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  1. I think Tevez is a better striker. Rinaldi looks like more of a playmaker to me.
  2. Not the best season 4 but huge step up in season 5. KIU
  3. I think there is one feature we might be able to have which is more years to play. Maybe 50 years? Would be pretty great imo.
  4. You can’t tell which man to mark unfortunately. The player will decide itself to mark closest player
  5. Great start Dai! Pretty sure you will finish this unless you decide to change your username to Rich, Scratch or broodje kip
  6. I used to can’t see Kun’s Army and Blue Star United from up here but now I can no longer see Out On Bale too!
  7. Expecting David up next if he gets fired.
  8. Same here. I certainly am against voting @Rich 👀
  9. I really doubt it. If not, we would’ve seen it in the screenshot
  10. Yeah, South African league is an interesting addition but Norway and Finland should be there too. Probably Sweden and more Asian league.
  11. Pretty good season 3 but Edwards needs to step up though
  12. Stop! I’m tipping you for the most abandoned big careers!
  13. Not much interesting stuff so far. Let’s hope they aren’t going to release anything special yet.
  14. I’m surprised this is still going on. Numbers are great but when will you and Greenwood move to Newcastle?
  15. You forgot the fine wine, Thomas Muller 🙁
  16. Lampard. Every non-Newcastle fans would love to see him again.
  17. I will pretend like this update doesn’t exist and I don’t know anything
  18. 2 nominations in the biggest fail 🤣
  19. Nothing special but here’s a tip: Messi in goal. 5”7’ and kept clean sheet. Just GOAT stuff.
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