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  1. Will be following closely!!
  2. It was 22/23 so I think it was to do with the World Cup.
  3. This is mad!!!! Half of my squad were all away on international duty for the UCL final!!! I had to use random youth players!! Also only had 3 subs!! Thankfully I still won as City encountered the same problem! This must be fixed!!
  4. LTFC

    FMM19 Bug List

    I found something real weird. So in my Newcastle save Matt Ritchie was in my reserves. I needed a new coach so gave him the job. Then I released him as a player and he stayed on as a coach. Though he was still in my reserves. So I sacked him as a coach but he was still in my reserves. When I clicked on him his profile showed up as a free agent. His status was "consindering options". So a new season came and he was still there!! Why??
  5. Though in FIFA they don't even get the name. They are called something like Piemonte Calcio. Will something similar happen in FMM
  6. As you may already know PES has exclusive rights to all of Juventus' branding. They said they are the only soccer game to have these rights. So FIFA can't have Juventus' name kit or stadium. Will this mean that this will be the same for FMM20???
  7. LTFC

    Job Offer?

    Why would you leave?? You got them this far take them to the top!!!
  8. So does anyone know how to make a non playable nation into a playable nation?? E.g. Brunei?? Much appreciated!
  9. So I was wondering what you do after a new version of FMM comes out. Do you delete that old version or just keep it for the memories??
  10. Cheers mate! A real life saver! I was searching for tactics in my Newcastle save but we just kept loosing. Before I found this tactic we were in 18th. After finding it midway through the season we finished in 9th only losing 3 games. We also had a FA cup semi final.
  11. Yeah got the editor
  12. So I got FMM19 and bought unlock everything. So I was wondering what to give myself. Should I use sugar daddy? What coaching badge? What reputation? I hope you can help. Thanks.
  13. Thanks I'm now kinda debating weather to use my phone or tablet/iPad
  14. So I would like to buy FMM19 and was wondering the best device to play it on?? Thanks