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  1. You do though. Lose a game in the CL and there’s still always a chance to turn it around, how many times do you see teams losing the first leg and then still go through on “away goals” (nonsense). Not to mention you get teams losing 3 games in the group stages and can then go on to win the tournament. It’s meant to be the “premier” European KNOCKOUT event, if you lose a game you shouldn’t still be in it. It should be one leg with the team that gets drawn out first at home all the way through.
  2. Yes, any time. It’s designed mostly to play as a side challenge
  3. Don’t worry @Rich you have master tactician and the second coming of Brian Clough Graeme Jones in the dugout. Top half minimum and I can even see a surprise Europa League place.
  4. Black Cat Betting are pleased to bring you the preview for this week’s VPL round. A sentence that is bound to lift the mood of all reading this, considering the alternative would be a preview from FoxBet. With just 3 weeks left to play now every fixture is vitally important and here are the set of fixtures we have in store this week. 4/5 @smoggy90 v @George Traistă Evs This is realistically a must win game for George if he is to keep his playoff hopes alive in fact they probably all are from here on in. Despite some good performances he just can’t seem to buy a win and has a tough game this week although Smog is looking a bit out of form at the moment with back to back defeats at the wrong time of the season. With both men desperate for a win we can see this playing out into a highly competitive draw which would be no good for either. Prediction - Draw 8/15 @Rich v @JamesVilla 6/4 Both of these are also coming into this game off the back of a negative result in the last round with Villa being defeated by Ian and Rich somehow avoiding defeat against Kane after getting himself disqualified. Here at Black Cat Betting we employ a “if at first you don’t succeed keep trying” strategy so we are going to keep on tipping Rich to lose until it eventually does happen. This method seems to keep going against us though and there are fears that Rich actually enjoys being tipped to lose every week so we may have to reconsider 🤔 Prediction - Villa to absolutely dismantle Rich and Rich to request FoxBet carry out the previews for the rest of the season. 2/5 @Ian v @Kanegan 2/1 So far this season it’s been impossible to predict which Kane is going to turn up and we have definitely seen both sides of “the coin” with bonus points wins, sackings, the lot. He is up against Ian who has now entered the playoff positions for the first time this season and won’t be wanting to look over his shoulder now instead looking upwards. We are going with the foolproof method of flipping a coin to decide this one so if you don’t want any spoilers as the result of this match then please ignore this spoiler. 5/6 @broodje kip v @Woody 5/6 Woody secured a bonus point win last week to climb to the top of the table and this is now a clash between the top two as Broodje just keeps soldering on maintaining his unbeaten run. People just simply can’t seem to beat him and we think that will continue this week but Woody will be determined to keep his foot on the gas as he looks to consolidate his spot in the top 4. This one looks like a draw but unlike the first game this might not be the worst result in the world for either. Prediction - Draw written all over it. If there is a winner it will be Broodje as we are sure there will be an unbeaten season this year and Rich is getting smoked this week so it won’t be him. @FuddledFox will be posting the challenge tomorrow morning. Good luck to everyone this week.
  5. Vibe Premier League 2021, Week 6 Results So the race for the playoffs is well and truly on now with the first set of post-elimination fixtures. Those already in a top 4 position were looking to consolidate those spots but nobody left in the competition has given themselves too much to do and all still have a chance of progressing to the final stage. Here are this week’s fixtures. Sticking with last week’s pattern we will get the disasters out of the way first. First up was league leader @Rich who got himself a big fat juicy disqualification this week after deciding to attempt to re-write history by trying to claim that Brennus actually used Italians in his army whilst trying to take over... a city in Italy. Obviously the Italians need to be French and that’s that for Rich unfortunately as he loses a point in the table to surrender his place at the summit. But... he only went and got that point straight back as his opponent @Kanegan didn’t get disqualified but he did get himself sacked after not being able to get anything going. That means continuing on from last week’s theme Kane has managed to secure a point for a dour 0-0 draw whilst Rich has got away with staying on 14 points after being disqualified. I would imagine these two will both see this as a bit of a result! Kanegan - 0 Rich - D/Q Rich slipping up meant there was a chance for those hot on his heels from last week to take his place at the top. One person hoping to do that was @broodje kip who opted for Lazio and managed to guide them to an impressive 2nd place in a very tight table where just 9 points separated 2nd - 9th place. Broodje also gained maximum points from the battles by winning both games with clean sheets but will be disappointed a bit with his GD which was just 17 and also only claiming one cup win all season. He took the risk of playing with a Brennus and it’s hard to say whether it paid off or not because whilst he didn’t get sent off or injured during a game he only scored 5 goals giving him 15 bonus points and a total of 128. Quite a tough total for his opponent to match and @smoggy90 also chose Lazio. Smog finished 5th in the league but team wise there wasn’t much difference between their two performances, actually he managed 94 points from league and cups which was one better than Broodje managed. Smog went the other way with the bonus though and decided against using one, this meant this match was decided via the battles and unfortunately for Smog they were disastrous for him. There was one loss and one draw from the two matches against Roma reducing his total to just 79 which looks a lot worse than what it actually is due to those two games alone. What this means is that Broodje marches on with another win to stretch his unbeaten run to 6 games and for Smog that’s now back to back defeats which he will be looking to address immediately at this important stage of the season. broodje kip - 128 smoggy90 - 79 Kanegan - 0 Rich - D/Q The fact that Broodje beat Smog suggests that there was probably a score between the two and there was indeed, that one belonged to @JamesVilla. He went with Roma and also decided against using a Brennus for bonus points. Villa struggled a bit in the league finishing 8th but excelled in the cups especially Europe, achieving 10 wins over the course of the season. The battles also went well for him, with two wins including one clean sheet giving him 15 more points. 127 was his total which was a good effort considering the average league performance. This was another game in which the opponents took different strategies as @Ian decided to use a Brennus and chose Marcel Franke to be that player. It didn’t make all the difference in the last match but in this one it really did as without the 10 goals that he scored throughout the season, Villa outscored Ian in every other aspect of the challenge. Ian mustered 71 points from the league and GD combined, 9 wins in the cups and 5 from the battles but the decision to risk it and take the bonus paid off for his final score of 133. Ian - 133 broodje kip - 128 JamesVilla - 127 smoggy90 - 79 Kanegan - 0 Rich - D/Q As you can see that score of 133 from Ian was enough to take the win in a tight weekly leaderboard and with just two results left to come in maybe the sights were set on a bit more. So that was a great game and the last one to have a look at was another. @George Traistă needs to start putting some wins together and he looked in a good position to after submitting a score of 128, crucially winning more games than Broodje to jump ahead of him on the tiebreak. He came 5th with Roma with 70 points and had 8 wins in the cups along with 5 additional points from the battles. George also opted to use a Brennus, using Leo Lacroix who added 12 more points thanks to his 4 goals. After cursing his luck throughout the competition seemingly running in to everyone at the wrong time George must have surely done enough to break that streak this week. But it happened again @Woody submitted late, as usual (although not last this time) and stole the show with the best performance of the week, albeit narrowly in a very tight bunch at the top of the leaderboard. He didn’t use a Brennus but it turned out he didn’t need to as he put in the best league performance points wise of everyone winning 75 points with a 20GD to put him on 95. He won one battle but drew the other meaning no additional points were gained there, but Woody went on very deep runs in both the Europa League (final) and Coppa Italia (semi) to not only beat George in another high quality encounter but claim the bonus point for the second time this season and climb to the top of the table. What a week for Woody but more heartbreak for George and he must be wondering if there is some sort of ancient curse been placed on his VPL campaign. Final Scores Woody - 137 Ian - 133 George Traista - 128* broodje kip - 128 JamesVilla - 127 smoggy90 - 79 Kanegan - 0 Rich - DQ *Tiebreak - Most wins (all competitions) Results, Week 6 @JamesVilla 1-3 @Ian @George Traistă 2-3 @Woody @smoggy90 1-2 @broodje kip @Kanegan 0-0 @Rich Well done to all of the winners in a week that sees Woody climb to the top of the table thanks to his bonus point victory. Broodje continues to march on and is one of only two unbeaten records left this season along with Rich who somehow managed to maintain his this week despite being disqualified. Ian enters the top 4 for I believe the first time this season and is starting to look strong but just look at the chasing pack behind him with Kane and Smog only a point behind and Villa a further point back. George will be cursing his luck and now is going to have to win all 3 of his remaining games to have a chance of qualifying for the playoffs.
  6. I am unfairly outnumbered on this site tbh.
  7. 1K would be completed by the end of the Sao Paolo State Championship.
  8. I have no idea why that’s happened as your messenger is still enabled. I’ve just disabled it and then re-enabled it so try logging out and back in again? @George Traistă @Rich is yours still showing ok?
  9. See you in the Championship next season @Woody @Rich @Dai_
  10. No. The 20 man squad from the screenshot you send needs to be the one you use for the duration of the challenge.
  11. Yep, if people want to confirm to me via PM beforehand that’s fine.
  12. If you have been using the player as Brennus and been trying to get him to score goals and then he gets sent off or injured that’s challenge over on that day. Obviously there is a trust element involved that people won’t just pretend they were never using him at all if he dies but if I suspect that happened then I can just ask to look at the save file and it’ll be obvious whether there was any foul play going on. If you want you can message me beforehand telling me if you’re going for the bonus points or not, but it’s not compulsory
  13. You don’t have to confirm it, just play him when you want to and send me the screenshots of his profile and history at the end of the season or if he “dies”. If you choose not to do it then no need for those screenshots. Also I’ve added into the clarifications: No player exchanges allowed!
  14. If you are reading this whilst standing up, please sit down. Now. Because it’s story time and this week’s story is brought to you by The Gloucestershire Gladiator and self-proclaimed “history nonce” himself @FuddledFox. Rome 390BC The Augur slowly removed the liver from the inside the sheep and placed it upon the tray. A silence had fallen amongst the watching crowd as the great and the good of Roman society waited for him to take the auspices and tell them what the year had in store for the Roman people. The Augur would not be rushed though and he took his time to inspect the bloody organ in front of him. Time past and many became restless but the future would reveal itself when it was ready and not when a bunch of corrupt Senators said it should.... Finally the Augar was ready...... ”l see a man, a great man with long red hair like fire tied back and a huge moustache. He is a leader of men and is to be feared!” The senators gasped as only a barbarian would be described in such a way and even worse he sounded like a Gaul and no one struck more fear and contempt into the Roman people than the fearsome hairy warriors from the plains and mountains of that cold and misty land. The Augar continued... ”He will lead an army into battle this year and Rome shall be defeated. That battle will take place in Allia.” More gasps as that was just 11 miles from Rome itself. ”He will trample our soldiers to dust and drench his mighty sword with our blood, he will take the great city of Rome and he will destroy all that we hold dear. The Roman nation is doomed to defeat at the hands of this man and you will all die”. The fear was building now in the watching crowd but one young hot head called out “you lie old man! No barbarian could take Rome as we are the chosen people of the gods.” The Augur ignored this out burst and continued. “One area of the city will be spared and that’s the Capitoline Hill. If you wish to be saved you must get there when the Barbarian horde strikes the city other wise even Jupiter himself won’t save you from the Barbarian wrath. Only silver will buy our peace and free this city from Brennus of the Senones” With that the Augury was complete and the Augur left leaving behind his stunned audience. In the north Brennus and his horde of Alpine Barbarians sharpened there swords in preparation for the horror they would bring on not just Rome but the whole of Italy itself.... Dramatic stuff indeed although that is where the story ends... For now. That is because you will all be writing the next chapter. So as you may have already gathered this week’s challenge is based around leader of the Senones, huge Sunderland fan and all round top bloke Brennus. The Challenge Since you are in Rome you will have the choice of managing either of the clubs from that famous city, which are Lazio and Roma. Your task will be to sell the squad you inherit and build your own “Barbarian” army of 20 men to take on the challenge. The nationalities allowed for your squad are Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. You must have 5 players from each of these nations in your squad. Must be first nationality. So pretty basic so far, a squad of 20 with 5 players from each of the above nations. But they are a Barbarian army so they have to be cheap. Therefore you will only be allowed to spend 10% of all player sales you receive from the starting squad to buy your 20 replacements. Points Just the usual nonsense but there is some bonus points to be had and also a risk vs reward element as well. League Points +/- Goal Difference 3 points for every game you win in cups (domestic and European) The two league matches against the other Rome team will be “battles” and there will be extra points available from them. You will earn 5 bonus points for a win against the other Rome side. With a clean sheet this will be doubled so 10 points. If you draw the game you will be deducted 5 points from your score. If you lose the game you will be deducted 10 points from your score. Brennus You also have the option to elect one of your 20 man squad as “Brennus” and earn bonus points from him. The player you choose must play at centre back at all times. Every goal he scores in all competitions will earn you 3 bonus points. However think carefully about this - because if he gets sent off or has to be taken off injured at any time during a game then the challenge is over for you on the spot and your score will be taken on the day of the red card or injury. This is optional and you will have to choose whether the risk is worth the reward. Clarifications Take control of Lazio or Roma. Sell or demote the whole squad. Build your new 20 man squad, which will consist of 5 Swiss, 5 Austrian, 5 German and 5 French players. There is no deadline for when your squad needs to be ready for but you won’t start accumulating points until the 20 man squad has been fully built. Once your squad is built no more transfers in or out are allowed. Any existing Roma or Lazio players of the 4 above nationalities cannot be used - they must be sold and replaced like the others. The amount of money you receive from player sales divided by 10 is what you can spend on your new squad. So if you sell £200M worth of players you will have £20M to spend on your squad. Free transfers are allowed but loans and player exchanges are not. The points from the “battles” against the other Rome team are from the two league matches only. Your “Brennus” must play at centre back and must be the same player throughout - you can’t use a different one in separate games. He will earn you 3 points per goal but if he gets sent off or has to be taken off injured that’s challenge over and your score will be taken from that point. Other Rules Original database only and you can load whichever leagues you want. Coaching badges and any reputation is allowed. No cheating, reloading, holidaying or use of unlockables whatsoever. You may only attempt this challenge once and as soon as you have started the save you can’t restart. If asked you must provide the save file and failure to do so could result in expulsion from the tournament. Tiebreaker will be most wins in all competitions again like last week. Screenshots Required Squad listed by nationality on the day you have completed your 20 man squad. Transfer history on the day you have completed your 20 man squad and then again at the end of the season. The games that are the “battles”. Manager profile + history League table Full fixture list Brennus profile and history. Screenshot if your Brennus gets sent off or has to be taken off injured. Deadline - Wednesday 24th February 11PM GMT Good luck!