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  1. samhardy

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Doesn't work in pressure situations. Please fix.
  2. samhardy


  3. Try reading the article. It’s in there.
  4. samhardy

    The Dark Rogue Returns

    Doing even worse than @Ashez!
  5. samhardy

    OME tactics help

    I’ve changed the title so people will actually know what the thread is about before clicking on it now.
  6. samhardy

    Training reset all the time

    This is already known and has been posted in two threads already which you would have found out if you'd taken a minute to search.
  7. Competitive matches, so everything apart from friendlies
  8. More chance of a bug free FMM release I'm afraid
  9. samhardy

    Does Fm Not Want Me To Win

    I think you're missing the point of this thread.
  10. samhardy

    Is BWM useful?

    They haven't worked properly for 3/4 years and early impressions are that it hasn't been fixed this year either.
  11. samhardy

    Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Top 15 after GW11 Gustav Lund finally starting to blink a bit at the top.
  12. samhardy

    Leaking defence

    Not a chance in hell will they acknowledge it's a problem. No doubt it'll all be the wrong tactical choices by the human player.
  13. samhardy

    Lucas Paquetá

    Good player no doubt but not a great player, too many of his stats are only *just* greens, teamwork and decisions not good enough for an elite playmaker. For the price though he's good. Would be interested in another screenshot of his attributes in a further 3 years.
  14. I do everything with finesse.
  15. samhardy

    Leaking defence

    The thought that FMM is "realistic" is the biggest myth going around the community.