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  1. I’m not so sure as my iPhone doesn’t seems to be able to get the skin working. Some says that you’ll need to reinstall FMM but I haven’t try it yet
  2. Pretty sure Foden is better at doing this . Nice attempt btw
  3. Nice work. Everything’s workinng just fine
  4. Congrats to @Foxy and @BatiGoal for winning the VWC. Congrats to @smoggy90 and @samhardy for 2nd place
  5. Great season it seems. Hope that the classic Black Pearl works fine
  6. Good luck to all Not what I expected you to pick @Woody considering you’re playing PSG
  7. I did. I tested with Firmino at Liverpool, Werner and then Poulsen at Leipzig and Suarez at Barca. They did almost the same thing. All of them press when defenders are having the ball. They also drop back slightly to linkup the play. They seems to be a more defensive AF to me
  8. I’m pretty sure you missed a bit aboit the defensive forward. They’re supposed to press the defenders when the opposition are having the ball. They’ll work almost the same as AF/TM when having the ball. In the full fat FM they’ve changed the Defensive Forward to Pressing Forward now
  9. Good looking challenge. But does AMR and AML counts too? Or just AMC
  10. Got a question here. Are you using fake players?