goal was coming from. We had the better of the game in the second half but ultimately our lack of offensive quality showed as we couldn't break down a well organised outfit. Spartak took a 1-0 lead back to Russia and a mammoth task was facing us if we were to continue this magical run. Second Leg If the Russian side were defensive in the first leg that was nothing compared to what they were in the reverse fixture. In a surprise move they sacrificed almost all possession of the ball and tried to kill the game at every opportunity. We struggled to create any clear cut chances at all. With 10 minutes to go though Ben Hinchcliffe had a glorious chance to send the tie into extra time but spurned his chance from close range. Look at the match stats! A heart breaking way to exit the tournament especially as we were the better side over two legs Overview I played these two legs on the 9th January and still haven't quite got over it 😂 That does though bring an end to this run and therefore the career so thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play in Europe with a League 2 team after a once in a lifetime first season and would have took getting out the groups before hand but the way it ended was infuriating. The save itself lasted a few seasons after this but I haven't played it in about 6 months. I might do a round up of what happened after this season but equally I might not in fairness. Cheers
  7. samhardy

    Easily retrained player

    I've only ever seen one before. It was a few years ago as well when retraining wasn't as easy as it is now. Where do you play him? Great option off the bench
  8. samhardy

    1kc, DT and TT

    Of course there’s limited tactical options but it would be extremely convenient to use the most prolific 1K challenge tactic “without realising it”.
  9. samhardy

    English football

    Initially but Jacobson got awarded the goal and hat trick last night.
  10. samhardy

    English football

    Wycombe left back Joe Jacobson scored a hat trick at the weekend... made up of a direct free kick and two direct from corners!
  11. samhardy

    1kc, DT and TT

    Yes if you want it eligible for leaderboards.
  12. samhardy

    1kc, DT and TT

    You need to use your own tactics only for the 1K.
  13. Nice career. That retirement message amused me, wtf is the point in having male/female managers if they’re still going to use the gender neutral terms “they” and “them” in the message?!
  14. Don't ask, it should be your decision whether you want to post them or not. Make a choice and commit to it instead of asking other people whether they want to see them or not (if you're asking then surely you have an intention to post them anyway). Doing it this way you'll get people voting no just to be childish
  15. Because we don't know the answer. Not many of the details in the match stats make much sense in fairness. You get defenders making 2 tackles a game or at least when I last played it.