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  1. Woah that’s such a nice deal
  2. Sandwich’s News Sandwich Army manager, Hansi Flick has announced the departure of their prospect, Sandro Tonali to one of their two fiercest rivals, Out On Bale. Fans around the world are shocked by the news and Sandwich Army are reportedly looking to strengthen their defence again after signing Jules Kounde.
  3. I have it on xbox. It’s quite good and seems like a simpler version of PC one. Some bugs you might encounter but it’s nothing severe.
  4. How much will it cost for Laporte?
  5. @Titjes do you have the list of unowned CDs?
  6. Only Sandwich Army can stays unbeaten against 3 Vibe clubs but lost to Fulham 😎
  7. Be patient is all I can say. Rome wasn’t build in one day and so is Ryan Gravenberch.
  8. 23 years old Mbappe for £5m and 34 years old Messi for £5m? Doesn’t seems worth it to me 🤔
  9. If you are going to sell Messi for £5m, I’m in the race.
  10. Why do I feel like I’ve known this is going to happen 😂 Imagine a h2h between me, you and @Scratch. The challenge is who can stay in a career longer.
  11. Same with me but I surely can’t do it especially when I have two careers yet to be completed 😂 added 0 minutes later Going nicely and it seems like Lainez is developing very well.
  12. Just get rid of them. You can find players of the same quality for cheap.
  13. I believe that I’ve completed mine when we won the Carbao Cup?
  14. I did say that you have a good midfield in the Draft League 😉
  15. Sounds like a fun challenge. I can see a lot of high scores coming.
  16. Nah, we all know Rich will bottle it 🤣. You can take the title as long as Rich loses it.