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  1. Great career mate I like the way you devloped the players, retrained them. I would have never thought of retraining upamecano, konate in midfield. Those attributes of your players are amazing. Mitrovic's devlopment ang goalscoring is also amazing wow. If you don't mind can you share the tactics please🙏
  2. Gandalf

    MS Fonts - FMM 2019

    Great font mate. This type of font i was looking for. It's big as well. It's amazing
  3. Gandalf


    Thanks mate👍👍 Definitely try this font it's looking good and big One last question does big or small fonts depend on device we use?? Like on ios big fonts will also show?? Lastly can't i get big fonts like this👇👇 Sorry if these are silly questions i am new to the game
  4. Gandalf

    Help FONTS

    Hello all, On my android device the in game fonts are very small which is not bearable for my eyes. I play fmm everyday for 3-4 hours and i really want big fonts. I have seen many people have big fonts in their game And there is no HD mode option in my game's settings. In about> credits section (HD) is written Can i change this??? Plzz somebody help me