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  1. Due to popular demand I’ve decided to post the tactic that I used on my previous save. Roles chosen, Mentality, Width, Tempo and Creativity. I’ll tell why I chose the roles amd example of players that suits the roles. G: could try to use SK to but I’m going for a little bit less risk here. e.g. Onana, de Gea, Oblak CD: the classic defender we all used. Also another reason of less risk. e.g. Acerbi, Romagnoli, Bastoni S: I actually rarely use this one but I’ve seen that they seems to get higher rating and also conceded less goals than CD-CD partnership. The attributes seems like positioning and pace are more important than tackling. e.g. Konate, Akanji, Gomez IWB: I have to cover the void left by the BBM so this guys does the right job. Must’ve midfield like attribute. e.g. Trent Arnold, Davies, Hakimi BBM: due to the striker were Isolated, I need players to cover him at the back or at least outside of the box. BBM will hid the striker’s flaws. e.g. Brozovic, Goretzka, McTominay AP: The main source of creativity on our team. They’ll get out of man marks and feed either the winger or the striker. The most important players on our team. Balanced attack and defence attributes recommended. e.g. Pellegrini, van de Beek, Zaniolo W: no explanation needed. The most overpowered role in FMM imo. The main feeder of the striker. e.g. Gonzalo Martinez, Kluivert, Under TM: Hard choice. Tried P but they isolated to much and caught offside a lot. Tried AF to but they seems to need someone at either AML/AMC/AMR to build up the attack or they’ll go out of position. A complete forward would do the best. e.g. Schick, Fullkrug, Ronaldo Thanks to @Scratch’s test that shown WBs and IWBs being less attacking and took less crosses with the Defensive mentality. Which gave advantage for the Wingers to do their job. Defence Setup Not much special as I’m not really wise in defending so I just use a setup that most people did. Attack setup Work Into the box to prevent the BBM to steal that much goals. Run at defence is to prevent the through ball. They seems to kick so hard for the striker to even catch the ball so we have to prevent them. short so that we control the game to have more possessions and create more chance. mixed focus to give the opponents no chance to easily read our game and counter it. mixed GK distribution is to make sure the GK wouldn’t need to get blame for our mistake. Result This one is from one of my career:
  2. Looks like a nice challenge. How will the leaderboard be ranked?
  3. Man you’re massive! 24 y/o and 787 goals already
  4. 6 games to go and I’m 1 point off the relegation zone
  5. Thanks guys. A few squad overhaul might increase both g/a ratio with currently I’ve owned Messi, Nani and Ramos regen. Also I’ve bought in Cristiano and Kroos regen in season 6
  6. With Forest Green? He’ll bring us directly to the Premier League
  7. Maybe you could by playing him in the AMC position as Second Striker or as Trequartista too. Both seems to work just fine for me
  8. Interesting but what if the player already have yellow shades on all positions? e.g. Henrich or Milner
  9. Maybe use him as Poacher or Trequartista could work or even Advance Forward. Another is to train his role as Target Man and focus on Aerial with intensive training
  10. Great work Ian. Bargain signing of Ziyech never got him below £50M
  11. Season 5 Sorry for the late update. I’ve been quite busy playing Fallout with my mates. A pretty good game even for years. A quite bad start of the season for us. I’ve decided to change the tactic that I’ve used on PC and it seems to be very good. League Table Nothing impressive as we’ve been winning it for 5 years Transfers We’ve made no transfer in this season. Bernardo Silva out of the club early in the season. Perhaps reason why they aren’t performing as good. Manager Profile and History Ruben Dias’ red card in the Quater Final 2nd leg saw us failed to win the UCL for 3rd consecutive season. Fabio and Ander Stats Not much improvement in him. Probably next year he would finish improving. 17 international goals this season. Slight drop in goals but he assister more goals than he ever did. For Ander he got about 2 improvement early the season and stopped like what I told @Scratch but once he got call up from Spain senior national team, he got lots of improvement and this is his stats right now: 5 assist short from last season. Hope he can do better next season. Goals: 323 / 1,000 Assist: 140 / 500
  12. Decent season. How’d you manage to sign Pavon on 1st season? I’ve never been able to do that