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  1. Woah Esposito is unbelievable! Must be the reason you struggled on Borussia Babe in the first attempt 😂
  2. We’ve spent over 5 seasons for this. Don’t don’t hope for bullshit please 😂
  3. It’s different situation though. Euro Super League is a one match competition that means close to nothing while FA Cup, we got about 6/7 matches and sometimes even non-league team got further in the competition
  4. Welcome everyone. I’ll be attempting a challenge beautifully made by @Scratch, Badge 08: Borussia Babes. I can’t stand being taunted by @Rich every week 😂😂 Enough of that, here is the player chosen for season 1: He is one of the players I always wanted to use. He may look quite poor but good enough to me.
  5. Never liked Jordi Alba either irl or in game. Excited to see how you’d use him 😂
  6. Akhyar Rashid is a good shout too. He’s the best young player in the league. (According to Wikipedia 😂)
  7. It says in your country, surely has to be Lee Sung-Yoon the best wonderkid in South Korea currently 😉
  8. I still love you uncle Woody 🥰
  9. @Chris@JamesVilla@hhooo@geordiekrispy@Albionic@Kanegan@Rich Do your job! 😂
  10. I’d say Ajer is good and cheap. I did have Oyarzabal, Goretzka, Lukaku, Fernandes and Muller as captain too
  11. Well done @Titjes! Everyone surely enjoyed this throughout. @Ashez is the luckiest one 😝
  12. All I do is to feel myself whenever I surpass older members in the Hall of Fame
  13. Maybe you should tell us how does he plays since almost 90% of people here had never seen the Qatar League
  14. That is a wrong way to spell Monchengladbach
  15. I would say use narrow instead of balanced. Probably mixed passing and shoot on sight would do
  16. Won’t happen. If there’s any team would do that, it has to be Chelsea
  17. Very close that. Should be done by the end of the season surely
  18. Love this one. Every single one of them is players I have a lot of experiences with
  19. I love him too. I used him a few times and never disappoints Beast of a wing back too!