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  1. Will need to give that a try, incredible results with Wolves in the first season
  2. Have used this for about half a season in my career and it’s incredible. Solid at the back but scores. Great work
  3. Brilliant post. Have tried a few times to do something similar with no success. Looks good and great explanation behind it
  4. Cheers for the response mate. The fast surprised me but suited a flat 3-5-2 with fast before and had high percentage. Love seeing detailed posts like this 👍🏻
  5. @BatiGoal love the look of that and possession based football is right up my street. Is the full tactic successful in terms of winning games?
  6. It does indeed thank you. Fantastic topic again, always enjoy reading your careers
  7. I note in the first post you were searching for Forwards rather than Strikers for the Trequartista role. What do you mean by this? Attacking midfielders?
  8. Tbf I’ve seen on some of his other posts videos of games so would imagine he plays rather than goes on hol
  9. Brilliant post mate love the analysis behind it. Was this with the winter update or prior to that?
  10. Was that with the winter update? 2 goals conceded is some going!
  11. Looks good mate, is this with the Winter update?