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  1. Finally a revenge against @Chelseaplchamps2022 😭
  2. Finland 0 v 0 Russia Turkey 2 v 0 Wales (Wales is Shit) Italy 3 v 0 Switzerland Ukraine 2 v 0 North Macedonia Denmark 1 v 3 Belgium Netherlands 2 v 0 Austria Sweden 2 v 1 Slovakia Croatia 3 v 0 Czech Republic England 0 v 1 Scotland Hungary 1 v 4 France Portugal 2 v 3 Germany Spain 2 v 0 Poland
  3. He was very good today. I believe he will score in the next game.
  4. I never do that. I’m telling you, it’s not worth it. If you have a good tactic then just keep with it. Get players with high determination and work rate. They will fight for a comeback if you are losing.
  5. Vibe’s god causing trouble in real life 😍
  6. He always is. He wasted lots of passes yesterday. Sancho would’ve done a lot better job in the build up.
  7. I swear over 70% of careers here are influenced by @Rob! Goodluck to you anyway Dai 👍
  8. I would rather see Kane in the build up than Sterling tbh. You’d just lose possession by doing that instead of gaining one.
  9. Yeah if you scroll through my careers, you’d find my career where I used Kris Ajer as striker and he did score somewhere around 70 or something iirc
  10. Quite disappointing from Barbosa there. Let’s hope the next guy can do a lot better than that. Brewster is impressive though!
  11. At the same age, I'm right here answering Chemistry exam while telling you about it here The best thoughts you made today
  12. You can try the Augusta National Golf Club Challenge. It’s a very long but interesting career. You can ask @Rich how interesting it is.
  13. @Rich has probably the best start of the competition
  14. Brilliant score that. Haven’t heard of the Iranian Messi for a while but I think the last time I did he was doing great for Zenit
  15. Brilliant Robert! That’s a beautiful 105 there
  16. You predicted Wales to win too. Surely will get worse 😂