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  1. All general discussion regarding FMM19 in here. Whether you have a question or simply something you want to discuss that doesn't warrant it's own thread, then this is the place to do so.
  2. Please report any bugs you come across in FMM19 in this thread. Spotting and reporting bugs as early as possible will help SI "iron them out" which will of course help us as well. I'll add any bugs that are reported to the OP and update it as time goes on. Keep in mind that it is useful for SI to be provided with a save from before the bug occurs to help their investigations if that's possible. It also might be helpful if you report it both here and on the official SI forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Bugs Pre-orders a mess Pre season matches being removed from fixture list afterwards Team name overlapping logo Player loaned to a team when a permanent transfer was agreed App doesn't appear in full screen Players who are "interested" turn out not to want to come to the club Stuck transfer bug (again) Players requiring work permits to play in countries that don’t require them (TBC by SI) Players randomly promoted from youth team (again) Squad numbers won’t change Players being assigned the same number Training progress not working Buy back fees don't work Manager history page doesn't correlate with actual league table (again) English regen names for youngsters re-generating in Poland VAR being used in situations it wouldn't be in real life Date on manager of the month awards wrong Defensive midfielder STILL getting consistently low ratings for the 4th version running Unrealistic amount of late goals Coaches have no impact on any individual players Match review showing wrong name of goalscorers (again)
  3. samhardy

    The Transfer Thread

    Setback for Sean Dyche in his Pride of England challenge!
  4. samhardy

    English football

    Neither Pep nor Klopp had to go to Stoke to play Pulis' rugby team early on this decade
  5. samhardy

    English football

    The thing about that though, is in terms of the "outside the top 6" teams, the top flight has rarely been weaker than what it is currently.
  6. samhardy

    English football

    Emphatically yes There wasn't anything the whisky nosed twat failed to adapt to during his managerial career. Winning titles with players who had no right to win them. Throw his shithousery into the mix as well which Pep and Klopp couldn't match. I cannot stand him but Fergie is still the best manager I've ever seen.
  7. Unless he's as old as you are Woody.
  8. samhardy

    English football

    Yet another shambles.
  9. If we are talking tournament mascots then there’s only one man for the job.
  10. Better graphics on FMM tbf 😂
  11. samhardy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I'm pretty sure there's more than one time zone in Asia 😂
  12. You're not supposed to mention that as legend says that hell awaits anyone who uses it as advice. Solid start @1759, not good but it'll do for the first season and I'm sure it'll get much better.
  13. samhardy

    English football

    If you believe the odds then Woodgate is miles ahead already and odds on with most bookies. The list doesn’t look very inspiring atm I have to say with Sol Campbell, Phil Neville, Pardeaux and... David Moyes in the top 10 😂 Worth a look at Hughton maybe? Unless he’s set to join WBA
  14. samhardy

    English football

    Pulis sacked by Boro... your thoughts @smoggy90? Everything I’ve heard from Boro fans over the last few months suggests that it’ll be party time after this news tbh.
  15. samhardy


    But it still summons you in following or not. It’s like the 2* food hygiene Chinese takeaways that you don’t want to enter but you walk past and just get lured into and give you the shits. When I see a Nintendo post especially by @Ashez I feel as if some unseen force just drags me towards it even if I don’t want to see it.
  16. samhardy

    English football

    Game of the season by far. It's like a basketball match!
  17. samhardy

    English football

    This is mental.
  18. samhardy

    Official fmm19 tactic

    Closed, as it's clear that the results posted have been heavily affected by the editor.
  19. Looking forward to this.
  20. Just went to cast my first vote of the season and realised there's no point as this one's already over bar the shouting. Vote count remains at 0.
  21. Man City - Liverpool Title Race - Challenge The sun has set on another Premier League season and this particular one saw one of the most exciting title races the English top flight has ever seen. Both Manchester City and Liverpool have relentlessly gone about their business with the lead changing hands what seemed to be every week. Despite Liverpool having it wrapped up in December as usual in the end it was the Blues who won their 6th league title despite Liverpool finishing on 97 points which would be enough to win the league 99 times out of 100 you would have thought. Liverpool had a 9 point gap going into the new year but a loss to their title rivals saw the start of a period of dropped points, but even after that they picked back up again and forced City to win a remarkable 14 straight matches to win the title. Both teams still have a major final to look forward to as well, Liverpool will take on Spurs in their second consecutive Champions League final whilst City face Watford in the FA Cup final looking for a domestic treble. With both squads so far ahead of the rest in England this season I've put together a challenge to commemorate it. The Challenge If there is one criticism of the two squads it is now expensively assembled they are. It will be your job to put together a "similar" squad, for whichever team you choose, but for a fraction of the price. It's your choice whether you choose to go with City or Liverpool. You won't be able to use any of the players from either team, with the exception of the club captains. That means you can keep Jordan Henderson if you choose Liverpool, or Vincent Kompany if you go for City. Then you will be tasked with rebuilding both squads, but for a fraction of the price. The challenge will consist of you directly replacing each player from 18/19's version of the strongest/most used starting XI's, but only spending a maximum of £10M on each player. Each player you buy to replace the listed players has to have the same nationality as the player they are replacing. Example - You go for Liverpool and buy Leroy Fer for £5M to replace Wijnaldum. And then the backup players. You will only be permitted to spend a maximum of £10M on the whole of the rest of the squad, which includes all the substitutes and reserves. These can be any nationality. So, £10M maximum on a player that matches this description: City: (Ederson) GK - Brazil (Walker) DR - England KOMPANY (Laporte) DC - France (Zinchenko) DL - Ukraine (Fernandinho) DMC - Brazil (Gundogan) MC - Germany (De Bruyne) MC - Belgium (Bernardo Silva) AMR - Portugal (Aguero) ST - Argentina (Sterling) AML - England Liverpool: (Allison) GK - Brazil (Alexander-Arnold) DR - England (Van Dijk) DC - Holland (Matip) DC - Cameroon (Robertson) DL - Scotland (Fabinho) DMC - Brazil HENDERSON (Wijnaldum) MC - Holland (Salah) AMR - Egypt (Firmino) ST - Brazil (Mane) AML - Senegal And a further £10M on the whole of the rest of the squad. Therefore your whole squad will be build for no more than £120M. All your replacements have to have a shade of green in the position they are replacing. Aim This is a simple pass or fail challenge. No points system. The aim is to win the quadruple (Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League). Looking at the nationalities it's clear to see that there are some obscure ones in the Liverpool team. So, if you want it easier then go with City, but if you want a challenge them look to Merseyside Rules/Clarifications You all know the usual rules that apply. No cheating, editing, reloading etc. Screenshots will be required, a career thread is recommended for us all to enjoy. Just a few things to clear up: You can only keep Henderson (Liverpool) or Kompany (City) from the original squads. Each listed player has to be replaced by someone of the same nationality and cannot cost more than £10M. The replacements have to have a shade of green in that position. Your subs and reserves can only cost £10M between them. It's a maximum of £120M spent overall. You don't have to play that XI every game - that's what the subs/reserves are for. There is a leaderboard below. You will only get on it if you win the quadruple. Note - Due to it being quite a bit harder to complete it with Liverpool, doing so will put you above a member who has completed the challenge with City. Leaderboard
  22. samhardy

    European Football

    If I was a Man City fan I would be absolutely willing this to happen. They would have the easiest season in English football history with no European nonsense to worry about. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48265079
  23. The Vibe Fantasy League returns for another season. It's always a great competition and a laugh so make sure to set up your team and join the league when you get a chance. Who's year will it be this year? Join here League Code - 505910-135885
  24. samhardy

    Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Congratulations to Gustav Lund on winning the Vibe FPL league for the 2018/19 season Final standings (Top 15)