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  1. It will only count from the game after the defender reaches his targets.
  2. Typo in the midfielder section 🤦‍♂️ Fixed.
  3. I won’t be asking to see the replays put it that way Yes
  4. Yep, cup games aren’t worth anything. 38 games to get everything done and get some points in the bag
  5. Yes anywhere in the midfield strata is fine. They can play from when they are signed but they must be used for bonus points as they are a “direct replacement” for the player As above they must be played. Will add to clarifications.
  6. Week 7 - Challenge So after 6 weeks of competition we finally arrive at the final week and there’s still, *literally* everything to play for. 3/4 playoff spots are taken but anyone from 4th downwards can take the final space, throw in the battle for the top spot and it just screams excitement! I also hesitate to mention that over half of the participants involved can still finish rock bottom 😱 This shows how tight the competition has been this year. This challenge is a joint effort between myself and @Foxy so we hope you enjoy it, but please read everything carefully! Team Let’s get the basics out the way first. You have what is essentially freedom of choice, as you can choose any team from a major European league that has 38 games. This gives you the choice of any team from the top flight of the following countries: England Spain Italy France The Challenge This challenge is essentially a two-parter. There will be a set up phase, and a points scoring phase. That’s right this is the only week where you won’t be scoring points from the first match. Instead, you will have to choose 4 players from your starting squad. One keeper, one defender, one midfielder and one striker. They must be natural anywhere amongst their position; AMC is fine for a midfielder. This is the most important decision you will make in the whole challenge expect maybe for team selection. That is because each chosen player will have 3 targets they need to achieve to unlock their area of the pitch to score points. Until that player has achieved all 3 targets in league games you won’t be scoring any points. Once the targets have been achieved that player can start scoring you points, like so: GK - Once your goalkeeper has reached his targets, you will start receiving 3 points for every clean sheet. DF - Once your defender has reached his targets, you will start receiving points for goal difference. MF - Once your midfielder has reached his targets, you will start receiving 3 points for every assist your mid gets. ST - Once your striker has reached his targets, you will start receiving 3 points for every goal your striker scores. So once you unlocked an area of the pitch you can start scoring points. But as soon as your chosen player has done his job and set up the next stage, he must be demoted and never used again. For the points scoring phase he must be directly replaced by a free agent. These four potential free agents will be the only signings you are allowed to make. I understand this is a bit complicated so if you’re a bit confused please look at the spoiler for an example: It is league games only, cup games do not count for anything in this challenge. And finally, once/if all 12 targets are completed and every area of the pitch is unlocked, you will start receiving your league points as challenge points. So if all 4 of your nominated players have reached their targets by game 30 and you win all 8 of your remaining games you will receive a further 24 points. The Targets These are the all important targets your 4 nominated players will have to achieve before you can start scoring points from that position. Clarifications Any team from the top division of the countries given You can choose any GK, DF, MF and ST but they must be natural somewhere in their position You can buy your free agent “replacements” in advance if you wish but they are the only transfers that are allowed The replacements must also be natural in the replaced position The defensive replacements must play in order to receive bonus points You won’t receive any points until the position has been “unlocked”. From then on you will receive the points explained above League points will count once all 12 targets have been reached but just from that point, league points you have got before won’t count Cup games do not count for anything Tiebreak if needed will be quickest to achieve all 12 targets. Deadline - Sunday, 23rd February - 11:59 PM GMT Good luck everyone especially those battling for the final playoff place and enjoy. Maybe I might even not fuck up the results Rules and Screenshots Required
  7. The challenge this week is quite complex, the finishing touches are being put to it so it might be up tonight but if not definitely tomorrow. It’s guaranteed to produce an exciting climax to the season though!
  8. No you can’t play as reserve teams as they aren’t allowed to play in the same league as their first team. At least that’s the case in most countries so I can’t see why it would be any different in Germany.
  9. Yes whilst I didn’t participate I have been following it and it’s been a fun one to follow. Great work hosting @Kun Aguero
  10. Important An inexcusable error from myself but as I said before it’s lucky that the Smog - Bati game was the only one it affected. I have updated the results post with the correct league table and permutations but check the spoiler for the permutations, not much has changed. The final week’s challenge will be up tomorrow.
  11. You are right, I have absolutely no idea how I didn’t notice that. Thankfully the only game it affects is the match between you two. But that will change the table a bit. @BatiGoal will receive a 0 and the table will be updated accordingly this evening. Sorry everyone!
  12. Week 6 - Results So an absolutely pivotal week in the race for the playoffs has been and gone so let’s see what happened and whether any semi final spaces have been filled, and what there will be to play for in the final week. This week was all about keeping goals out, a stark contrast to what most are used to on vibe! @Kanegan v @Woody @Crashhart v @Mr Tree @Ian v @MikeF @BatiGoal v @smoggy90 Some big winners and losers this week, here’s the full list of scores: Well done to Ian, Bati and Crash who have all mathematically secured their places in the all important playoffs. Mike will join them with a win in the final week, but a slip up opens the door to the chasing pack of Smog, Tree, Woody and Kane who all they can do is win and hope for the best, but they are still in with a chance. Permutations: To win the league phase: Although it doesn’t win you the event outright it’s still very nice to be the competitor that’s topped the pile after the 7 weeks are over so let’s have a look at the permutations for that. @Ian - Will win the league phase with a win. @BatiGoal - Will need to win and hope that Ian loses to Woody, a bonus point win would see him take top spot if Ian fails to beat Woody @Crashhart - Needs to win and hope that Ian and Bati both fail to win. Playoffs: There’s one playoff spot up for grabs. @MikeF - A win over Smoggy and he will qualify. Failing to win opens the door for the chasing pack. Lose and he won’t qualify. @smoggy90 - A win over Mike and he will qualify unless Tree or Woody win with a bonus point. Bonus point win will see him qualify but a draw won’t be enough. @Mr Tree - Needs to beat Bati and hope Mike and Smoggy draw their match. A bonus point win will see him qualify if Mike fails to beat Smoggy. @Woody - Needs to beat Ian to have any chance of qualifying and hope 2 other results go his way. @Kanegan - Needs to beat Crash with a bonus point and hope 3 other results go his way. Remember if two managers are level on points, it first goes to the result of the match between the two, and if that was a draw then overall points accumulated throughout the competition. Everyone’s total points can be found below: And finally the fixtures for the final week.
  13. All scores are in and the results will be up this afternoon.