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About samhardy

  • Birthday 31/05/1994
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    Seaham, County Durham
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  1. samhardy

    Is it just me ????

    Yep 😂 Bad weather around Xmas months meant a drop off in form apparently. Never seemed to be an issue for the AI though...
  2. samhardy

    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    I’d say one or the other is acceptable.
  3. samhardy

    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    Really enjoying this and looking forward to the final season! ? ? ? ?
  4. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    Updated Odds Damilare - 1/5 chewkaiwen - 3/1 ManLikeRobbieBrady - 7/2 Foxy - 14/1
  5. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    Any predictions for this round Rob?
  6. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    Challenge Cup XII - Semi Final challenge That is indeed a Portuguese flag and a rather big one looking back at it. Therefore it doesn't take Einstein to realise that's where we're heading for this challenge! Reserve squads are an important part of this challenge, and when narrowing it down there was only a few countries with active reserve squads and since we've already had Spain, Portugal it is this time round as 4 managers battle it out for a place in the final. The Challenge For the first time in this CC you'll be able to choose which team you take charge of however this team must be playing in the Portuguese leagues. After you've chosen your team: You must tear the first team squad apart completely. Every player in that squad must be removed, sold, whatever and never able to play any matches. After you've done this you must build a new starting XI, however only with free agents. Buy 11 free agents which makes up your new team. The rest of the squad must be filled up with players from your chosen team's reserve squad. If you've picked wisely there should be a decent amount of "talent" to choose from Bonus Points So far goals have been the name of the game however this time round you'll have to master the art of keeping them out. 3 bonus points will come your way for every clean sheet you register in the season. So: League points +/- Goal difference + 3 points for every clean sheet.I Deadline - Wednesday 26th September 11:59PM BST Clarifications Take charge of any team in Portugal. Any SI approved database. No other transfers in apart from your 11 free ones. Selling players is fine. No "greyed out" players allowed. European games do NOT count. Domestic games only. Different tie break this round - Clean sheets first followed by league points. Please use an existing PM when submitting results in order to save space. Rules and screenshots required
  7. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    The challenge will be up this afternoon.
  8. samhardy

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    He’s been doing it for years.
  9. samhardy

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Well done with the TT @Titjes
  10. Laurence has a great scoring rate Still expecting a league title.
  11. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    It's a poor man's Gethin Jones.
  12. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    Here is the semi final draw presented on an absolute corker of a graphic from @Foxy.
  13. samhardy

    Challenge Cup XII

    The training system has been at the top of my revamp list for years. It's still the same as it was on the PSP versions.