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  1. Looks like a nice player for LLM. Nice find
  2. Try moves your CB to Striker leaving only one to defend
  3. Oh idk what’s the reason maybe could contact the mods
  4. There’s a “Click to choose files” option above Notify me of replies. Hope this helps
  5. Interesting one finally some short challenge I might actually try
  6. No I did managed to do that a few times. I believe that one of my Vibe’s A-Z challenge submission got it. Yeah I remember using Domigos Quina and Marcus Rashford. I can say if you could get a team with about 15+ players with at least 4.5 star you’ll be able to do this and of course a little bit of luck
  7. It seens to have no issue to me although I only use to change some names
  8. Woah never thought about that. It doesn’t seems to be a good one for teams at the bottom though since imagine us trying to get out of relegation zone and this happens
  9. Welcome mate. Hope to see some challenges from you. Although I hope Liverpool do the opposite irl
  10. I’ll get Benzema and guessing Trent again
  11. It’s hard when people keep asking for £50m+ for an average player. I can’t see how some players were bought in for 30m+ and do nothing while other players that could be better stuck in some shit league cause the club asking for a big club fee
  12. I don’t see Neil Warnock there
  13. Oh man this is sad. This also reason why I’ve never attempted my own challenges
  14. I’ve decided to put screenshot of the results after Silva got 1,000 goals but this one will give you more than a surprise After having quite a lot injuries throughout the season, he also got unhappy as he asked for a new challenge luckily we got to tie down a new contract at the end of the season. A few players also seek for a move and it really gave us some inconsistencies. Silva got probably the worst tally ever with only 22 goals! He recover his form towards the end but that’s not enough. His first game of the next season looks promising though
  15. Oh well another wrong guess. I’m expecting @Ashez to win this he needs only one more and it’s all done
  16. Blackburn or Leeds both are very interesting
  17. Nothing seems odd to me. I’ve managed to lose like 15 games straight while as PSG manager back then. You’ll develop alot if you follow this community
  18. I’ll still stick with Benzema and I’m guess TAA? I’m not having a great time guessing lol