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    samhardy reacted to omen_peter in Just Imagine   
    For me personally I would say no. I play FMM as an escape from what's going on in the world at the moment, so to be reminded of it (even if the in-game 'event' was not directly connected to the current pandemic) would turn me off playing the game.
  2. Funny
    samhardy reacted to Ian in Need some help with tactics   
    No point in posting the link to the tactics index as it seems you’ve tried them all.
    What teams have you been trying the tactics on?
  3. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from Foxy in English football   
    I really don’t get the “30 years of hurt” tbh. During that dreadful period Liverpool have won.
    3x FA Cup 4x League Cup 2x Champions League 1 UEFA Cup 1 Club World Cup The CWC probably doesn’t count as a major trophy but that’s 10 major trophies in that period. Including 3 major trophies in one season in 00/01.
    Painful indeed 😳
  4. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from Foxy in English football   
    I really don’t get the “30 years of hurt” tbh. During that dreadful period Liverpool have won.
    3x FA Cup 4x League Cup 2x Champions League 1 UEFA Cup 1 Club World Cup The CWC probably doesn’t count as a major trophy but that’s 10 major trophies in that period. Including 3 major trophies in one season in 00/01.
    Painful indeed 😳
  5. Happy
    samhardy got a reaction from Woody in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Sounds like you’re going full Di Canio but don’t forget to ban ketchup and jokes on the training ground as well.
    Quality battle this really entertaining to follow.
  6. Angry
    samhardy reacted to Foxy in English football   
    Would you say the club got good value for money from the £1.3m in agents fees you paid this season @samhardy

  7. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from LiamTaylor in Delete a post   
    I’ve deleted it.
  8. Sad
    samhardy reacted to Ashez in English football   
    Missed another opportunity @samhardy

  9. Funny
    samhardy reacted to LiamTaylor in Pick My Non League Team To Do A RTG With   
    Sorry I forgot it haha 😂 
  10. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from LiamTaylor in Pick My Non League Team To Do A RTG With   
    Where is the poll?
  11. Funny
    samhardy reacted to Ian in The Saviour Cometh   
    Thank you for the comments and apologies for not replying earlier.
    The next update will be up in about five minutes.
  12. Angry
    samhardy reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays "Please Don't Take My Chan"    
    Ashez Plays Don't Take My Chan
    Update One
    Bonus Update One
    Welcome back and thank you for the positive reception you guys gave the opening post. In said post i revealed I'd be posting the odd bonus update and one of which is what you guys are reading today. It just so happened the FMM gods smiled at me as the fourth fixture of the save was a tasty looking cup encounter! 

    That's right boys we're making an early stop at the Stadium Of Light on this adventure! The two players feeling practically cocky about this fixture are Ntcham and fortunately Joelinton so hopefully Chan can capitalise on this occurrence. The fact Sunderland will look to make this a physical encounter makes me laugh consider @samhardy is always moaning Sunderland are easy to bully!! 
    Pre match Build Up

    The Starting Line Ups

    Players To Watch & Key Battles 

    The First Half 

    It's safe to say the first half didn't live up to Sky Sports billing of "Terrific Tuesday" as the first halves action boils down to two wayward Newcastle United shots. Fortunately for @Woody though he was running late as always and only got to his seat for the half time whistle! Some might say he was intended to arrive in the 90th minute but the dickhead author put the tag in the wrong place and couldn't remove it thus ruining his joke. Any way 
    The Second Half
    First Blood - 82 Minute

    Allan Saint-Maximin breaks the deadlock and Sunderland hearts as @samhardy shakes his first angrily in the rain! 0-1 to the toon!! 
    Hang On! Sunderland Have Hope! 
    In the dying minutes the home faithful roar for a corner! Is this the opportunity they've been waiting for?  
    What's this? Goalkeeper Burge has been given the order! He races into the opposition box, could this be his moment to shine? The crowd gasp with expectation as the corner is taken......


    The Ball Is In The Net!!!!
    The Replay

    Saint-Maximin emerges from the box with the ball quickly galloping towards the open net, a smart slip ball into Almiron secures the victory and progress to the next round! 
    Full Time

    Bragging Rights Are Ours! 

    With the celebrations going on into the night it's time for this bonus update to end, as always thank you for following and any comments will be appreciated! 
  13. Funny
    samhardy reacted to Ian in Vibe's Favorites   
    Thank you all for the mentions of my Kean one. I’ve got a few more nice ones that I don’t think have been mentioned.
    @Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza - A brilliant achievement especially considering the players used.
    @Foxy’s Around the World in 80 Games - A nice tour with a great variety of players used that ended up lasting much longer than the originally planned 80 games.
    @Cockers2505’s The Impossible Challenge - One from this year. Multiple trophies won from loads of leagues and without spending a penny.
    @samhardy’s Gateshead in Europe - Won the FA Cup with Gateshead in the first season and then we all followed them in Europe in the second season. Took nearly all year for Sam to write the career up with long gaps between updates and just when you thought he’d binned it off he’d show up with an update.
    Plenty more to add but that’ll do for now I think.
  14. Shocked
    samhardy reacted to BatiGoal in The Impossible Challenge - Cockers2505   
    Not really, maybe I'll get some new ideas after my mini break 😉 
  15. Favourite
    samhardy reacted to smoggy90 in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    Thanks @Foxy another fantastic Vibe community event and chuffed to bits to win with @samhardy , well played to you and @BatiGoal
    Apologies to my teammate for the Rodwell and Ben Arfa signings 🤦‍♂️😂
  16. Happy
    samhardy got a reaction from FMFanatic20 in The Atletico Madrid Challenge   
    Atletico Madrid Challenge
    Credit to @Ashez for this one.
    Atletico Madrid have an amazing knack of producing some of Europe's most desired strikers, in recent years they've produced and/or signed an amazing line of super star strikers including Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero, Diego Forlan, Falcao and most recently Diego Costa. Many clubs have looked on in wonder as Atletico have managed to sell on their prized assets yet replace them with ease, can you match this feat?
    The Challenge
    Starting with Atletico and a striker already at the club you must score 30+ goals in a single season then demote and sell the striker. Now you must sign a replacement for the talented forward. Your replacement must now go on to score 30+ goals in a single season. Once the season is finished and he has his 30+ goals you must demote and sell the player. You now sign a replacement....Rinse and repeat. In Short
    Your striker must score 30+ a season, if he fails the challenge is over. If you manage to score 30+ goals you demote and sell the striker and find someone else to once again score 30+ goals. This continues until you fail or have enough.
    The Rules
    If a player fails to break 30 the challenge is over. Screen shots must be used as evidence, ideally a career would be posted in the careers section for us to follow. Own formations only. No cheats, glitches, unlockables (outside ones unlocked in the save) or editing of the game in any way (save editor/change texts) Have fun Leaderboard
  17. Funny
    samhardy got a reaction from Foxy in Ramblings   
    Well it's clear vibe that @Foxy is by far the superior dartist to me. You are an absolute genius at the oche, one of Phil The Power Taylor levels and I didn't deserve to grace the same "stage" as you.
  18. Funny
    samhardy reacted to Dagion in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    My colleagues say that's my specialty.
  19. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from BatiGoal in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    So Black Cat Betting return for the final time this event with odds for both the third place playoff between England and Asia and also the North East vs “Holland” final.
    Firstly though we look at the Golden Mobile.
    Betting has been suspended on this market with the feeling being @BatiGoal can not be overtaken. Therefore congratulations to @Ian your bet has won and you have won £50 worth of free bets for the final which are usable at either Black Cat Betting or FoxBet.
    The Matches
    Asia (8/15) vs England (6/4)
    Ordinarily this one would be a very hard one to call with maybe England being slight favourites but after a promising start to the event it has fizzled put into a bit of a disappointment for @Rob and @Woody.
    To add insult to injury Rob heads into this one on the back of a threesome that was abandoned halfway through so you have to wonder where his mind will be at and the Asian duo of @Kanegan and @broodje kip are expected to come out on top in this one and take the bronze medal.
    “Holland” (1/3) vs North East (9/4)
    It is safe to say that the “Dutch” pairing of @BatiGoal and @Foxy dominated the group stage winning every challenge with Bati especially opening up a commanding and probably now unassailable lead in the Golden Mobile and this is shown with their massive favouritism in the odds.
    However my completely unbiased tip for the final is to bet your house, car, whatever else on the North East to take the title at those incredibly generous odds.
    Bati’s past wounds will already be opening at the thought of playing me in a final and the general consensus is that he will bomb here allowing the extremely consistent pairing of myself and @smoggy90 to take the title.
  20. Funny
    samhardy got a reaction from Rob in Rob’s Threesome: Jeremy Rogers Fabio - Cancelled   
    Is this further proof that every threesome does in fact need a Woody?
  21. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from Seth Anacondas in Is FMM too easy?   
    I maintain that anyone who “can’t find systems that work” simply isn’t trying hard enough or isn’t putting any effort in. Almost anything works on this game as you can see by some of the ridiculous tactics that work, 1 at the back systems for example. Look through the tactics index at some of the more wacky formations that excel when they really should have no right to. Personally this year I don’t think I’ve made a tactic that’s failed.
    Completely disagree. The game allows you to pick up players on frees, loans and from L2 at the start who are vastly better than the division they are playing in. I’d say it gets easier as the seasons go along as the AI get weaker and weaker as the game progresses. When viewing one of those bottom division to top careers on here I’m more surprised when someone fails to get promotion than I am when they go straight through the divisions consecutively.
    As I said in my initial reply here the difficulty of the game doesn’t bother me, it arguably makes it more enjoyable with the challenges created every year. I just find it difficult to understand how anyone can find it difficult to the extent of saying they can’t get any tactics/systems to work.
  22. Shocked
    samhardy got a reaction from BatiGoal in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    Not a great score this week but hopefully we’ve already done enough in the first couple of weeks to get through.
    It’s clear to me that champions need to get a bad performance out of the way at some point during a tournament or it will come in the final. Think this week’s was mine whereas I expect @BatiGoal to completely fold like a deckchair in the final whoever his opponents.
  23. Happy
    samhardy reacted to Kun Aguero in FC BatiGoal Vs Vibe United   
    The Chinese Duo
    #1 - Zhang Yuning

    The same player used by Batigoal, Zhang Yuning's already in the team, and play as my Target Man. Here's how he looks like at the end of the challenge, some decent stats, I'm focusing training in his Aerial hoping he get some extra goals from corners, but only managed to rise from 13 to 14.
    #2 - Wu Lei

    Player 2 is Wu Lei from Espanyol, the best Chinese player currently, with the perfect attributes for a Poacher. Got him for 19m, was surprised that he actually agree to move from La Liga to CSL though.

    2 big money departures including Bakambu and Renato Augusto. Newcastle came with a 30m bid for Renato Augusto, which I can't reject.

    Lots of incoming players, with the biggest being the main man Wu Lei. Lanzini came in from West Ham to replace Renato Augusto, 2 new wing-backs from Torino, 1 RW, 1 DMC, 2 Center Backs and several loans as backup.

    I'm using a modified tactic from the one used in my Turkish Triple Threat, leaving only 2 strikers upfront. A very offensive tactic with the "Overload" mentality, and only 1 CB.

    An easy league win, scoring 120 goals while conceding 38.
    FA Cup

    AFC Champions League

    2 big Final win to complete the treble.
    Top Scorers

    The Chinese duo occupied first 2 places in Scoring chart, scoring a combined 64 goals.
    Notable Matches
    Zhang Yuning's Goals

    34 goals and some extra assists from the Target Man.
    Wu Lei's Goals

    An incredible performance from Wu Lei, 75 goals + 19 assists from him. 
    A combined of 109 from the Chinese duo, which wins Vibe United a point to bring it back to all evens again.
    However it seems like @BatiGoal didn't play the CWC matches, so it's more fair if I took away the goals scored from the 3 games in CWC. 
    -4 goals from the CWC matches, so a total of 105 goals from the duo.
    Team Goals & Assists

    Manuel Lanzini scored a lot from AMC position.

    Luciano Narsingh got the most assists playing as a RW.

    An average of 3.59 GpG while conceding a lot as well.
    So a point for Vibe United, bringing it to 2-2. Good luck in the next one @JustM1kePlays. 
    Thanks for reading. 😀
  24. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from BatiGoal in FC BatiGoal Vs Vibe United   
  25. Favourite
    samhardy got a reaction from Rob in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    Mine. I threw the first two games, lost 35-2 and 30-0 to give myself a head start on the GPG and leaving a negative GD of 63 I was confident I could overturn in 28 games in such a weak league.
    It wasn’t as easy as I thought and going into the last game by GD was -1 meaning I had to win it or score would have been divided. When I lost a game 3-0 in the run in I thought it was over 😂
    Thankfully was 3-0 up in the last one after 25mins!