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  1. This is literally a rip of off the below
  2. Brilliant write up again mate. Always look forward to these
  3. Exactly the same for me. Away game v St Mirren at Hammatsu Park 😁
  4. This worked well for me last year so will try at some point. Excellent write up as well
  5. I am yeah, getting not bad results with a flat 5 & wingers, although better with WMs. Was looking for a change in system though - perhaps to a 4231/41221 with wingers pushed up. Will keep tinkering. Cheers mate
  6. Cheers guys. Can’t get anything going but will try the above. 10 years into a save and won everything with a 352, keep trying to get wingers in play but never works
  7. Hello everyone Just wondered if anyone has managed to get a successful tactic going with out and out wingers? Tried a few times but with no success
  8. Worked brilliantly for me as Hearts added 0 minutes later Need to make sure the PF is good though
  9. Will give this a try at some point, love that formation but can never get it to work
  10. @topline Looks good, have you got everyone possible man marking?
  11. Just a bit 😂. Yeah I think so too, we’ll need to improve big time next season though .