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  1. Very very interesting. A team full of Scotts and Mikey Johnston might be there? Bring it on!
  2. So I’ve seen in many tactic posts where people asked about what tactical style did the person use. It seems like many of you guys still haven’t understand this thoroughly so I’ll explain it here. As you can see in the number 1, it clearly says this is just a template. Which means it’s just an example of how a style of play were set up. Lets take two example. Clean Slate and Vertical Tiki-Taka Clean Slate means that you’ll start with the most basic instructions. It’s either on balanced or the instructions just turned off. Meanwhile, Vertical Tiki-Taka are a style to keep possession while playing direct football and a high intensity pressing. Many of you might have wondered what Proactive and Reactive is right? So it’s quite simple. A Proactive style is for a more dominant teams. They’ll look to keep possession and attack as much as possible and play exciting football. While Reactive is for a less dominant one. They usually have less possession instead they look to exploit the weak spot of the opposition during counter-attack. They also mostly plays a boring Burnley-like football. Now lets head to the next one, the formation. Same as the tactical style, the formation means nothing. You can change it anytime. This is just another template. This is example of me choosing Vertical Tiki-Taka and 5-2-1-2 formation Like I’ve said the Vertical Tiki-Taka is a possession based football with high intensity pressing and direct passing. In conclusion, the tactical style actually doesn’t mean anything other than for you to identify what your favourite setup is called and for new players to get to know the game better.
  3. Very interesting one. I just got a question though. So the G+A is 150 for Son and 150 for Kane or 150 for Son + Kane?
  4. Notice how only de Ligt and Camavinga got a 5⭐️ potential?
  5. Nothing much to say about this. He’s an absolute bargain
  6. Same with me he for no reason played for Cameroon despite being Italian
  7. I’ll take Unuvar, Hlozek and Pellistri to Monaco. Pino to Rennes Tonali to PSG
  8. @Kun Aguero sell all my players to any Ligue Un club
  9. The game’s started? If that so.... Is it possible to sell all my players into one mid-table team from any league?
  10. SEASON 1 It’s been a great season for us. I’m very surprised by how complete the Bayern team is. It’s only the first season and I’ve already got the no Major Concern on team report. Transfers I’ve bought all our 3 main players obviously. Emre Can joined for £94M is quite a ridiculous fee when I think again 😅. I don’t really want to sell Alaba but it’s an offer that is so impossible to resist. Manager Stats It’s a clean sweep for us. Not quite a surprising stuff considering I use Bayern. Players Awards Leroy ain’t no messing around there. I wonder what he took from my lab really. TT Boys Stats Sebastiano Esposito Gabriel Jesus Michael Johnston Total goals: 82 / 1,500 Youth Intake Leroy Stats
  11. That sounds interesting but I don’t have the time to do all this sadly. Looking forward to see how it’ll turns out