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  1. No way the fella writing that tweet kept a straight face by the end of it.
  2. Won’t be Brucey’s last job. The bloke absolutely loves going to the biggest rival of a club he’s already managed. Sheff Utd to Wednesday Birmingham to Villa Us to Newcastle Bolton will be his next job probably.
  3. As usual we have had a great turnout for the awards so thanks to everyone for getting involved. There’s a couple of close categories and voting closes this evening so if you are yet to vote make sure you do and you may get the deciding vote
  4. I can answer this without the masses of bullshit that his “analysis” will no doubt pose - win a few games maybe?
  5. Steady on, I’ve only just stopped laughing about the last time he was in their dugout 🤣
  6. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send in nominations over the last few days, we as usual have an extensive list of members and content to vote for in the awards this year! Everything you see below has been nominated twice or more so to even be up for an award is a fine achievement and clearly the community have enjoyed you or the content you have produced this year. Before we start there is an award to hand out already and that is for Challenge of the Year. It became apparent that there wasn’t any point in putting this to a vote as nearly everybody nominated the fantastic Badges of Honour. This was started by Rob back in November, and the community all got involved creating new badges and playing the challenges set. It has provided countless hours of entertainment for vibers over the course of FMM21 and is a well deserved winner. So, congrats to Rob for coming up with the concept and also to everyone who got involved with the Badges throughout the year! And without further ado, here are the nominees for the vibe awards this year. Please take a look through and make sure you vote, especially if you have been nominated yourself. Make sure to vote in every category and you are not permitted to vote for yourself or your own content. BEST MEMBER (OVERALL) @FuddledFox @Kun Aguero @Rich @Rob @Scratch @Titjes BEST NEWCOMER @DanEnglish @hhooo @StuartM BEST CAREER @broodje kip, @George Traistă @Rich - Augusta Golf Challenge: Broodje vs George vs Rich @Dai_ - Dai's going strikerless! A 2kc @geordiekrispy - Geordiekrispy's Attempt to take York FC as far as he can @Ian - The Journey of Ianis Hagi @MikeF - 1k Challenge - The Importance of Being Ernest @Mr Tree - "Goal a Mile" challenge @Mr Tree - Tree in Ireland @Rich - A Villains Double Trouble @Rob - Pipi tries dual 1kc gls & 1kc assists @Scratch - Scratch Tries The 3x1KC @smoggy90 - He's having a Weston! A BWM Strikerless 1k attempt BEST ARTICLE @broodje kip - The Art of Man Marking @broodje kip - What Exactly is a “Mercurial Talent”? @eternalaurora - Guide to All Personalities @FuddledFox - Every Top Division Clubs Finances and Facilities @SSolas - How to play Football Manager Mobile 21 - For Beginners @Stam, @Putzy - FM21 Mobile Wonderkids Complete List BEST COMMUNITY EVENT @FuddledFox - Vibe World Cup 2021 @Kun Aguero - FMM 2021 Game Of Agents @Kun Aguero, @Titjes - FMM 21 Ultimate Team @samhardy - 2021 Vibe Premier League @Titjes - Bingo with a twist @Titjes - Draft League @Woody - The Vibe Record Store BEST CHALLENGE 🏆 Won by Badges of Honour - See start of this post 🏆 BIGGEST FAIL @broodje kip - Griezmann 1KC challenge lasting one update after giving the huge build up @broodje kip - Holidaying during the VPL and getting disqualified @geordiekrispy - Disastrous Mega Challenge @Scratch - 4 unfinished or failed careers throughout the year @Victor77 - Submitting a result on a pirated version of the game during the VWC and getting disqualified As with the nominations, please vote via PM to me. Preferably in the same thread you sent nominations in. Next week I will send the final results to @FuddledFox who will be presenting the awards in a “lavish” ceremony. Rumours are also flying about that there will be a special award handed out on the night but that is being kept under wraps for the moment. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE IN THIS THREAD or discuss who you have voted for in it as it could influence how others vote and we want to make this as fair as possible to everyone nominated. Voting will be open for a week from when this is posted, so until roughly 6PM GMT next Tuesday so make sure you have your say before then. Again, well done to everyone who was nominated and good luck to all. Thanks!
  7. Do you think it’ll ever actually happen? Rematch clauses are the bane of making fights like this. AJ should stand aside, let Fury and Usyk fight for undisputed and then maybe fight the winner. But he would never do that. It’s unlikely but not outside the realms of possibility that AJ beats Usyk in the rematch and that would complicate matters even further, there’d almost certainly be a 3rd fight there and then throw in wastes of space as mandatory challengers like Dillian Whyte who gets poleaxed by years past his best Povetkin and probably won’t land a punch of Fury all night. Fury will probably retire before a unification fight is made 😕 The dream scenario would be Fury v Usyk and Wilder v Joshua with the winners of each taking it all but again, absolutely no chance.
  8. Thanks to everyone who has sent over nominations so far - anyone else who wants to you have until the end of today. The voting will start on Tuesday
  9. Hi everyone and welcome to the annual Vibe community awards where you can all show some love to members, content, events and more that you have enjoyed over the course of FMM21. The new game will be coming out exactly a month from now so it seems a perfect time to look back over the last year on vibe. Next week @FuddledFox will be presenting his traditional “interesting” awards ceremony but first we need everyone’s help to come up with the nominations for each category. If you’re not sure how this works or it’s the first awards you’ve participated in then it’s very simple. Everyone nominates a few things per category, when those categories are created it goes to a vote to decide the winner of each. Here is a link to last years awards: This year’s categories are: Best Member (overall) Best Newcomer Best Career Best Article Best Community Event Best Challenge Biggest Fail And a special award that will be handed out on the night. So don’t be shy and make sure anything you have enjoyed this year gets nominated. Anything that gets more than one nomination will automatically be included in the voting phase. Anyone is welcome to nominate and vote in these awards, whether you are a regular or someone who just visits on a sporadic basis, the more nominations the better. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS VIA PM TO ME. There is no limit to how many nominations you can make per category and try to nominate for every category if possible. Obviously you cannot nominate yourself or your own content as that completely defeats the object. The nomination phase will be open until Sunday night so just over 72 hours from now. I will reply to all nominations that are sent to me so if I don’t reply within 24 hours then send them again as I haven’t received them. We always get a good turnout for these awards so hopefully this can continue this year. Thanks!
  10. Saudis are a huge fan of BruceBall I’m hearing.
  11. Bayern Chelsea Man City Liverpool Sunderland
  12. Let’s see where he is this time next year
  13. Not a fan at all to be honest. TPBM is concerned for the future of vibe with @Rich in charge for the next couple of days.
  14. Top 4 should be Italy Argentina England Brazil Winners and runners up of the most recent major tournament, surely the only thing to go on since 99% of international matches are completely meaningless games which Belgium excel in.
  15. He got sent off on the seriousness of the injury and reaction of the players alone. It’s even pushing it a bit to say it was a “foul”. It was a freak accident, as described by Elliott himself. How can it be right that Klopp can march onto the pitch, have a word with the ref and then a few minutes later the red comes out. To make it worse the appeal was rejected 😳
  16. Bruno loses loads of appeal in Fantasy Football now because Ronaldo will steal all the set pieces
  17. @Scratch is the man for this I believe.
  18. samhardy


    Welcome to vibe!
  19. I think Southampton could be in trouble this season. Them, Palace and Norwich to go for me.
  20. The league will be closing to new entries after the first deadline tomorrow so anyone who wants to join make sure you get your team sorted before kick off in the Brentford v Arsenal game.
  21. Pretty hardcore stuff that stat but everyone knows all the important stuff between Oxford and Cambridge happens on the water.
  22. One for the stat fans: Today was the 8th season in a row where a penalty was awarded in Sunderland’s opening league game of the season. Every one of the 8 has been scored.
  23. Absolutely ran the show against us in the FA Cup 1st Round last season as well 🤦‍♂️
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