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  1. I don’t agree about Havertz. He looks pretty good to me. It’s a case of being misguided by the colours of the attributes imo. 5 of his attributes there are 13/14 and if his dribbling and passing were +1 (which they will be after a few weeks training probably) then it looks completely different and much better at first glance. Anyway all the best with the career!
  2. The league is always closed to new entries after the first deadline so the code to join doesn’t exist any more sorry. The only reason we started doing that was because people used to start joining the league with about 5 weeks to go because they knew they’d go straight to the top of the league with the score they’d already got knocking people off top who’d been there all season.
  3. The Impossible Challenge This classic was revived last year mainly down to @Cockers2505 outstanding career where he tamed this beast of a challenge. All credit goes to Patrick for originally creating this back in 2011. The Aim To complete the challenge you need to begin your career with a club in the Conference North or South and by the end of the 30 seasons have won every trophy available to you. This means you must win the following trophies at some point during your career. Harder Version Obviously since this was first posted you can now load lower leagues in all 4 nations, if you want to make it a hardcore version for yourself which might very well actually be impossible then feel free to add in every lower league trophy from all the leagues as well Rules You must start with a club in either the National League North or South. No unlockables that haven’t been earned in the save. No cheating or reloading. Own tactics only. Photo evidence will be required, a career thread is recommended. Leaderboard (Hard Version) Leaderboard (Normal Version)
  4. How Far Can You Take Them? This is a very basic concept but the simple ones are often the best! It’s often the case in football where after gaining promotion managers stay too loyal to the group of players that got them up the previous season and struggle in the higher league instead of trying to fully push on. Torquay United celebrate winning the Conference South in 2019 The challenge essentially is to see how far up the English football ladder you can get with the starting squad. Absolutely no transfers in at any point during the challenge, that’s the only rule, and frees/loans/greys/academy players are barred too. The squad you start with will be staying with you all the way and that’s the squad you’ll finish with. The Challenge will last 10 seasons. Your score will be the league and position you end the 10th season in, so if you finish the 28/29 season 18th in the Championship that will be your score. Other Things To Clear Up You must start with a team in either the National League North or South. You can sell players but it’s not advised considering they can’t be replaced You can use loan players for the first season that are already at the club, but can’t sign them after the season finishes. No cheating or reloading etc Leaderboard
  5. Scoring With Pensioners All credit goes to @Peely for creating this challenge. This is a twist on the most popular challenge on Vibe, based around my strange fascination with the more mature goal-hangers in the game. It's the 1k Challenge, but not as you know it. Instead of picking a promising youngster and guiding them to a decuple century of goals over many years, you have to hit the 1k mark by making use of a succession of elderly strikers. The Challenge You can start at any club (not one created with "My Club", though). In the first season you need to select a striker who is at least 34 years old and get them to score as many goals as possible. At the end of the season you pack them off to the retirement home and bring in another doddery old gent, who will be your striker for the next season. You continue like this until you score 1,000 goals or are forced to retire in disgrace after 30 seasons. Rules No unlockables allowed, except those you unlock during the save. You can only use your own tactics. You can only use players who are 34 or over. They don't have to be natural strikers, but you have to play them as a forward. In the unlikely event of there being no players available over the age of 34, you can either throw in the towel or play on until one becomes available. Each striker can only be at your club for one season - no stocking up on strikers in advance or keeping them around afterwards. You can use a player who has been part of your team earlier in the save provided they have not been at your club for at least five seasons prior to their season as your "chosen one". No cheating (i.e. reloading to avoid injuries, replaying matches etc.) No text changes, use of the save editor or pre-editor. International goals do not count. Either match engine is allowed, but I suspect it will be much, much harder using the enhanced engine. With thirty seasons to work with, this should be easily achievable (at least on the original engine), but bear in mind that players tend to retire relativelyearly if not under human management, so the supply of good strikers maydwindle as the years go by. The thing that appeals to me about doing the challenge in this way is that you're free to move around from club to club and league to league, withouthaving to worry about taking a player with you or the reputation of the club you go to. As long as you can find an old enough striker each season, you could move every year, going from the depths of the Skrill North to the top of La Liga over the course of your career. In the end this may be more of an endurance challenge than anything else, but hopefully the scope for variety will keep things entertaining enough to keep people going. Leaderboard
  6. All credit goes to @Scratch for creating this challenge. Intro Most of us here on Vibe have achieved total domination in the game: decades of winning the league, unbeatable in the Champions League, multiple World Cups. Let's face it - it's not that hard. Of course, most of us have achieved that when starting at a strong club. There's nothing wrong with that, but could you do it if you had to start at the very bottom? Could youwork your way up to becoming a superstar manager? Here's the deal: You've never been a professional player. You don't have any contacts in the game. You're unemployed, with no reputation at all. You've just got to knock on clubs' doors until one of them buys into your spiel about being an FMM legend and decides to give you a chance.Once your foot's in the door, you have to work your way up to the superstar manager event; eg: Do you have what it takes? If so, try to cement your place at the top of the leaderboard by getting there quickest (in game). But be warned: It's a long way to the top!. Notes To keep this fair, you must start with only England (all divisions) loaded. No shortcuts by getting a job in a lower division in a country with only a couple of divisions. You only get the event once, so if you are not starting from scratch, you will need to delete your game.cfg file. On Android, this is found in the Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager Mobile 2020>normal>cache folder. If someone can tell me where it is on iPhone, I'll add it here. You are allowed to change clubs if you like, but please note the definition of the Achievement: You need to be a club over 5 years to achieve it, so changing clubs will set you back. Rules You must chose a starting Reputation of Unknown and a Coaching Badge of None. You must load England only, with all divisions (Vanarama North/South). You must start unemployed. You can change clubs, but only within England obviously. NOTE: Changing clubs will delay the superstar manager event as discussed above. You can take an international job if you earn it, but you cannot start with it. Screenshots needed as evidence (a career here on Vibe is recommended): The Manager Profile screen immediately after starting The Manager History screen at the end of each season Screenshots of any job changes The "<Manager> celebrates managerial recognition" event (shown above) with the date achieved The Manager Profile screen immediately after the superstar manager event (Manager Points will be used as a tie breaker). No preferences/unlockables. No uses of text changes, save editor or IGE at all. No cheating or restarting. If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you being rejected from the leader board. SI databases only. No Myclub or created players. Leaderboard
  7. All credit goes to @BatiGoal for creating this challenge. You are right, the boys up there are in fact playmakers of the highest order and not your typical striker, but don't they look an awesome bunch? But more importantly, just like the misleading title, I am always thrilled to make people believe -Vibers in particular- that they are going to have an opportunity to manage FMM's finest stars when they are totally not. Quite the contrary actually -evil laughter- anyways... I present you my first of hopefully many FMM18 challenges to come. It is not a complicated challenge per se but it *will* test your tactical, strategical and man-management skills over a duration of at least 5 seasons. What formation are you going to play to get the most out of your not-so-greatly talented stars? How will you tweak the training to accommodate these non-stars? Have you given your worthless player enough rest inbetween games to excel when it matters? How does your squad react when you favor a godawful striker over a seasoned one, and how do you? What minimal qualities does your hopeles hero need to possess to be able to complete the upcoming insanity anyway? Questions and more questions you as the manager will need to find answers to. If you fail to complete any of the stages you may re-play them as often as you need before progressing onto the next one. Play the full 30 seasons to get a bigger total score if you like, or just the 5 to quickly note your name on the leaderboard for everyone to see. There are a couple of rules though but we get to those once I present The Strikers' Striker Challenge first.  The Challenge Objectives: Load any nations in any order you like, one of which must however be the English one, and select your preferred EPL club. You're going to embark on a journey taking 1 (forward) player with you from each of the lower English divisions per season, each increasing in difficulty as you go. For this challenge I have chosen to focus on goals scored in the Premier League only. This in order to have a gradual increase in difficulty and at the same time measuring your "weakening / less talented" striker Vs striker per stage against (near) identical opponents in the English top division. Stage 1 will see you score a minimum of 50 league goals with a striker bought from a Championship club. Stage 2 the exact same but this time with a striker bought from a League One side. Stage 3 with a player from League Two, and Stages 4 and 5 with one from Vanarama National and Vanarama North/South respectively. See below: Stage One - score 50+ EPL goals with a Championship player Stage Two - score 50+ EPL goals with a League One player Stage Three - score 50+ EPL goals with a League Two player Stage Four - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama National player Stage Five - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama North/South player Players You May Use Real Players Fake/Grey Players Regens or Evogens Players You May Not Use Loanees at the club Previously used players Ex-players (to combat the obvious) Challenge Rules No unlockables incl. SD, no IGE or reloading etc. Coaching Badges ARE allowed. The 5 stages must be completed in order of difficulty (1 to 5) and may last no more than 1 season each. Take as many attempts per stage as you need but a new player must be used for every new attempt and/or stage. Your chosen player must score 50+ league goals in 1 season before you may move on to the next stage. When buying a player, all teams in that specific league count, also newly promoted/relegated ones. Post a career for us to follow in order to be eligible for the leaderboard. Have fun  Leaderboard
  8. Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge All credit goes to @danovic78 for creating this challenge. "Napoli signing Diego Maradona in 1984? The modern equivalent would be if they bought Cristiano Ronaldo today. And that's clearly impossible." That's the view of 85-year-old Corrado Ferlaino, president of the Italian club between 1983 and 1993. The arrival of the Argentine genius for £7million from Barcelona in the summer of 1984 was the coup of the century. Napoli had purchased a young demi-god destined for greatness. He was explosive, agile and resistant. A squat, slippery figure with a left foot from heaven. Perhaps the finest dribbler in history. His spell in Naples was full of thrills, skills and controversy. Maradona was the ideal object for their adoration. He was whole-hearted, flamboyant and capable of miracles. A packed San Paolo Stadium welcomed their saviour on the evening of July 5, 1984. Wearing a Napoli scarf, he did a few keepy-ups in the centre circle, surrounded by photographers, before a lap of the pitch. It was love at first sight for player and supporters. Between 1984 and 1991, Maradona played 259 times for Napoli and scored 115 goals.He won two Serie A titles, the Italian Cup, Italian Supercup and the UEFA Cup. Can you beat this? Rules 1. Load up Italy and any other countries and take charge of Napoli. 2. You must sign an Argentinian Advanced Playmaker/Striker 2. You have Seven Seasons in which to replicate the trophies. 3. You must win at least 2 League Titles, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Suppacoppa's, 1 Champions League/Europa League.  4. He must score at least 115 Goals in the seven seasons and must be top scorer in Serie A for at least one season. 5. Own formations only 6. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors 7. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. 8. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!! Leaderboard
  9. The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge Another great challenge by @danovic78 here. THE NUMBER 10 SHIRT IS SACRED IN FOOTBALL. It’s a number that carries much pressure and weight given its tradition and the players who have worn it in the past. That is no truer than at Juventus, a club with over a century of history. The legendary Italian side, winners of 33 Scudetti titles and a two-time European champion, has featured some of the world’s best players who have donned that legendary shirt. No less than three Balon d’Or winners have worn it in addition to a host of Italian and international stars. When attacking midfielder Paulo Dybala was given that number last summer ahead of the start of the Serie A season, the Argentine wrote on Instagram that he knew how important it is to the club and its fans. “When they asked me to change numbers, I stopped and thought about whether it was a good idea to leave number 21 that has been for me – as it will still be for the national team – a number that I care for very much and that has helped me win lots of trophies and was also worn by top players such as Zidane and Pirlo,” he wrote. “But the number 10 is a special shirt and an honour to wear it, brings with it lots of responsibility and a great link to a club like Juventus Football Club and its history. It has been on the shoulders of so many champions: Omar Sivorí, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Carlos Tevez, Paul Pogba. For me, wearing the 10 shirt isn’t just a dream since I was a child, but something that will allow me to want to win every game, in every competition and for every trophy.” Rules Load up Italy and any other countries you like. Become manager of Juventus. You must first buy in an Irish Attacking Midfielder to start the challenge, the new "Brady" and first Number 10. You have one season with each nominated Number 10 before they are demoted or Sold, never to play first team football again. You must follow the list below to sign a new Number 10 each season from country of birth , these players must be bought in at the start of each season. Liam Brady - IRELAND Michel Platini - FRANCE Roberto Baggio - ITALY Alessandro Del Piero - ITALY Carlos Tevez - ARGENTINA Paul Pogba - FRANCE Paulo Dybala - ARGENTINA Each season your Number 10's goals and assists will become your total. In total, 7 seasons with 7 players to post the highest combined total of goals and assists. Usual other rules apply. No Regens allowed Leaderboard