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  1. 12 hours to go until the deadline. Just @gunnersaur left to submit results.
  2. You can use another country’s start date as long as it’s within the same season, so June is fine. I don’t think it’ll make any difference to the available players but a few extra days can only be a good thing You couldn’t use the start date of something like Republic of Ireland though which is February meaning it would have to end one Northern Irish season to get to the one we’re playing for the challenge.
  3. I’m not sure any team is a certainty for relegation in the Premier League anymore as let’s be honest aside from the top 9 or so teams any of the other 11 could realistically go down. You have 3 “mini leagues“ in that division at the moment. Title chasers. Only 2 teams in it currently and will be next season. A group of about 7 teams that push for the European places. Always a surprise package as well so say 8 in total. Then nobody would be surprised if any of the remaining teams went down. I’ve said it before but the PL (Liverpool and Man City aside) is the weakest it’s been for a long time and there’s not a lot of difference between the bottom 10 in there and the top 10 in the Championship. It’s a myth that the biggest gap in England is between the PL and Championship, L1 to Champ has a much bigger gap.
  4. I assume you mean for hole 2? Leicester have a pink away kit in-game so yes it counts.
  5. I thought I’d approved it last night sorry. Have done now.
  6. Yes very unfortunate @AdamNufc, you aren’t alone though as the FMM Newcastle board have sacked @Ashez in the past too. Same reason, poor league position. I would say he bounced back but I don’t think he ever did. Hopefully you have differing fortunes
  7. Yes you can, no restrictions on who else you can sign other than the players needed for each hole.
  8. @Mr Tree how many Czech natives have you managed to turn into Brentford fans?
  9. One of my finest moments I must say.
  10. Haha, nope not getting away with that
  11. Yes - as long as they are 31 or over it doesn’t matter whether they start at the club or whether they are signed
  12. Challenge Cup 2020 - Quarter-Finals Pictured above is Northern Irish striker Kyle Joseph George Lafferty. An example of the type of player you will be using in this challenge, however I reckon the players at your disposal won’t be anywhere near the quality of the “big” man. Some might say he is getting on a bit however blokes in the twilight of their careers is the name of the game this week. Literally. Blokes in the Twilight of Their Careers Not the most catchy of challenge titles but who cares. The challenge this week is a very straightforward one, although don’t let that fool you as it is much more tricky than it first appears and littered with hidden difficulties. Let’s take a look: As you may already of guessed, you will be using ageing players during this challenge. You have until the first competitive game of the season to build your squad for the season, after which no more signings are allowed. Your squad must contain a maximum of 20 players, every single one of which must be over the age of 30. No wildcards, all 31 years or older. Note that depending on your club of choice, the first competitive game may be a European qualifier just 10 or so days after the start date. That is pretty much the only rule of the challenge. A squad full of golden oldies. But... This challenge will be taking place in Northern Ireland. The country famous in the FMM world for its large number of cup competitions and a relentless fixture list. Fixture congestion is a real issue here, and will push your small ageing squad to the limit. To increase the workload further, you are allowed to choose your club from the following list, all of whom take part in a European competition: Ballymena United Cliftonville Crusaders Linfield Can you cope with the brutal nature of the NI fixture list? Points League Points +/- Goal Difference 20 Points if you win a domestic cup. This is all or nothing so if you win one of the cups you get the 20 points, if you don’t win it you don’t get anything from that cup. You will also earn one point per goal you score in European competitions. Clarifications The squad cannot contain more than 20 players. All of the players in the squad must be 31 years of age or over The players in the squad can be any nationality You have until the first competitive game of the season to build your squad. No more transfers in are allowed after that point. This in all likelihood will be about 10 days only because of the European fixtures You can only use one of the 4 clubs listed You can load any leagues As with the last challenge, you can sell who you want and frees/part exchanges are permitted, but loans are not allowed Any coaching badges and reputation Tiebreaker will be league points. Deadline - Sunday 9th August 11:59PM GMT Please submit your results in the PM thread used for the previous round in order to save PM space. Thanks to @Foxy for his assistance with the challenge Rules Enhanced match engine only. Own tactics only. No unlockables, IGE or outside software. SI approved databases only. No cheating, holidaying or reloading. One attempt and one attempt only. Evidence via screenshots will be required. No screenshots = no points. Failure to submit before the deadline will equal no score - no extensions. If you fall under any suspicion you may be asked to submit your save file for investigation. Fail to do so will see you being ejected from the competition. PM me with your results in the already created thread. Screenshots Required Squad list sorted by age on the day of the first competitive game of the season, and sorted by appearances at the end of the season. Full fixture list Manager profile and season history League table Transfers page
  13. I’m looking forward to Weymouth away in a couple of seasons.
  14. Challenge Cup 2020 - Qualifying Results Good afternoon and welcome back to the Domingo Sale Thunderdome for the results of the qualifying round in the Challenge Cup. No time for any build up I’m afraid, that air time was taken up by the exciting* pilot episode of “Gardening with the Gladiator” (PPV only) so it’s straight over to Sam who has news of who has made it through to the Quarter Finals. *horse shit Thanks Sue. I didn’t think it was that bad of a programme myself although the host came across as a bit of a prick. Anyway let’s get straight down to it and I will be revealing the results in the order they were sent to me to give a feel of how things were looking as each score came in during the course of the week. Results The first score that was sent to me was that of @AdamNufc. He opted to sign world renowned Saudi bagsman Nasser Al-Shamrani as his wildcard player. It seemed a bit of a safe choice as what could go wrong between Geordies and Saudis? Well not a lot went wrong with him as he notched a very respectable 18 goals and 7 assists over the course of the season but it’s more about how many tries that equalled. It equalled 5 tries although none were converted, however the form of the team let down his score a bit. Adam could only manage to lead Wellington to 5th place and won just 11 of his 28 games in all competitions. Still though not a terrible score, especially given this is his first event, and the antics of Al-Shamrani could easily save him. Will it be enough? AdamNufc - 63 Tournament favourite @Ian next and he demonstrated why he has those expectations over him as he was in no mood to mess about and put down a serious marker. Trequartista Bashar Rasan was Ian’s choice of wildcard. Now those of you with above average knowledge of football will know that this year’s Ballon D’Or Ceremony won’t be taking place, but it wasn’t Messi, Ronaldo, De Bruyne or Van Dijk who was the heavy favourite to win that award - it was actually Bashar Rasan and he blitzed every team in his path under Ian’s management. A colossal 38 goals and 23 assists meant that he was bound to gain a lot of points from tries which he did. 13 tries to be exact and although only one was converted this simply didn’t matter as Ian also topped the league comfortably and won 23 of his 33 games in all competitions. Great display from Ian here and immediately upon seeing it I knew that anyone who beat this total would be right up at the top end of the table. Ian - 139 AdamNufc - 63 The third score I received was from @Cockers2505 who was looking to improve on his disappointing early exit at the Vibe World Cup. He went for some Brazilian flair up top in Rafaelson. An all time personal hero of Ronaldinho’s I believe. Almost unbelievably though he notched identical numbers to that of Adam’s wildcard, 18 goals and 7 assists, which immediately shows that this is a very important result in the race for qualification. Whoever scores higher here would have one foot in the Quarter Finals you’d feel. It was Adam who had the marginal edge from wildcard points, as Cockers notched one less try but really it went down to how he did with the team. In the end the experience of Cockers told as he performed very well with Wellington. Like Ian he topped the league comfortably, and only actually lost 5 games in total. Fairly solid performance and it’s not certain but I think this should be enough. Ian - 139 Cockers2505 - 80 AdamNufc - 63 It was just as well that @Mr Tree got his season finished relatively quickly, at least before the second leg of the playoffs where Foxy’s prediction of Tree getting a semi may have come true earlier than anticipated. Target Man Hernan Barcos was his choice of wildcard, and unfortunately he suffered a 2 month injury halfway through the challenge which obviously impacted the points gained from this area. He could only notch 3 tries and converted 2 of them, and again this felt like an important result down at the bottom of the table. In fact the only main difference between Tree’s result and Adam’s was Tree gaining 4 more wins in all competitions which scraped his overall score past what looks at this point to be the magic number of 63. This score confirmed Cockers’ place in the knockout stages, and the score of 69 may or may not be enough for Tree, but if not there is at least some consolation that I want Brentford to win the playoff final. Ian - 139 Cockers2505 - 80 Mr Tree - 69 AdamNufc - 63 @Kanegan and @Jsavfc then submitted within minutes of each other which is something that always appeases the vast legion of fans worldwide that religiously follow the Challenge Cup. Again, these two performances were pretty solid and not too dissimilar to what we have seen so far. They couldn’t have taken more opposing approaches though, Kane choosing Target Man Alen Melunovic with Villa opting for the more tricky Uruguayan Adrian Luna. Luna scored a nice 5 tries, 2 of which were converted and although he struggled a bit in the league Villa managed to win exactly half of his games over the course of the season to match Cockers’ total of 80. Kane only managed 3 tries but performed admirably with the team. In fact he performed the best in the league out of anybody this week, winning it with ease. Just 5 defeats over the course of the season gave him a very solid base and he made the most of it. It’s job done for both of these and they will both be appearing in the next round. Ian - 139 Kanegan - 88 Cockers2505 - 80* Jsavfc - 80 Mr Tree - 69 AdamNufc - 63 Now onto a man clearly motivated by the typically disgusting and disrespectful odds provided by FoxBet in @gunnersaur. Now this was a performance and a half. Gustavo was his wildcard player and he managed 5 tries, just 2 converted though so he clearly didn’t have Ronan O’Gara taking the conversions. 5 tries seems to be around the mean total but Gunnersaur managed a terrific showing with the team. Not only did he win the league but he also notched 22 wins in all competitions with just 5 defeats to breach the 3 figure mark. Straight through to the quarters and I don’t think he will be 100/1 any more come the next look at the odds. This result also means Tree and Adam have every right to be worried about their positions in the next round with only 3 results to come; Tree still needs a score below his whereas Adam needs 2. Ian - 139 Gunnersaur - 101 Kanegan - 88 Cockers2505 - 80* Jsavfc - 80 Mr Tree - 69 AdamNufc - 63 When needing someone to put in a poor showing to finish below you then @smoggy90 isn’t really the result you would want to see coming in next as he has shown a high level of consistency during his tournament performances so far. The new VWC champion took a trip to Africa and more specifically Togo to pick his wildcard player in Lalawele Atakora. Atakora scored 6 tries for Smog and 2 of those were converted. Like many others he managed to top the league although it wasn’t a walk in the park but overall it was an all round solid performance for qualifying and Smog went straight through with what was at the time the 3rd highest score of the round. Rumour has it Neil Warnock was watching on during this performance with a wide grin on his face. Ian - 139 Gunnersaur - 101 smoggy90 - 95 Kanegan - 88 Cockers2505 - 80* Jsavfc - 80 Mr Tree - 69 AdamNufc - 63 Two results left and you all already know that Woody as usual left it until the last minute so the next result belonged to the “chicken sandwich” @broodje kip. Now if you’re following you know that Adam needs both Sandwich and Woody to score lower than 63 for him to go through whereas Tree needs one of them below his total. He went for Tunisian playmaker Tijani Belaid as his wildcard and in incredible turn of events he went over the line a total of 0 times and secured no tries at all 😱. What a disaster! Maybe he needs to change the filling of that sandwich. A bit of respectability was restored with his team performance, coming 2nd in the league but in the end it wasn’t enough as really the damage was done with the performance of his wildcard. Sandwich is unfortunately the first man to depart the competition, may I point out that Foxy predicted he would top the qualifying table, and all of a sudden Adam has a lifeline and Tree is through to the quarters. Ian - 139 Gunnersaur - 101 smoggy90 - 95 Kanegan - 88 Cockers2505 - 80* Jsavfc - 80 Mr Tree - 69 AdamNufc - 63 broodje kip - 51 So effectively it is became a straight knockout between the two Newcastle faithful in the tournament. If you saw my post at around 10 to 5 yesterday then you’ll know that this was very nearly uncontested with Woody providing his closest shave yet with Adam just over a minute away from going straight through. But all that mattered was that the results were in on time, and it became clear almost instantly that surpassing 63 was not going to be a problem for Woody. 7 tries was the second highest of the week, and 17 wins in all competitions meant that Woody actually put in a very decent showing to finish in the top half of the pack and unfortunately for Adam eliminate him from proceedings. Results in Full *Cockers and Villa both scored 80 points, Cockers finishes higher as he had more league points, which was the tiebreaker if needed. And let’s take a look at the tournament tree and all 8 remaining competitors potential route to glory. That concludes the results show for the qualifying round of the Challenge Cup. Back over to the Thunderdome where Sue can wrap up proceedings. Yes thanks Sam and thank you everybody for joining us today. That will be all from us and we’ll next see you for the preview of the Quar... Hang on... *Hand to ear* I’m just hearing that in a major setback @Foxy is here again to give his thoughts on how qualifying went. Jesus Christ. Nobody wants to see this. Hi Foxy please give us your thoughts on how you thought qualifying went. As quickly as possible. Thanks Sue. Well what a qualifying round that was! The least surprising thing was Woody only just getting his results in with seconds to spare and he will be relieved to have cruised through other wise that would have been two disasters today wouldn’t it Woody 😉 Although Ian had the top score this week it was definitely Gunnarsaur who turned a few heads with his 101pts total and surely the 100/1 odds put on him by FoxBet at the start of the event will be slashed in the next 24hrs as punters start to back the debutante. At the beginning of the week many of the experts were expecting big things from sandwich and the bookies will be rubbing there hands to see him crash out at the first stage after some promising performances in the VWC had led to a lot of money being backed on him. The other person to go home is Adam who was in his first Vibe event and I’m sure will have learnt plenty from his brief appearance and there is always the potential for a Saudi takeover before the next Vibe event which could help him challenge. Ian lived up to the favourites tag with a strong performance but few would have expected to see him so dominant this week and he will be hoping he hasn’t blown his load too early in this event. There wasn’t much between everyone else as only 15pts separated Smog in 3rd and Cockers and Villa in 6th and 7th. Tree will be relieved to have just done enough to make the quarter final and he will be now looking to live up to his own prediction that he will knock Ian out at that stage on his way to the title.
  15. Pace for me. Good all round physical attributes are important though. In recent years the match engine has been heavily slanted towards fast players (especially attackers) and I find that average players with great physical attributes regularly outperform more skilful players who have poor physicals.
  16. They did give you a free shot at the playoffs tbf
  17. What is the actual point in the EFL then?
  18. @Jsavfc the EFL said that if Wigan had gone down this season without the points deduction taken into account then it would have been next season they got hit with it. They only got given it this season because they would have stayed up if the 12 points hadn’t been taken off. The real reason for Sheff Wed’s being next season I think is because their lawyers will be all over it and the appeal will drag on throughout the off season and possibly into next season. If they won the appeal it’s much easier to just remove the deduction in the Championship than it would be if they suffered a relegation and were playing in League 1 because of it. The EFL aren’t fit for purpose.
  19. My graphic designer has not only let me down but the whole event. Everyone please send loads of hate to @Foxy
  20. Update Woody gets his results in with roughly 90 seconds until the deadline. Dramatic scenes.
  21. @Woody I know you don’t like rushing, but there are 10 minutes until the deadline and I still haven’t received your results. Results will be tomorrow.
  22. Too late for this one. Keep an eye out in this thread in future for when signups start. Just @Woody left to submit Roughly 24 hours until the deadline.
  23. This is what I was talking about in your last article. I don’t understand the obsession with “plug and play” tactics when stuff like this is in the game (it happens in 90% of matches). You adjust in relation to the AI tactics and it’s so easy to exploit. Nice work again.
  24. Yes you do. Say if you lost the game 3-2 with your wildcard scoring and assisting you’d earn 5 points from that match.