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  1. I may wish to withdraw a few statements made in this thread in the previous few months, mainly the ones containing the words “Sunderland”, “going” and “up”.
  2. 7 points from 3 games including fixtures against West Ham and Liverpool isn’t acceptable for them I’m afraid. They needed minimum 10.
  3. Vibe Premier League 2021, The Final Challenge 2 After winning the first challenge Rich knows that victory here will see him crowned VPL champion. Broodje needs to at least draw with a defender-less Inter to keep the challenge going but a win would turn the tables and put him one game away from glory himself. Here’s how they got on. Games 1-5 1. H) Torino (Rich) H) Cagliari (Broodje) Rich 2-0 win Broodje 2-0 win 2. A) Napoli (Rich) H) Spezia (Broodje) Rich 6-0 win Broodje 4-1 win 3. H) Lazio (Rich) A) Benevento (Broodje) Rich 4-0 win Broodje 4-0 win 4. A) Sampdoria (Rich) H) Fiorentina (Broodje) Rich 4-2 win Broodje 2-1 win 5. H) Parma (Rich) A) Roma (Broodje) Rich 4-1 win Broodje 4-1 win A perfect start from both here who have clearly decided to go all out attack to compensate for the lack of defenders in the squad. Broodje is going to need Rich to slip up at some point though or the best he can do is draw. Rich 15-15 Broodje Games 6-10 6. A) Crotone (Rich) H) Sampdoria (Broodje) Rich 5-1 win Broodje 2-0 win 7. H) Spezia (Rich) A) Milan (Broodje) Rich 5-1 win Broodje 4-1 win 8. H) Bologna (Rich) H) Sassuolo (Broodje) Rich 3-0 win Broodje 3-2 win 9. A) Fiorentina (Rich) A) Bologna (Broodje) Rich 4-3 win Broodje 3-0 win 10. H) Verona (Rich) H) Torino (Broodje) Rich 6-0 win Broodje 3-0 win Rich is obliterating everything in sight here with the Fiorentina game his first hint of potential dropped points. Broodje is perfect as well though and that’s all he can do really as we go into the final 5 games. Rich 30-30 Broodje Games 11-15 11. A) Milan (Rich) A) Udinese (Broodje) Rich 4-0 win Broodje 3-1 win 12. H) Roma (Rich) H) Napoli (Broodje) Rich 4-1 win Broodje 2-0 win 13. A) Genoa (Rich) A) Atalanta (Broodje) Rich 3-1 win Broodje 2-1 win 14. A) Atalanta (Rich) A) Lazio (Broodje) Rich 4-2 loss Broodje 4-1 win Drama in the penultimate game as Rich’s chances of winning the title in this challenge are over with a defeat to Atalanta! That means Broodje has a 3pt advantage going into the final game meaning a point is good enough to turn the tables on Rich and let’s be honest everyone is expecting him to get 3. 15. H) Benevento (Rich) H) Parma (Broodje) Rich 7-1 win Broodje 3-0 win @broodje kip wins the second challenge. Result: @Rich 42-45 @broodje kip So a near perfect run from both finalists but a slip up right at the death handed Broodje the second challenge and match point in the final himself now. As it happened with Broodje winning 15/15 it was impossible for Rich to become champion this challenge. It’s all gone full circle now with two challenges remaining as if Broodje wins challenge 3 he will win the VPL. A Rich win would put him back within one. A draw in challenge 3 would mean that no-one would be able to win consecutive challenges after 4 games meaning the 4th would be sudden death. It’s back over to the Welshman to choose the restriction which is now down to no goalkeepers or no midfielders and the club. From this point onwards @FuddledFox will be taking over for the results. It doesn’t change anything for either of you though as I will just add him into the results PMs so just keep sending results in the same place.
  4. Did they create the logo in Microsoft Paint?
  5. Man City v Evesham in the 2031 FA Trophy final as well after Man City tried to beg their way back into the pyramid but have to start in the Northern League.
  6. Good news, get them out. English Football will be much more exciting overall without them. They should never be allowed to rejoin the PL when they get bored playing the same teams every week and season.
  7. The bloke declared in his first press conference after taking over that we were in a relegation battle, he hadn’t even met the players 😂
  8. If Moyes had been in charge of Newcastle from the start of the season you’d have been relegated by Christmas. And just so you know our ship had been salvaged by Big Sam who navigated it out of the stormy waters and that was the only time in the last decade we had a decent team. Moyes came in and wrecked all of it when we could have finished top 10 under Big Sam and maybe even a surprise Europa League push but Roy Hodgson and England had other ideas.
  9. To be fair Bruce probably gained a load of confidence today knowing that he wasn’t the worst manager on the same touchline for the first time all season.
  10. Vibe Premier League 2021, The Final Challenge 1 The first set of results are in and it’s time to take a look and see which of our finalists, if any are one win away from glory. Remember to win this year’s tournament one of the finalists must win 2 consecutive challenges and if after 4 challenges there is still no winner we will go to sudden death. As a result of finishing higher in the league phase Rich chose the team and restriction for the first challenge which was Chelsea and no attackers. Here’s how they got on game by game. Games 1-5 1. H) Aston Villa (Rich) H) Everton (Broodje) Rich 4-0 win Broodje 3-1 win 2. A) Leicester (Rich) A) Brighton (Broodje) Rich 1-0 win Broodje 1-1 draw 3. H) West Brom (Rich) H) Crystal Palace (Broodje) Rich 6-0 win Broodje 4-2 win 4. H) Tottenham (Rich) A) Southampton (Broodje) Rich 2-0 win Broodje 2-1 win 5. A) Leeds (Rich) A) Liverpool (Broodje) Rich 3-0 win Broodje 2-1 loss What a sensational start this is for the Welshman. No attackers is probably the easiest of the 4 but all 5 comfortable wins without conceding a goal he couldn’t have asked for more and Broodje already has work to do after a defeat against Liverpool in his 5th game. Rich 15-10 Broodje Games 6-10 6. A) Wolves (Rich) H) Leeds (Broodje) Rich 2-0 win Broodje 3-1 win 7. H) Burnley (Rich) H) Aston Villa (Broodje) Rich 3-0 win Broodje 4-1 win 8. A) Arsenal (Rich) Rich 1-0 win Broodje win 9. H) Sheff Utd (Rich) Rich 2-0 win Broodje draw 10. A) Newcastle (Rich) A) West Brom (Broodje) Rich 3-1 win Broodje 1-0 win There appears to be some overlapping in Broodje’s screenshots which means the opponents for games 8 + 9 are unknown but it doesn’t matter as it’s obvious from the rest of the results that they were a win and a draw. Broodje is going along solidly here but Rich just isn’t letting up at all and has only conceded 1 goal in 10 games! All he needs from the final 5 games is 9 points maximum and that will see him go 1 up in the final. Rich 30-23 Broodje Games 11-15 11. A) Brighton (Rich) H) Burnley (Broodje) Rich 2-0 win Broodje 1-0 win 33-26 12. H) Man City (Rich) A) Fulham (Broodje) Rich 1-1 draw Broodje 2-0 win 34-29 13. H) Everton (Rich) H) Wolves (Broodje) Rich 4-0 win Broodje 2-0 win 37-32 14. A) Crystal Palace (Rich) A) Man Utd (Broodje) Rich 1-0 win Broodje 3-1 loss @Rich wins the first challenge. 15. A) Man Utd (Rich) A) West Ham (Broodje) Rich 1-1 draw Broodje 1-0 win Result: @Rich 41-35 @broodje kip So it’s Rich who puts on a stellar display to take first blood with a comfortable win in the first challenge of the final. Broodje must now win the second challenge to keep the show on the road or at the very least draw it whereas Rich knows a win will see him crowned VPL champion. Rich did have the advantage of choosing in that challenge though and now it’s Broodje’s turn to select a club and which of the 3 remaining restrictions will be used for challenge 2. The challenge will start as soon as he has selected.
  11. Vibe Premier League 2021 - The Final Welcome to the Grand Final of the Vibe Premier League this year between @Rich and @broodje kip. It has been an event that has lasted 3 months and finally will reach its conclusion over the next week or so. Rich remained very consistent throughout the league season topping the final and qualifying for the final directly whilst Broodje has overcome Ian and Woody after finishing 3rd in the league. Last year @Ian defeated @BatiGoal in the final and the format of that was short, quick fire challenges which were very close and exciting. We have decided that format is perfect for a final and aren’t tampering with it in any way. If you want to be reminded of last year’s final then here it is. In short, each mini-challenge will last just 15 league games. The winner of the VPL will be the first person to win consecutive challenges. If 4 of them are played and still still neither competitor has won two in a row then the 5th will be sudden death. So this final could last anywhere between 30-75 league games. The Challenge There are 4 restrictions, one per challenge and they are as follows. A squad with no goalkeepers A squad with no defenders A squad with no midfielders A squad with no attackers The finalists will take it in turns to choose which they want for each challenge, as well as the club that both players will use for that specific challenge. As a result of finishing higher in the league table, @Rich will get to choose which restriction is used for challenge 1 as well as the club. @broodje kip will choose for the second, and so on. The Rules Very simple, the only restriction is that your squad can not contain any players that are any shade of green in the position that isn’t allowed. So if Rich for example chooses Newcastle (he will) and defenders then no player who is light green or dark green in a defensive position will be allowed to play. For this final the positions are classified as followed to make it as balanced as possible: DEF: DL, DR, DC, DML, DMR MID: DMC, MC, AMC, ML, MR ATT: AML, AMR, ST You are allowed to make as many transfers as you want as long as no players in the barred position play at any time during the 15 league games. Points Whoever has the most points after 15 league games will win the challenge. There is no tie-break; a draw is a draw. Usual rules apply and you both know them by now so no holidaying, reloading, unlockables or cheating in any way. Either database is fine but you must start with no manager reputation. Screenshots Required Squad list in order of appearances Transfer history Full fixture list League table Manager profile Good luck to both of you and when @Rich confirms the club and which position you won’t be using for the first challenge you will both have 3 days from then to finish as it’s only 15 games.
  12. Vibe Premier League 2021, Semi-Final Result The last round was about scoring goals whilst still keeping it tight at the back but there’s none of that this week as the simple aim is to score 100 goals in as few games possible for the right to face @Rich in the grand final. First we delve into @Woody’s result. His team of choice was Real Madrid and he breached the 100 goal mark in March which was 39 games in all competitions. He was sitting 2nd in the league at the time and had won 29 of his 39 games in charge but the only thing that matters was the amount of games it took for him to reach 100. So @broodje kip needed to get the job done in less than 39 to reach the final where Rich is waiting. Broodje went for Man City and was sitting pretty at the top of the league when he got to 100. And that moment came in January which was comfortably earlier than his opponent, 11 games before. Some crazy scorelines in there included a 7-5 win over Birmingham in the FA Cup, a 4-3 defeat to Man Utd and a 5-2 defeat to Bayern in the CL. The defeats don’t mean anything though and the goals helped him earn this win with a score of 28. So it’s well done to Broodje who takes the win and we have our final. Commiserations to Woody but he had his best season in the VPL so far finishing 2nd in the league just unfortunately he couldn’t build on his semi. Result (lowest score wins) Woody 39-28 broodje kip The final... who do you think will win?