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  1. Much to my shock and no doubt to the abject surprise of some viewers I find myself pressing create new topic and the tag "career" gets selected. It took me till December to get the game this year after it became apparent that it was for the *I think* 5th year running a bug filled mess, however here I am sharing a managerial adventure with you. To get to grips with the circus that is FMM19 my decision was to play a season with the non league side that is closest to me geographically in Gateshead and see where it took me. Or so I thought! Back in the PSP days, otherwise known as when the series was somewhat respectable, one of my favourite things to do on the game was start with a Conference team, sell the whole squad and get a nice budget to refill the squad with players who are realistically too good to play in the division; a lot of L1 + 2 players are available for peanuts and the same goes for the lower divisions in Scotland. So after ripping the squad to shreds and rebuilding it for a total of roughly £50K I was ready to go, and so begun one of the most incredible and magical seasons I've ever played, in my first season on this game. Let's start with a bit of light hearted comedy: Everyone remember this fat wanker? Disappeared off the face of the earth it had seemed, somehow he was one of my signings for free on just 2K a week! Where did it all go wrong for him. Still on nearly double my second highest earner mind. As I'd expected, the league was proving to be a walk in the park with the newly assembled squad: It was all but over at this stage already, a couple of stand out names being striker Ben Hinchcliffe who was picked up on a free transfer and banging in 21 goals by this stage, and the biggest fee spent being £12K on 17 year old attacking midfielder Daniel Adshead from Rochdale, already proving to be a class above this level at such a young age. It wasn't only the league going well though, we'd seen off Leiston in the FA Cup qualifier before absolutely dismantling L2 Stevenage on their own turf. It was at this stage after receiving 15K for achieving the "giant killing" of beating Stevenage (a lot of money for a club Gateshead's size) that I decided the FA Cup was worthy of my full attention, especially when the 2nd round draw sent us to bottom of League 2 Cheltenham. Despite us being a division lower, we were only one place lower in the league pyramid and I expected a comfortable win. Not as comprehensive as Stevenage, but it showed by now that we meant business, and as the big boys enter the cup in the 3rd round, little Gateshead were still in it and hoping for a big draw. So who awaited us in the 3rd round? What excitement lay ahead? Were we heading to Old Trafford to play United or hosting Liverpool at the International Stadium?? No. Collective sighs spread through the town as we were drawn to host Plymouth in the 3rd round. A step up from the last 2 rounds, but with us running away with our division and them 22nd in theirs, I was still optimistic. This was a much tougher test and the step up in class showed as we were 13 minutes away from going out, Plymouth deservedly led at the break before a much improved second half performance saw another free agent Devonte Redmond level up the game and take it to a replay. The aforementioned replay was an absolute stunner, and after it Gateshead fans were starting to realise something special could be happening here: Typically FMM realised it was me playing this and decided to send me to Sunderland in the next round. Just like real life we were sitting 3rd in L1 and this is where I expected the run to come to an end. However my spirits were raised when I saw that the hosts were nowhere near full strength, and another edge of the seat game followed and ended with Adshead completing a stunning hatrick in stoppage time to send us through to the Last 16! Our outrageous luck in the draw continued when we were drawn to play away at MK Dons in the L16 whilst avoiding United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, the fairytale showed no signs of ending here with them situated in mid table of League 2. That was until we actually stepped onto the pitch: We were slightly the better team, however twice in the last 10 minutes the run nearly came to a heart breaking halt as they hit the bar before Jake Eastwood was forced into a fantastic stop 3 minutes from time. We got through to the replay, and it was another close affair... But we came out on top coming from behind and qualified for the Quarter Finals! Quarter Finals Teams left in the draw were as follows: Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Fulham, Norwich, Gateshead. You all know how much the FMM Gods have been shining down on this save. Norwich at home it is. Hi Bobby. Conference v Championship and I expected to lose but played on the counter attack, early signs were that wasn't wise as Norwich carved through us the first half hour but couldn't create anything clear cut. Then just as it looked to be going into HT goalless, an error from Timm Klose set Hinchcliffe though on goal and he rounded the keeper and slotted home! 1-0 it was at the break. It was a dull second half, but Norwich had a couple of further opportunities that they couldn't take and our defensive resilience saw us over the line! Incredible scenes. Semi Finals Madness! Other results saw Arsenal, West Ham and Fulham progress, and we were drawn against the Cottagers whilst Arsenal and West Ham contested the other semi. Surely the run had to end here. They were in no mood to mess around, Mitrovic put Fulham 1 up after just 8 minutes, and they missed another glorious chance after that and it looked set to be a long afternoon at Wembley for Gateshead. The Premier League outfit were then stunned as Ben Hinchcliffe scored twice in a three minute spell, including a tremendous solo effort, before they quickly recovered and Mitrovic bagged his second to level things going into the interval. It was hard to tell who were the vastly superior outfit in this game, Fulham were looking more dangerous, but when Hinchcliffe completed his hatrick on the hour, an FA Cup final was looking staggeringly possible for Gateshead. They saw out the remaining time, with only a couple of scares from Fulham! Gateshead will play West Ham in the FA Cup final, with the Hammers amazingly being the strongest team they've faced in the tournament! The Final And that brings the curtain down on one of the most enthralling seasons I've played on FMM, keep in mind this was the first one I've played on this edition of the game! We ended the league dominant: But, obviously it was the FA Cup that made this season magical and hopefully you enjoyed the journey as much as what I did. I'll make a prediction now that if I started this save again and played the season 1000 times, I'd never replicate this again. Same goes for anyone reading this. My squad was good, maybe lower L1/upper L2 standard, but nowhere near the squad of Fulham or West Ham, or even Norwich or Sunderland. Sure you can look at the run and see how lucky the draw was, and that we were minutes from going out three times, but this is a season I'll remember for a very long time. Thanks for reading
  2. Maybe just a little bit out of our depth. The second part of this adventure to follow soon...
  3. samhardy

    Grapich delete

  4. Please report any bugs you come across in FMM19 in this thread. Spotting and reporting bugs as early as possible will help SI "iron them out" which will of course help us as well. I'll add any bugs that are reported to the OP and update it as time goes on. Keep in mind that it is useful for SI to be provided with a save from before the bug occurs to help their investigations if that's possible. It also might be helpful if you report it both here and on the official SI forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Bugs Pre-orders a mess Pre season matches being removed from fixture list afterwards Team name overlapping logo Player loaned to a team when a permanent transfer was agreed App doesn't appear in full screen Players who are "interested" turn out not to want to come to the club Stuck transfer bug (again) Players requiring work permits to play in countries that don’t require them (TBC by SI) Players randomly promoted from youth team (again) Squad numbers won’t change Players being assigned the same number Training progress not working Buy back fees don't work Manager history page doesn't correlate with actual league table (again) English regen names for youngsters re-generating in Poland VAR being used in situations it wouldn't be in real life Date on manager of the month awards wrong Defensive midfielder STILL getting consistently low ratings for the 4th version running Unrealistic amount of late goals Coaches have no impact on any individual players Match review showing wrong name of goalscorers (again)
  5. That's not the type of season I'm used to seeing from you Woody
  6. Seen as it says “hopefully we can have some fun with this” and everyone’s nominations so far have been incredibly dull and predictable I will make it somewhat entertaining for @Foxy and nominate... John O’Shite.
  7. samhardy

    1759 goes for a 1k

    You’re doing great. It’s your first 1K, the primary aim should be to reach the 1000 target. Focus on keep hitting that 60 a season for now and he’ll make it easily, the bigger numbers will come when he gets older but there’s no need to change anything at all.
  8. That's a cracking start. This is nailed on already
  9. samhardy

    FMM19 Training: Which Intensity?

    Jeff Stelling not Geoff Shreeves.
  10. samhardy

    New Stadium

    Just proves what we all know. How much of a genius, influential manager you are.
  11. samhardy

    New Stadium

    The club decide for you when to build it, it’s after a sustained period of success. Usually about 10 seasons in I think.
  12. The Vibe Fantasy League returns for another season. It's always a great competition and a laugh so make sure to set up your team and join the league when you get a chance. Who's year will it be this year? Join here League Code - 505910-135885
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    Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Top 15 after GW22
  14. samhardy

    FMM19 Training: Which Intensity?

    Who are you thanking?
  15. All general discussion regarding FMM19 in here. Whether you have a question or simply something you want to discuss that doesn't warrant it's own thread, then this is the place to do so.
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    FMM19 General Discussion

    The best type of victory.
  17. samhardy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Not much point in starting with it unless you're dead set on playing for a draw. Use it near the end of the game when you're winning to try and see it out or to shithouse your way to victory.
  18. samhardy

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    The moment has gone now.
  19. samhardy

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    At first glance I was hoping this thread was going to be a “complete the sentence” following on from the title. Had a few belters lined up. Nice start and good luck!
  20. Do you think you would've won the title if you'd just taken a couple of leaves out of Alan McCormack's playbook?