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  1. jwsw1990

    Tactics Help

    Hi Risheek, I've tested a tactic I've built: SK WB BPD BPD. WB . DLP ----------------------------------- INF INF CMF CMF CMF Team Instructions: Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Short Passing Focus: Mixed GK Distribution: Short Pressing: On Counter Attack: On My Centre CMF scored a staggering 70+ goals and Left CMF did at least 25 assists per season. However, I've conceded at least 40 goals in the League. Still trying to find the balance in the defence and attack. But I'm working according to this tactic because it seems to be destroying teams offensively.
  2. jwsw1990

    4-1-1-1-3 Goaaaal (ENHANCED)

    Hi Piggers, I've been trying your tactic but I find it a little leaky at the back though the attackers are scoring many goals. Have you encountered leaky defence yourself?
  3. jwsw1990

    Diamond Dominator Tactic

    This is the best tactic ever! Been winning titles after titles. Led Oxford City to win titles after titles!
  4. jwsw1990

    The Tristero

    Really good tactic. I'm playing it with Espanyol in around 2033/2034 season. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the powerhouses in La Liga with so many regens. Now I'm on top of the league halfway through the season. Espanyol was almost relegated last season when I took over this season from a dominating Sheffield United career in my save. Well done!
  5. jwsw1990

    Macca's Galacticos 4-1-2-2-1

    Has anyone tried this on a weaker team? Tried it with my Sheffield United team and it doesn't seem to work its magic.
  6. jwsw1990

    Top 10 Fallen Giants in FMH2014

    Great guide, tom! I think we should take a look at Portsmouth too. They were from the Premier League just few years back and won the FA Cup in 2008. But were relegated to League 2 this season. By the way, any chance of you creating a 4-3-2-1 for a 1000 goal challenge tactic in FMH2014? =)
  7. jwsw1990

    Danny's 4-2-3-1 BETAs needed!!

    Hi Danny, please do send me the tactic. I'll test it out for you. Been a die-hard player since FMH2013. =)
  8. jwsw1990

    The Dominant 433 by ZNQZ

    Hi, not sure about you. But I find the defence a bit leaky. Do you find that problem in an elite league?
  9. jwsw1990

    Quatre Deux Deux Deux - By Ashez:

    So if I changed Wingers to Inside Forwards, will it affect defensively?
  10. jwsw1990

    Cheap, good wing backs (both right and left)

    James Husband of Doncaster Rovers will do you well even until the Premier League! Very good leftback for a cheap price. =)
  11. jwsw1990

    Players For Championship

    Try Teddy Sheringham's son, Charlie Sheringham (Dartford). Banged in tonnes of goals for me when I managed Stalybridge. Good player who will bring your A game until the Championship level. Also, you can try Craig Lindfield (Accrington) for midfield. The other player who I recommend highly is James Husband (Doncaster), a very capable leftback who will perform quite well in the Premier League too. I hope this helps. =) To add as well, look out for Beckham's regen. I don't know why but he always appears in the low-tier division in my saves. So yeah, the player will most likely be a MRC with a Winger role.
  12. jwsw1990

    Tom's 4-3-2-1

    This tactic is simply brilliant, Tom. Led Derby County to three Premier League titles, a Champions League, 2 FA Cups, and 3 League Cups. Then following season, Arsenal hired me (can't say no to that because I'm a Gunner) and became invincibles for two straight seasons with the European titles in my belt. Awesome. =)
  13. jwsw1990

    Rafa's 4-2-3-1

    Rafa, did you move the central midfielder's position forward or stuck with the preset 4-2-3-1?
  14. jwsw1990

    Tom's 4-3-2-1

    Hey Tom, just wondering, is your defence leaky? Because I've conceded about 30+ goals in the league. Maybe it's my defenders and keeper. But do advise. =)
  15. jwsw1990

    Tom's 4-3-2-1

    Does it mean it's a DLM instead of BBM?